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  • charliehorse
    This is my first smartwatch, I had a fitbit before and wanted to get a more useful everyday watch, I have been looking for a smartwatch that is not crazy expensive and still does what I need it to do mostly for tracking fitness and everyday use, I found this very nice for its price, The design is very good, All in all I am happy about this purchase, I will give a more detailed review after I have more time with this product

    Jan 10,2018

  • Chander Arora
    watch is looks good but...
    Nice watch according price but connection problem is big issue must be resolve by microwear in next update. I am waiting for update and must be option for download news watch face there no option for download there few face available some are very basic only few designs are goods not awesome

    Oct 03,2018

  • Gulam Haider
    Grüße sie zusammen, Habe ich am Januar 2018 ein Microwear H5 4G Smartwatch gekauft, aber leider Bluetooth Fehler, bis heute mehrere mal Reklamation und Beschwerde gesendet, 2 Woche schon vorbei, keine erfolgt. Leider habe ich das fehle gemach, andere Bewertung nicht gelesen haben, mach ich nicht nochmal. Bitte auf passen, Mit viele Grüßen
    ich Empfehle nicht auch. sehr schlichte Service. einfach alles auf 0 . habe ich ein Microwear H5 4G Smartwatch gekauft. ohne Rechnung. Artikel Defekt erhalten. bis heute Mehrer mal Beschwerden aber noch nicht erfolgt. mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Feb 25,2018

  • CHammer
    This watch is great for what it's priced for and I have some of my friends asking me where to get one cause it does what I need it too and its not insanely expensive so if you want a smart watch that does almost everything an expensive one does then get this one

    Jul 30,2018

  • microware h5
    microware h5
    good item battery must be more big than 650mamicroware h5good item battery must be more big than 650mamicroware h5good item battery must be more big than 650mamicroware h5good item battery must be more big than 650mamicroware h5
    good item battery must be more big than 650ma

    May 02,2018

  • Greg Rankin
    I swapped out the charger with two different ones so it was not the actual charger, The watch itself is fantastic, I am now glad to see my steps being counted at work when I happen to leave my phone at my desk to help a colleague

    Oct 14,2018

  • g3heavenlyfruit
    for that reason I was inclined to buy it and also for the comfortable price compared to other watches with similar functionalities, It is a very discreet style, as I like it and has many many features

    Mar 29,2018

  • Edogawa
    I like it.
    i like it.It is very useful and cool.I want to buy it again for my friends someday.But I think......if the watch`s buttery was stronger it will become perfect.

    Aug 16,2018

  • JerNic
    I think the GPS function is great for use during outdoor activities without the phone, I do wish that the watch was slimmer as it protrudes off the wrist quite a bit

    Mar 08,2018

  • G. Cira
    I normally don't write reviews but I will for this because I can say I am very satisfied with my purchase everything was in tact and was very well refurbished

    Oct 21,2018