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  • Erik T.
    Excellent performance very reasonably priced.
    My husband and I have agreed we will never again live without one of these vacuums! It has been such a life saver with a dog, children and wood stove... the floors were constantly dirty. It's awesome. We have been running it every other day since we got it and have had no issues! I have to mention we have only hardwood floors and no rugs so I can't comment on how well it would do on anything but a smooth surface. So for hardwood floors, I highly recommend this!

    Nov 21,2019

  • Sherol White
    Just got it..it’s awesome so far!
    The first time I ran it I had to empty the dust bin about 5-6 times, which I expected since we have two dogs and it had been a bit since we last vacuumed. Since then I've only had to empty it at the end and I've been running it every other day. It feels so great to always have a clean floor, and with no effort! I did some research and this one has same features as more expensive brands. I Would definitely recommend to a friend.

    Nov 23,2019

  • Bosco
    Handy little guy, we had to name him
    We are thrilled with it's performance so far. It’s amazing, the house is cleaned better than my housekeeper. It traps dogs hair and dirt, under the furniture places. It is a cute little housekeeper, can cleaning the entire house every day. Good price, good vacuum, worth the money, highly recommend every household need one.

    Nov 24,2019

  • Big Al
    Quality Machine...
    Very happy with especially the ability to do multiple floors. We have 4 storey house. One niggle though. Haven't figured out how to connect with Alexa and can not find any instructions or Alexa skill. Future update?

    Apr 03,2020

  • Darijus Lukosevicius
    Good choise
    with lenovo x1 Im happy as well working.
    only second floor of my house not saved map? its can do?
    also where to buy spare parts for this vacuum cleaner? or can use the same as have S5 or S6 Xiomi

    Mar 10,2020

  • Dadof7
    Worth the money!
    I love that it speaks to you, it tells you when it is on home and charging, when charging is complete, and what pattern its doing. Overall, I really like this product!

    Nov 25,2019

  • ND89
    love it so far!!
    This vacuum actually does a pretty decent clean, not too loud. It gets a whole room before moving onto the next. Look forward to getting the use out of it!

    Nov 25,2019

  • Vicki T.
    Very nicely packaged. Arrived in perfect condition.
    I got this for cleaning up dirt and pet hair. OMG, this thing can mop! I have named her PC. And she is Soooooo quiet either mopping or vacuuming.

    Nov 23,2019

  • Stewart D.
    It works on bare floors
    Floors are definitely cleaner after it runs. It seems like it navigates the best when chairs/stools are off the ground. So far I like it.

    Nov 21,2019

  • D. Steager
    Great at this price!!
    The robot does work great, it's also very reasonably priced compared to others I researched.

    Nov 26,2019