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  • tipocenasfixes
    not the best from KZ - only worth as backup
    I have to be honest, this pair of earphones was certainly a surprise - not necessarily a good one.After reading ravaging reviews about it, I decided to take a leap of faith since I was searching for a replacement and considering this model seemed to have my previous KZ complaints improved.Soundwise this model is top notch. Weighing you can buy it for less than 9 euros with shipping and insurance, there is no doubt of the bang for the buck you get out of this. It certainly rivals most of my Sennheiser earphones up to 55/60 Eur in this aspect. The sound is crisp and has a decent range, and if you are a geek, you can still improve it by equalizing a tiny bit of the highs and the extreme low frequencies.Aesthetically, the black tones of the earphones are great and the slight green tint cable is appealing. The cable proves to be a step up from more basic models, more resistant, with the memory cable actually working as one. Nevertheless, you should be aware that these are not as good as the braided KZ cables. Over two weeks of use I haven't seen any noticeable wear or even tangling, but I estimate it will happen over time. Additionally, pay close attention while assembling them and be sure to press them down hard, otherwise, they may come loose during usage.Nevertheless, there is a big but with these earphones that for me make them extremely unpleasant to you use. I don't see myself using them for more than 45 minutes maximum.The overall shape of the earphone was made to be more coherent with our ear shape, but in reality, it just hurts. If you search online you will find other persons complaining about it. There is something on the design, that for some people like me, just hurts. The other heavy complaint is that the extremities of the earphones seem to be too short. While other models have some length on this part, these are as short as they can be. Once you put the tips, there isn't any margin left which dictate that the earphones have to be pressuring your ear in order to use them. I tried to change with the other tips available and had no success in improving the experience.What use do I have for the now? Basically, I keep them on my backpack as a backup for any skype calls that I need when I forget my daily drivers. If you are considering investing in a new pair of KZ's, maybe go for something cheaper as the Ate-S or spend a couple of more euros and go for the KSA which seem to have these issues solved.

    Nov 04,2018

  • Jo
    For this price, it''s a prize!
    I can talk about the flaws but for this price it's only a win! Make sure you do a proper burn-in time of 50 hours. And always double check the right ear-tips for yourself. It has to seal perfectly your ears for taking full potential of the IEM. Some standard rules: Foam-tips: for IEM's with Balanced Armatures (Foam resolves/suppress highs better). Silicone-tips: for Dynamic Drivers (Silicone gives better highs). + Bass and Mid-centric sound. + For bass players and singers. + Soundstage is wide. + Natural sounding (Good for acoustic music). + Good sub-bass. + Warm-ish and a tad dark-ish sound signature. + Good isolation. + Detachable cable (Crazy for this price). Grap yourself an upgrade cable. + Perfect ear-fit... if quality control (QC) does work. In perspective of my other budget IEM's: + KZ ZS3 (For bass players and singers and a nice replacer for Shure SE215). + KZ ZS5 v1 (For balanced and crazy micro details). + KZ ATE (For 100% bass heads). + Xiaomi Hybrid Pro 3 drivers ( For quality on the move moments). + SOMiC V4 (Like KZ ZS3 with lack of sub-bass but without bass bloat). + Rock Zircon (Just fun IEM but missing details).
    - Bloated mid-to-high bass, therefore tinny sounding. - Shallow highs. - No new star-silicone tips included. - Old horrible cable with lots of microphonics. - QC issue: Shelf housing not aligned properly, causing cutting sharp edges (Putting tape soles the problem).

