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  • Everything's okay
    Excellent, ausgezeichnet, Kitűnő
    Gute Preis gute Leistung, in allem sehr korrekt.
    Sie helfen, wenn ein Problem entsteht und lösen Sie es grosszügig.
    Ich kann GearBest jedem empfehlen!

    Good price good performance in all very correct.
    They help when a problem arises and solve it generously.
    I can recommend to anyone GearBest!

    Jó minőség, jó árak és főképpen minden szempontból megbizható, nagyon korrekt.
    Ha valamilyen probléma felmerül, nagyvonalúan segítenek és megoldják.
    Nyugodt lelkiismerettel ajanlom mindenkinek.

    Feb 09,2021

  • Giuseppe
    Credo sia in questo momento l'unico prodotto ad essere Tv box e digitale terrestre. Piccolo e compatto ma con buone potenzialità, buona la consistenza dei materiali. Le istruzioni si riferiscono a poche funzioni il resto si devono cercare all'interno del menù ( forse sarebbe meglio ampliarle) anche perché non sono riuscito a trovarle in rete. In generale comunque un buon rapporto qualità/prezzo.

    May 31,2021

  • Rachael
    100 % recommended
    I use it for my TVs in my business and it performed well. the box was easily operated and controlled with the remote, Less lag then a few of my streaming sticks. and I really like the interface, actucally very snappy.

    100 % recommended

    Aug 29,2020

  • BDiff
    great picture quality
    Because my wife works in healthcare and currently lives with a colleague, I bought this set-top box for my wife.

    After I set it up for them, they liked this device with great picture quality.

    Now I want to buy one for myself.

    Aug 16,2020

  • Areal
    runs very fast
    This definitely meet my expectations. it's simple and it runs very fast and efficient. I can quickly operate with the manuals , This android box works great and I love it!

    Grat product worth the price

    Aug 11,2020

  • Gerardo
    worth buying
    easy to set up and great well
    4K image quality
    well protected in the box
    dual-band wifi support
    large storage space
    portable in size

    in short, it is a very cost-effective box

    Aug 16,2020

  • Ent
    Excellent Android TV box
    Excellent Android TV box! We have been using this TV box for a week, there is no problem, this TV box is very convenient to watch many TV shows and movies! Easy to set up!

    Aug 17,2020

  • Dli888
    4k Display
    I placed an order and received it soon because of the 4K display. Use it to replace old one

    Aug 11,2020

  • Vmm
    Good product, but a weak remote
    Product full of features. Weak documentation. Some issues with the remote. Very minimal dovumentation. Would love to speal with producer to suggest better info

    Feb 22,2021

  • joaquim
    MECOOL K5 DVB T2 + S2 + C TV Box Híbrido
    Muito bom tem um contra demorou muito tempo foi 1 mês e duas semanas.
    Mas tirando isso eu recomendo

    Jan 22,2021