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  • rick
    really good value for money
    You should consider this camera if you need to cover a wider area, if you are looking for excellent infrared distance and coverage. This camera has good day and night vision. The motion detection area is easy to configure. This camera is easy to set up. At this price, it's really good value for money. Hope this helps

    Nov 18,2020

  • Phil
    image quality is very high
    To be honest, I bought this camera, although I don’t need it for my current job. . For this price, my expectations are very low. The camera is much faster than I expected. First you will notice the quality of the camera housing/body. It is solid. Its image quality is very high

    Dec 09,2020

  • Gera
    Excellent construction quality
    Excellent construction quality, solid overall house.
    I can't believe the camera's image quality will be so good. The sensor provides better visibility at night and works better than black-and-white night vision. At night, I can see clearer faces and cars

    Dec 04,2020

  • Nira
    recommend anyone
    I would buy a camera and would recommend anyone looking for quality and functional products at a valuable price.

    Dec 14,2020

  • orado
    colors are brighter
    This camera has a noticeable improvement in overall resolution; colors are brighter

    Nov 20,2020

  • KiA
    cheap price
    I bought one because it is cheap. I plan to use it in one place

    Nov 07,2020

  • Jora
    deep impression
    The quality and price left a deep impression on me.

    Nov 11,2020

  • Ura
    high quality
    high quality and clear images

    Nov 13,2020