zanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile

- NERO 4500-5000K 191978902

1240Lm Cree XPL V6 Max 550 Ore Tempo di Lavoro
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Marca: zanflare
Modello: F1
Perline lampada: Cree XP-L V6
Numero Beads: 1
lumen Gamma: >1000Lumens
Flusso luminoso: 1240LM
Intensità luminosa: 16650cd
Temperatura di colore: 6000-6500K / 4500-5000K
Lineamento: leggera,protezione contro il surriscaldamento,Pocket clip,Indicatore di energia,Protezione all'inversione di polarità,stand di coda
Funzione: Campeggio,EDC,Escursionismo,uso domestico,Spostamenti notturni,A passeggio
Modalità: 7 (Turbo; alta, Medio, Bassa, Moonlight, Strobo, SOS)
Fonte di potere energia: Batteria
Tipo di Batteria: 18650,CR123
Batteria Quantità: 1 x 18650 o 2 x CR123 batterie (non incluse)
memoria Modalità: sì
ricaricabile: sì
impermeabile standard: IP-68 standard Impermeabile
LED Durata della vita: 5000 ore o di più

Dettagli di prodotto

Distanza del fascio: 200-300m
Resistenza all'impatto: 1.5M
Materiale corpo: Lega di alluminio Aerospaziale
Torcia tecnologia di elaborazione: Aerospaziale Corpo in alluminio di Grado con anti- tipo di graffio anodizzazione dura di III
Colore chiaro disponibile: Bianco freddo,Bianco neutro


Max.: 550 ore

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,096 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,350 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 13.60 x 2.80 x 2.80 cm / 5.35 x 1.1 x 1.1 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 18.00 x 11.00 x 8.00 cm / 7.09 x 4.33 x 3.15 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x zanflare F1 LED Torcia elettrica, 1 x USB Cavo, 1 x Clip in Titanio Rivestita, 1 x Fondina, 1 x Cordoncino, 1 x Manuale Multilingue

zanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000Kzanflare F1 LED Torcia Elettrica Ricaricabile - Black 4500-5000K

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Recensioni dei clienti

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  • Ying-Lin
    Excellent, well-made Flashlight
    Color:Black Size:6000-6500K
    This review is more like a long-term review for Zanflare F1. I have owned F1 for more than 8 months and have been carrying it for night walk daily. It becomes my go to flashlight. I'm impressed and satisfied with the brightness of medium (290lm) and high mode (590lm), not to mention flare (turbo) mode, which is just a double-click away.
    The built quality is excellent and so sturdy that I feel it a little bit heavy at the beginning. After I get used to it, the more I use it, the more I like it. The anodizing is much better than most other lights and it's scratch resistant. The threads are really well cut and smooth.
    Since it's a dual-switch design, the user-interface is simple to use and reliable. To turn on the light, just press the tail switch. Clicking the mode switch once to change light levels. A quick double click on mode switch can access flare mode. The tail switch is pretty firm and the mode button is just at the perfect tension.
    Zanflare F1 comes in a nice, solid box with lots of accessories: clip, quality lanyard, USB charging cable and a beautiful belt holster made from nicest softest foam. It's a nice package, well worth the money.
    Myself didn't use the on-board USB charging port often since I have my own 18650 chargers. But I think it's a very handy/convenient feature when you're traveling a lot.
    I highly recommend it to all my friends. Especially if you only need one light, this versatile Zanflare F1 can fulfill all your different purpose and use cases.

    Sep 17,2018

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  • KuroNekko
    Excellent general use 18650 flashlight
    Color:Black Size:4500-5000K
    After reading and watching many reviews on the Zanflare F1, I wanted it as a budget 18650 addition to my collection. I wanted something very affordable but high quality with USB charging. The purpose was to be a travel/general use 18650 flashlight due to the USB charging capabilities. The F1 fit the bill.
    The flashlight has a high quality build and design. The knurling is unique but grips well. The clip can be uncomfortable when holding the flashlight so it's better removed unless often used. USB charging works well and the port design is among the very best out there. No risky USB flap to fail. The F1 is also available in two tints of either warmer or cooler. At the time I bought the F1 on sale, the warmer version was slightly cheaper so I got that. It's a very warm tint, closer to the 4000K color temperature range. I was hoping for neutral but it's the warmest flashlight I have and I own over 10.
    The pouch is high quality and unique, but it's really a carrying case and not to be considered a holster.
    The modes are good and well spaced.
    If you get one on flash sale (they are often on sale), the Zanflare F1 makes an excellent high quality flashlight for a stellar price.
    First, this is not a tactical flashlight. It's not designed like one and doesn't work like one. Turbo mode and Strobe aren't too easy to access directly and require two different buttons located apart. Not a problem as a general use flashlight, but don't expect a tactical flashlight out of the F1.