    Dec 10,2017

  • RP
    high value
    The Knowledge Zenith ZS3 earphones are another nice addition to the KZ line-up, and out of the recent (2016) models by KZ, these seem to be the most recommended of the bunch. Although they offer decent technical performance, the bigger reason I like these is their look, musicality and price! Sound: Very smooth high end; warm, forward and pleasing mids... Vocals are vivid and aren't pushed to the back, and have a lot of energy and are natural(Toss on a vocal-oriented track to hear the most of this) Bass reproduction on the ZS3 will provide a very satisfying sound to compliment the low end in your music. All of these factors will work together to create a warm, surrounding, 'comfortable' sound that will stick out as soon as you put them on! Guitars have texture to them and aren't complete static. You can pick out the different instruments with your hearing and to an extent you can hear the ring, crackle, crunch or pluck of guitars. The ZS3s kept up with bass petals fairly nice and bass guitars have a powerful impact. I recommend them for genres like Rock(very much), Funk, Alternative, Hip Hop(definitely), Rap, Electronic(can only vouch old stuff, sorry) and I'm sure they'll work fine with many others. Vocal oriented music is very much worth a try on these!
    -Thrash music tends to lose focus at times. It does not perform the same as Rock music the way I described it in the Pros -The sockets on the earphones where the double-pinned connectors go into are quite delicate and could break if the two connectors are jolted around, leaving the earphone busted. Do not crush them or squish them up and they should be OK... -It was difficult for me to get a correct seal with these earphones. Each time I'd insert them, they would seal too much and create a vacuum effect, which was uncomfortable and I can't hear the music that way. Fiddling around with them, I manage to get a correct seal, but it takes too much practice. The memory wire under the earphones could be the culprit, as I seem to get good seals when it is pushed out of the way. -Nozzles are stubby and straight. There's not much for the tips to grip on to. Sometimes one of the silicone tips will slip off when I take the earphones out of my ears. -Bassheads may be disappointed by the controlled bass...

    May 06,2017

  • nonee
    With a budget headphone go head to head with premium brands
    KZ is making amazing products for ridiculously low prices for their very high sound and build quality. This is my 5th KZ earphone and second ZS3. I am so happy with my previous headphone and I ve been using it for over a year now, no problem at all. When I saw a great deal for this amazing earphone I ordered a second one so that I don't have to change my zs3 from wired to bluetooth everytime I go out. Now I will use one of them for bluetooth and the other one for PC gaming! yeah you heard that right' Gaming! This is amazing for gaming, it has a very clear mic and good frequency and full sound that you can enjoy the game even more. I use this specifically for CS GO. It isolates outside voices so good that only thing you hear is the enemy steps and very clear at that. If you make some EQ adjustment it sounds even better but as it is out of the box, it is way above average and very close to premium standards. It might take some to get use to its strange shape but believe me when you do it worths. It is so comfortable once you get use to it. If you are looking for a monster sound quality, amazing build quality for a few bucks, KZ is the way to go. And ZS3 is I think their best price to performance product to date. Period.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Pino C.
    Tutto perfetto!!!!
    Ci sono così tante cose incredibili su questi auricolari. La qualità, il prezzo, la durata, il suono, la forma ... Tutto è così perfetto per questi mostri.Prima di tutto, sono molto esperto in cuffie e suoni di qualità, in quanto sono un musicista e un batterista. Avevo degli auricolari JBL per un po 'di tempo prima che si rompessero, quindi avevo bisogno di sostituirli con altri della stessa qualità, ma questa volta avevo bisogno di qualcosa di diverso per le mie orecchie.Che ci crediate o no, ho passato 6 ore alla ricerca degli auricolari della migliore qualità al prezzo migliore, ero e sono molto esigente e richiedo molto per qualcosa che compro.Comunque ragazzi, questi auricolari sono semplicemente troppo buoni per il prezzo e contrariamente ad altri auricolari da oltre 70 euro, questi da 10-20 euro hanno la stessa qualità del suono con una qualità leggermente inferiore ad alcune caratteristiche. Tuttavia, questi sono 20 euro e hanno il suono di oltre 70euro auricolari, fidatevi di quello. Sono molto contento del loro suono e del loro isolamento.

    Aug 02,2018

  • Enrik
    One of the best earphones for more than the best quality!
    Ohh how should I describe them shortly.. There are so many amazing things about these earphones. The quality, the price, the durability, the sound, the fit.. Everything is so perfect to these monsters. First of all, I'm very experienced in earphones and quality sounds as I am a musician and drummer. I used to have some JBL earphones for some time until they broke so I needed to replace them with other ones same quality but this time I needed something different for my ears. Believe it or not, I spent 6 hours searching the best quality earphones in the best price, I was and I am very picky and I demand a lot to something I buy. Anyway guys, these earphones are just too good for the price and contrary to some other over 70$ earphones, these ones for 10-20$ have the same sound quality with very slightly lower quality to some features. However, these are 20$ and have the sound of over 70$ earphones, trust me on that. I'm very very pleased by their sound and their isolation.
    The sponge inside of the left earphone got detached once I changed an eartip, not a very big deal tho since I just pushed it in and now its fine.

