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  • Nils
    Easy to hands on
    The instructions are simple. With the buttons on it, you can still everything you would with any other device with multiple buttons. I was a bit skeptical when I ordered it, but I'm glad I did. It's really comfortable to wear to where it's easy to forget you have it on. I love how you can still be aware of your surroundings even if listening to music at full volume.

    Oct 12,2020

  • Wenger
    Legitimate product
    I needed a Bluetooth I could use nicely. It stays put it's comfortable I have not had any complaints from people on the other end of the phone although I have not called a landline and do not know if it has the annoying buzz some of my others have. It stays put great the only time I've dropped it involved my large dog licking my ear as she got out of the van.

    Nov 19,2020

  • Kevin A.
    Not any disappointment
    I have to admit initially I was skeptical. But there is not any disappointment when I have a go.They are comfortable, fit very well and you barely know it is even there. I use it happily all day.Some may be wondering about the charging and yes, you have to take it off but they easily slide on and off. This for me is the best purchase.

    Jan 12,2021

  • Thomas B.
    Great thing
    I recently had a pair of wired Bluetooth headphones die (where the two earbuds are connected by a cable between them) and I figured I'd give this wireless earbuds a try. It is priced nicely so I thought they're worth a shot. After quickly pairing these to my phone, I fired up some tunes and OMG! The sound quality is phenomenal!

    Dec 15,2020

  • Schwarzer
    This is really fatastic
    I bought these for myself and was excited about how well they fit and how well they held them in my ear. Two pieces of good news for that. One is that I can call my colleague clearly, and there is not any interruption, the other good news is its battery life is long enough, I have never seen the 0% battery, this is pretty great.

    Oct 01,2020

  • turani
    good for price
    It's good for price I think, I have bought it by $ 9.99 for piece. Possibly I will buy it again.

    Jun 05,2021

  • A. Dixon
    The sound quality is nice
    Provide me good sound quality, wear it without ear pain

    Oct 25,2020

  • Aaron
    Nice product
    Very good headphones. Great workmanship great sound.

    Jan 13,2021

  • Fuda
    I need it
    The earphone is exactly what I am looking for

    Oct 02,2020

  • Levinson
    Comfort to wear
    With the earloop I can wear it comfortably

    Dec 25,2020