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  • Andrej
    sì (4) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    MAGICSEE N5 Android TV OS TV Box
    New bpx on the market, I expected more for amlogic s905X. Antutu benchmark 7.10 shows 19320 points which is a bit. It has a lower and upper toolbar, which surprised me, because I have not seen it anywhere in the sky video or image. The box is heated up to 80 ° C, but it is almost 70 ° at any time. I installed a pair of my permanent applications and I encountered problems with the IPTV application, otherwise it does not work but it is completely smooth, even the siytem stops and it is necessary to manually pull the power cord and give it back. Playing video files 4K is conditional, 60fps 265 UHD not play ok.WIFI 2.4 is very bad, even 5 ghz is not the best, Youtube works in 4k.Conclusion:For a price of 28 eur is ok, although I would rather choose another player with amlogic 905W, even if it does not support 4K video. Boxu would be desirable for a small repair firmware

    Sep 10,2018

  • ercans42
    sì (2) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    MAGICSEE N5 Android TV OS TV Kutusu
    ürünü ucuz diye sipariş verdim.sağlam bir şekilde 18 günde elime ulaştı.genel olarak iyi.. dahili 2,4 ve 5 ghz wifi başarılı.. ıptv kullanmak için almıştım.kodi yüklü olarak geliyor.doma ve kasılmalar mevcut.programı tekrar başlatınca düzeliyor.. 2 adet usb 2,0 mevcut ama olumsuz yanı ntfs 1 tb. harici diski okumuyor.fat32 veya exfat ile diskinizi formatlayınca cihaz tanıyor ve açıyor.tavsiyem diğer ürünlere bakmanız.. bu ürünün tek artı yanı 5 ghz dahili wifi özelliği.. zaten iptv de hızlı veri akışı için aldım.. 4k videoların tamamını açıyor.. üzerinde Amlogic S905X işlemci var. eğer seçeceğiniz üründe işlemci olarak S905W olursa 4k videolarda sorun yaşayabilirsiniz.kumandası bazen yetersiz kalıyor uzun http adresleri yazarsanız son kısımlar ekranda göremiyorsunuz..

    Nov 29,2018

  • Predrag
    sì (3) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    Android TV Box with nice display & great performance
    Superb TV Box,Android 7.1,great Amlogic s905x processor quad core 2.0Ghz 64bit.Strong build and very nice box with little display,very nice and fluid UI interface.Google play store with a lot of apks for download and install. Preinstalled Kodi with tons of everything about multimedia,also installed amazing MX player for play everything on internal or external memory,especially 4K video.Youtube for Android TV work great in 1080 p.Great for many games with play store...Nice internet connection with 5Ghz WiFi, bluetooth works good.Everything works smooth and fluid.It's really worth it,RECOMENDED IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Sep 10,2018

  • E
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi US Plug
    Much simpler than alternative platforms
    I already have a FireTV and wanted a cheaper box with similar performance. After some research I learned that this box has practically the same hardware as the FireTV (third gen) and FireTV Cube; which normally costs $70 and $120 respectively. (Though, Amazon frequently has these boxes on sale.) So, I knew the hardware in this box was up to the task. Sure, there is stronger hardware out there but this box has no problem with playing videos and web browsing.Pros:*Lacks FireTV OS (which has video ads on the homescreen)*Similar hardware to the FireTV and FireTV Cube*Has Google Play Store*Comes with Google Chrome*Two usb ports (I use an "air mouse" has a keyboard/mouse/remote combination)Cons:*I'm sure some may have difficulty adding shortcuts to the homescreen

    Sep 15,2018

  • Anuj Hans
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    Magicsee N5
    PROS : fast delivery and came in secured packing intact without damage. works good for the price.wifi and LAN connections work ok. miracast works fine but gives lags at times while trying to cast high bit rate video. I guess due to network not sure. you tube and Netflix pre-installed and work fine.have not tried any gaming on this box.chrome browser works fine.CONS: WiFi worked and connected in a flash. but after a restart WiFi stopped responding but LAN connections were working fine.even after a reset box was unable to recognise any WiFi networks. however, after connecting to LAN for a while and connecting to WiFi problem was resolved.

    Sep 14,2018

  • Predrag
    sì (1) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    Very nice and powetfull TV Box MAGICSEE N5
    Awesome TV Box, Android 7.1, great Amlogic s905x ,64 bit processor,2Gb RAM, 16Gb internal storage, UI interface is very nice and fluid, a lot of apks can download with goofle play store which is work perfect, youtube max resolution full HD 1080p,Kodi work perfect with tons of everything about mutimedia, quality of picture is very high, audio is also great quality, the box is looks nice with decent little display, strong build of tough plastic.Very nice,powerfull but simple device.It's really worth it,RECOMENDED IT ! ! ! ! ! !

    Oct 06,2018

  • anonymeee
    sì (1) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    TV box Magicsee N5
    This is great TV box for the price. It has issues, like wifi disconnecting (I use LAN cable) and remote is not very useful for Kodi player (it is preinstalled with many other apps) and also not rooted, so you can't get rid of some "bloatware",but all in all it is fast enough and working nice after you do some setting up.I have tried some other "low price" cheap tv boxes (rk...) but all were laggy,so I ended with this one which I'm satisfied with (s905x chipset).I recommend if you want a tv box for a low price get some with s905x or better chipset and at least 2GB RAM.Seller send 1 week to EU (no customs!, thank you :-)

    Dec 05,2018

  • Predrag
    sì (2) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    Fabulous Android TV Box MAGICSEE N5, Great processor & performnce....!
    Awesome TV Box, Android 7.1, great Amlogic s905x quad core 64bit processor and with 2Gb RAM work very fast,smooth & fluid, great UI interface, Kodi works fabulous with tons of tv chanells,movies,tv shows and others, great video and audio quality, nice performance ,google play store work great with tons of apks,games,programs.Youtube works nice in 1080pEverything works great and box is build of strong plastic and looks very nice with little display on front sideIt's really worth it,RECOMENDED IT ! ! ! ! ! !

    Sep 25,2018

  • Android tv
    sì (2) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    Good for basic streaming.
    A tv box with good value for money. It offers the main features that any other box TV offers. The interface is simple but effective, because what matters is working and not just beauty. I recommend the purchase. For basic use there is no need for anything much better and no more expensive. But it does have a few problems..sometimes the remote stops responding.. and have to restart the box for it to work correctly again... few apps keep crashing...the Bluetooth is not working. Have not been able to connect my wireless mouse and keyboard...

    Oct 17,2018

  • francisco
    sì (2) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: 2.4G + 5G WiFi EU Plug
    MAGICSEE N5 Android TV OS TV Box
    The TVBox looks good,have a nice presentation lighting it is not very fast, some times some application crashes, but after times everything works goodsystem Android 7.1.2 is pre-installed, even if the home is very thin The use is simple even if setting the new settings is a bit cumbersome.The speed of the wifi does not correspond to the actual speed, even if the signal is very highThe remote control has an acceptable performance since it has the function key of the pointer. the opposite of some tv box models that do not bring this function like the x88 miniI'll keep trying all the possible functions to see if I'm convinced to make another extra orderuntil now all good

    Sep 01,2018