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  • Gary
    sì (1) Colore: Yellow
    It was rather a pain to get as they shipped me a quadcopter, and I had to deal with customer support to get the correct item. Good to their word they corrected their error, and I couldnt be more happy with this purchase. Plenty of power available with the brushless model.Programmable transmitter.Gyro & Barometer.Voice control and training mode for beginners.Will accept a larger than supplied battery.Custom carry case to prevent damage.Excellent manual and factory documentation.Can be flown in a 7-8 MPH breeze with gyro on.Ultra-miniturized components. For what you get, this RC offers value for the money.
    Small...Really small, as in hard to see in the air small. From what I researched, spare/replacement parts for US buyers are $40 shipping plus cost of part.Lightweight, yet still pretty brittle. Lots of broken nosecone/fuselages. Repairable with proper glue.Very easily lost landing gear.Iffy servos.Controls are VERY sensitive! You will likely be limiting the servo travel too, which can be done in the menu on the controller.Its lightweight makes it unstable in a wind without self leveling mode on.

    May 14,2018