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  • Carl
    Great extra space for your device for a great price.
    Last year I got my daughter a Kindle for Christmas and finally after almost a year she has almost filled up all the storage in the device so I was looking for a way to give my kiddo some extra storage without having to buy a whole new device. This Micro SD card comes with 8g of storage which is absolutely awesome especially for the price!

    Mar 25,2021

  • Cary
    Great value.
    I bought this 128 GB card to replace a much smaller one in my smartphone. I have an older Samsung Galaxy (Note 4) and it's working *great*! Not only does it hold a ton of files and photos, but I now have over 120 GB of my favorite music with me at all times! Bottom line: Great value for the money, can't beat it, so if ya need it, GET IT!

    Mar 31,2021

  • Braeden
    Highly recommend
    I recommend everyone buy one of these for their devices that require a sd card whatever size, buy this little one with a bunch of space on it, and you will not be let down!! highly recommend this product for everyone looking for a media storage device such as this!!! Thanks guys love the product love the company!!

    Apr 20,2021

  • Gwendolyn
    I am amazed at how well these work and how low the price. Putting one of these into your phone or tablet is a wonderful upgrade to the device’s storage capability. Overall, this card worked well and I rated it five stars. If I have any future issues I will update my review.

    Mar 29,2021

  • Jenny
    Large capacity
    I wish I could afford to buy one more of these. It is perfect for my devices such as my camera, and my dashcam, recently I have had this dedicated to my dashcam, which is amazing in itself, but this small little card has so much space on it and is very high quality.

    Apr 19,2021

  • Anthony
    Great product.
    Works as spected. Many people complains about the memory is missing some GB to reach the amount of memory you purchased. For those who don't know this is normal because of the space that formatting the card takes .

    Mar 27,2021

  • Ryan
    I used this MicroSD card to expand the storage of my Moto G5 Plus. I've had it for just over a year now and so far so good. I've had no issues with performance or technical issues. It is still running like a champ.

    Apr 21,2021

  • Colin
    As far as transfer speeds go, I have no complains.
    For the price it's great. The speeds, durability and warranty make it a bit of a no-brainer. Have had no issues with this card and purchased a 2nd one. Works as expected and no issues.

    Mar 25,2021

  • Leon
    it works great
    From my own experience and other reviews, I have read Samsung has the best quality cards. I used my card for a retro game build on the raspberry pi and it works great.

    Apr 23,2021

  • Xaviera
    I highly recommend
    Storage capacity is true to what they say, fits right in and works wonderfully!! No problems at all, overall great value!

    Apr 26,2021