    The Turbo doesn't seem much brighter than High when using protected Panasonic 18650 batteries. Maybe it's a different story with other batteries. I have yet to try.

    The neoprene material of the carrying case is good, but very tight so taking the F1 in and out is a two handed tasks that's not exactly easy. Again, not at all tactical for carrying. It's really more for protected storage, but great for that.

    The glass breaker is a nice design touch but very small. Probably almost useless in function.

    The On/Off button is a reverse clicky. This means it will turn on with only a click and does not have a momentary on function from Off. Again, this shows the flashlight is not tactical in design.

    Lastly, this is a matter of personal preference, but this Zanflare in the warm tint is too warm for my liking. Having this flashlight made me realize how much more I prefer cooler tint. While warm tint has its benefits, I personally think cooler tints are brighter and reveal more in the darkness. To me, that's more important than color rendering with warmer tints. I now wish I got the cooler tint than the warmer one given it's really more warm than neutral in my opinion.

    That being said, there is really nothing wrong with this flashlight. For the price, it's a stellar design with great features. It's an excellent general use or travel flashlight.

    Dec 17,2017

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  • Jakub
    Color:Black Size:4500-5000K
    Using the F1 is as simple as turning the light on with a press of the tail clicky , then clicking the mode switch once to change light levels . What I absolutely love is no matter how hard or fast you click the tail switch the light will not change modes , you need to click the mode button for that . To get to the blinky modes just hold the mode button down for about 3 seconds and to get out of disco mode just hold the mode button down for about 3 seconds again . Now this light also has a hidden TURBO ( I’m calling it that ) mode , so no matter the light level your at , a relatively quick double click of the mode button will put you into TURBO mode and a single click will then return you to the light level you were in . I have been taking the F1 for nightly walks for the last 3 days and I am seriously impressed with the user interface . I find low mode just about right for most instances ( 58 Lumens by my light box ) , and higher levels are a simple click away . Also every time I turn the light on , I know exactly how much light I will be getting as the light will not change modes because of the speed with which I turn the light on or off . ( A lot of lights suffer from this = Turning on and off to fast changes modes ) .

    May 06,2018

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  • Roger
    Good balance of price, brightness and craftmanship
    Color:Black Size:6000-6500K
    It is my second purchase but this time is a cool white version. In comparison, both are very bright in such price level. This cool white version is obviously whiter (in photo, the neutral white version is on top and cool white version is at bottom), but gets a little yellowish feeling when placed with my another cool white torch with different manufacturer. This F1 is supplier with a longer lanyard (see photo) which many users complained too short before. It also comes with a USB cable without deformation and the inlet on F1 for USB head is aligned centrally. As all come to me fine, this specimen of F1 has demonstrated the craftsmanship of the maker. All in all, the F1 has more options of brightness level especially the moon light mode which meet my needs very well and also can save energy/reduce hotness in case the top level of brighter is not necessary. The two metallic buttons facilitate operation and enhance durability. In comparison with another torch in different maker, the F1 shell has large shell wall thickness which contributes to its toughness.
    Not so cool white than my expectation. Built-in charger speed. Price could be cheaper at the double eleven festival.

    Nov 16,2017

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  • Riri2010
    Very well built flashlight
    Color:Black Size:6000-6500K
    The build quality of the Zanflare F1 is very good compared to the few other flashlights ive seen. no flashlight I've seen from a grocery/department store can compete. all moving/removable pieces (charger/battery cap) have water proof gaskets. the clip can be rotated both ways (for clipping to a hat), and the flashlight comes with a strap plus case. this flashlight lacks the ability to zoom, and instead has a brighter spot in the middle of the beam. I prefer this over zoom. the brightness is very good, and illuminates distant trees. the flashlight can stand on its tail, and lights entire rooms when pointed at the ceiling there is a flare function that gives even more brightness (1200 lumens I think.) but kicks down to a dimmer setting after 30 or 60 seconds. I've read online about people modding their Zanflare f1 to allow this feature to stay on without dimming, so that could be worth looking into. the brightest mode without kicking down is around 1000 lumens.

