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  • Андрей
    Flexible Soft Pencil with Eraser
    Карандаши хорошие: гнутся,есть резинка для стирания,НО ИМИ НЕУДОБНО ПИСАТЬ И РИСОВАТЬ Т.К. ОНИ ОЧЕНЬ ГНУТСЯ В РУКЕ !!!!

    Jun 13,2019

  • Julia Areli
    gostei muito. faz exatamente o que foi prometido. É funciona. chegou dentro de um mês.

    Jun 04,2019

  • Gordon Hansen
    Great deal!!
    They seem to be of good quality as far as pencils go. At the same time, they are more interesting than ordinary pencils. I will definitely be reordering in the future!

    May 03,2019

  • Цветочный
    Баловство - в помойку
    Красивые. Завязываются в узел.Берешь -а он падает - гнется.Писать-рисовать - не удобно.Отлично - как закладка - прикольненько.

    Jun 30,2019

  • Will Henrietta
    Worth every penny!
    I just thought it would be something super fun for my son. They are SUPER bendy and also write decently. My seven-year-old was super impressed!!!

    May 18,2019

  • Page Romeo
    Cute and fun to bend
    Exactly what I wanted!! It’s more of a novelty gift than for practical use but I really just bought them because I thought they were cool.

    Apr 19,2019

  • Augus Surrey
    Product with good quality and goos service
    I like these pencils very much. The shipping is very fast and the customer service is very good.

    Apr 26,2019

  • Phoenix Joyce
    Great price for the quality
    These pencils are very smooth and easy to use. Great pencils at a great price!

    May 11,2019

  • P. M.
    Nice pencils.Used to make gifts for children.They bend but do not break.They are tempered like normal graphite pencils.They leave a good mark on the sheet.

    Sep 18,2019

  • Monica
    La loro caratteristiche di flessibilità lle rende originali. A mia figlia ed alle sue amiche sono piaciute molto. Si temperano con un normale temperino.

    Jun 30,2019