    Jun 20,2017

  • Para
    Наушники цена-качество
    Стал присматриваться к китайским наушникам, когда на шару заказал уши moxpad x6 на али. Они удивили звучанием и качеством, что аж штатные сенхи 300II ушли на полку... Но провод в основании микрофона у них перетерся, по сему также на шару решил заказать данные уши. По качеству мне сразу показалось, что недостаточно низов, а верхи завышены. Вылечилось заменой амбушюр от совсем других ушей. Также с эквалайзером пришлось экспериментировать. В итоге вышло что-то более-менее пригодное для прослушивания музыки для моего слуха. В целом уши на 4 с минусом, но с шаманством вы получаете неплохие уши за шесть сотен. За такую стоимость грех жаловаться. Отличная альтернатива тем наушникам, к которым вы привыкли. В качестве использования гарнитуры нареканий нет. Не забывайте, что одна функциональная клавиша имеет возможность переключать/перематывать треки в зависимости от частоты нажатия. Планирую заказать какие-нить беспроводные теперь.
    Не хватает асимметричного провода.

    Feb 14,2017

  • shapes
    Well build earphones. Soundstage is ok , high freq ok , but there would be a little bit more bass. Lack of bass in my opinion lead to a little loss of the quality . The naturality of the sound is decreased. But you get what for you pay. In general high quality earphones which you can get for a very low price !!! They can be used during sport activities - they have bending earhooks. Wygodne słuchawki z mikrofonem . Można ich używać w trakcie aktywności sportowych - mają giętkie mocowania kabla. co do jakości to szczerze mówiąc spodziewałem się czegoś lepszego. Generalnie tony wysokie są ok ,środek także. Brakuje mi naturalnego basu . Co daje trochę nienaturalny efekt przy słuchaniu. Generalnie warte są wydanych pieniędzy - chociaż mogłoby być lepiej.

    Dec 29,2016

  • Juan Gabriel
    Kz ZS3 (insonorizado)
    los audifonos Kz modelo KS3 hasta ahora me han parecido muy buenos, tienen un diseño ergonomico que se adapta al oido de forma facil, sin caerse en absoluto, el precio increiblemente bajo (para este tipo de audifonos) con microfono incorporado (realmente no se donde esta ese microfono). TIenen un diseño que lo hace insonorizar y te aisla del exterior, muy bueno para escuchar musica, ver peliculas o jugar videojuegos. Recomendado 100%The Kz KS3 headphones I have seemed very good, it have an ergonomic design that fits the ear easily, without falling at all, the price incredibly low (for this type of headphones) with built-in microphone (really i dont know where is this microphone). They have a design that makes it soundproof and isolates you from the outside, very good for listening to music, watching movies or playing video games. Recommended 100%

    Nov 02,2018

  • Beeksah
    Отличные уши за 8$
    Невероятное удобство ношения. Не знаю как остальным, но в мои уши они влезли как родные. Cкажу точно: это одни из самых удобных наушников, которые мне приходилось надевать. При этом наушники очень лёгкие. Звукоизоляция - шикарная.Баса количественно очень много, он массивный, с сильным "панчем", при этом очень неплохо структурирован и разборчив.Середина - нейтральная, не особо эмоциональная, не блещет проработкой, но в целом по подаче очень "ровная" с неплохим разрешением. Никаких претензий к ней нет. Верха сильно отодвинуты на второй план и проработаны не лучшим образом, но в целом неплохи.В целом звук уж точно опережает свою цену, сказки за столь смешные деньги я не ждал. Для людей, которые раньше слушали только помои с перехода или же просто дешевые затычки от более именитых брендов, эти наушники будут настоящим откровением. В итоге имеем недорогие уши с неплохим звуком и шикарной посадкой. Я остался доволен.
    Бедная комплектация - сами наушники, насадки среднего качества и отвратительного качества кабель из ужасных материалов и в целом неприятный на ощупь, советую сразу заменить.

    Aug 05,2018