    Oct 31,2018

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  • Roger
    My findings
    Color:Black Size:4500-5000K
    LED is bright and the F1 shell is tough feeling with unquestionable attractive blackish appearance. Two buttons design is much convenience during operation. 4500-5000K LED color is a bit yellowish cast with warm feeling (see photos). Shell becomes hot in flare mode which demonstrates how bright is the LED unit. During charging, the indicator lights red when the F1 turned on. When it turned off, the indicator blinks red and green. Anyway, LED beam cannot light up during charging which is out of my expectation. So users still required to face the idleness of the torch during charging. All in all, the LED torch is a nice choice and worth the promotion price.
    Inlet on torch for USB cable is tilted and decenter. (see photo) The USB cable came with the F1 is not good in quality which large USB head is deformed and hard to be plugged into a standard USB socket. (see photo) The built in charger doesn't work fast for my 3400 mAh battery so an external charger specially for the task may be required. A bit disappointed, the courier delivered slow this time.

    Oct 06,2017

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  • Georgia
    Color:Black Size:4500-5000K
    Flashlight with metallic body (aluminum alloy) to use both inside the house (thanks to which you can adjust the intensity of the LED) and outside, in camp use, or to hold it on a bicycle. (at full intensity it illuminates a great distance).
    - You can select several intensity modes, one for emergencies (SOS) and another Strobe (7 modes in total).
    -Use Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
    -It recharges with any usb port.
    -The knurling that is in the handle is very nice and prevents you from falling (also brings a cord to tie it to the wrist of the hand).
    - It has a small hammer to break crystals (I have never used it).
    - A clip to carry it fastened in the belt and a very nice cover.

    For the price it has it is one of the flashlights that I liked the most.

    Jul 04,2018

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  • Chris
    Well-made bright flashlight
    Color:Black Size:4500-5000K
    The built quality is top notch. It has very good beam profile with nice combo of spill and throw. The best feature I like is its UI. Only a quick double click can enter the turbo (flare) mode from any other modes. And the sos mode is well hidden. The high mode is already bright enough for daily usage. The 2nd best feature I like is the low voltage protection. The light will shut off at around 2.6v. So it's very safe to use unprotected battery cell. The whole package is awesome. Pocket clip, spare o-ring and lanyard are all included. A beautiful little zipper bag is also included to carry the light around. When it's not charging, the USB port is well protected. Seems like a smart design.
    I hope F1 can stay in turbo (flare) mode for a little bit longer.

    Nov 12,2017

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  • zanflare F1
    F1 review
    Color:Black Size:6000-6500K
    I have many flashlights/torches. This one stands out as one of the better ones and I bought it with a coupon and that made it excellent value. A quick search and you can find great reviews of this light, such as the blf forums. There is a feel of quality about this light. From the excellent packaging to the accessories included. I like the feel and the the different modes. It fits the hand just right. Shame about the pouch. Its okay for storage but a bit of a struggle if you need quick access to the light.This light should be at the top of the list in its bracket when looking to buy a light with the F1's specification.
    Zanflare and Gearbest are on to something with this light.Lets see whats in store. Gearbest customer service was excellent.
    Difficult to use the case/pouch

    Mar 09,2018

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  • Ruslan N.
    Zanflare F1
    Color:Black Size:4500-5000K
    Что-то обзоры по фонарю были не очень и я не рассматривал егок покупке. А тут была акция, цена очень привлекательная - купил. Что сказать, фонарик-то отличный. Свет приятный нейтральный, не смотря на гладкий рефлектор хотспот мягко переходит в боковую засветку. Нормально подобранные режимы, moonlight каким должен быть, турбо по двойному клику, спрятанные мигалки, просветленное стекло, аккуратная сборка - все отлично. Зарядка внутри фонаря, ток 0,9А. Упаковка и комплектация на пятерку, на подарок не стыдно брать.
    Сетуют на неудобное управление двумя кнопками, размер - не знаю, оригинальное конечно, но вполне логичное управление. Еще бы аккумулятор в комплект в фирменной термоусадке... ну это я уже размечтался!
    Не нашел, весьма оригинальный фонарь.

    Sep 26,2017

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