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  • Andrey
    Digital Alcohol Tester
    Тестер содержания алкоголя в выдыхаемых парах. Быстрая работа. Компактный размер. Подсветка экрана. Хорошая сборка. Сменные мундштуки в комплекте. Если в выдыхаемом воздухе есть алкоголь, то этот прибор его покажет. При превышении нормы в 0,5g/l издает звуковой сигнал. Питание от 2 AAA батареек.

    Sep 11,2017

  • Dzo
    LCD Display Digital Alcohol Teaster
    Pros: Good quality and price, works on 2x AAA battery. Sensor is very precise and detect one gulp of any alcoholic drink.

    Cons: None.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Marius
    ok product
    The product is ok, it works with 2 AAA batteries that are not included, I'm pleased with the product with an illuminated display seen at night.

    Dec 12,2017

  • Tjums
    Pretty accurate, but don't use it for drunk driving
    I was surprised how good it works, compared to the price, and it's pretty fun to pull up at a party.

    Note: if you haven't been drinking anything it will show a promille of 0.1 - 0.2

    Nov 13,2018

  • Andris K.
    GEARBEST LCD Display Digital Alcohol Tester
    Delivery within two weeks.
    Alcotesters are good, there are five tips.
    The size is also good, it fits well in your pocket.
    The price of the promotion is very good!
    Are not.

    Jul 03,2018

  • ADP
    Review Analisador de Álcool Digital com Tela LCD - Gearbest
    Mede alcool, mas tem de esperar para repetir outras medições e resultado sai hiperestimado

    Apr 13,2018

  • BILL
    A good buy.
    1. Product matches the description at the site.
    2. Work as it supposed to.
    3. The price is good.
    4. The build quality is normal.
    5. Useful

    May 28,2018

  • Nvil
    Recebi tudo completo, como esperado e de boa qualidade.
    Estou satisfeito com o produto.
    Sem nenhum defeito a apontar.
    Sem nenhum defeito a apontar.

    Jun 11,2018

  • gugama
    alcohol meter
    It is very usefull, it has battery and it is very tiny.
    You can have it on your car and always know if you can or cannot drive.

    Jul 23,2018

  • Daniel
    Digital Alcohol Tester
    Good to know if u can drive after a drink or 2 in some countryes that have an average of 0.15-0.25g/l

    Dec 23,2016