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  • Keystone
    This product is neat perfect, great bright light and non distorted magnifying lens make my projects enjoyable again, the light has a heavy sturdy base so no worries with unstable balance or tipping the lamp over while working, my only suggestion would be to make a larger magnifying lens allowing for larger seeing work surface

    Nov 21,2018

  • HonestAbe
    The base is very heavy so it doesn't tip over when the arm is extended outwards and the clip is so strong and has non-slip grips on it, the LED lights are very bright and the magnifying glass is actual glass and is very solid and clear, which can cause eye strain without good light or magnification

    Apr 15,2018

  • tffnyprkns
    Its a small enough design to fit practically anywhere, this light was SIMPLE TO INSTALL : Installs easily, solar energy powered outdoor Light, found a perfect place for the lamp that will have ample DIRECT sunlight AND IT WORKED very well last night the first night

    Oct 27,2018

  • WMyers
    This magnifying light is just what I needed, the base is heavy and does not tip over when I adjust the goose neck, the light is bright and the surface area is large enough for my needs without obscuring my entire picture, I am very satisfied with this magnifying lamp

    Oct 30,2018

  • Austin Balke
    The magnifying glass works great for some of the details she can't get with her glasses and the light is beyond expectation and lovely, this lamp is superb and I would recommend it to anyone that could use a little help seeing any small projects

    Jul 23,2018

  • The Cat Next Door
    Great nightlight, this little light puts out the perfect amount of brightness and I like the soft LED glow, the design is pretty and much more aesthetically pleasing than other nightlights in the same price range

    May 18,2018

  • Benn
    LOVE these little lights, led lights that would be economical and these work great, the light is enough using multiples throughout the house that I find I don't use lamps or other lighting as much after dark

    Jun 30,2018

  • Russ
    I replaced a magnifying lamp at my office because it quit and tried replacing the flourescent light but it still didn't work, it makes our detailed work and the reading of very small serial numbers easy now

    May 18,2018

  • Harold P. Ashton
    The flexible head allows me to direct the light where I want it and it is so powerful I don't need any additional lights on in the room, the lamp is great for working on small detailed work like crocheting

    Jun 01,2018

  • OmNomZombie
    This lamp is just perfect for my craft desk, it provides a great amount of light for my aging eyes, it replaces the need for me to use the hot lights from my overhead fan

    Sep 19,2018