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  • andyc
    very satisfied! total recommendation for the Xiaomi Mijia electic Screwdriver!
    very satisfied, total recommendation for this screwdriver.
    As written above I'm very satisfied with the Xiaomi Mijia Screwdriver. I had it for a few weeks now and I have been using it many times in these weeks. I was considering buying this Screwdriver or the small one by Bosch but I figured, that this one will be able to use it way more powerful since it fits in the hand perfectly - and I'm very glad I decided for this screwdriver, especially since the price is the same as for the Bosch but it's way more useful.
    The package contains (as can be seen on the photo) a neat, compact black bag for the screw driver and the bit set. The bit set itself is also good and contains the most needed bits (e.g. t10, t20, phillips.... ) so you can use it for any things that come to your mind. It also contains an extension for the bits and a short USB C cable for charging the screwdriver.
    The screwdriver is black and has a nice matt powder finish that feels very nice in the hand. It also has a nice led - light to enlighten the screw. The power lasts pretty long in my mind before you need to recharge it again. The strength of the screwdriver is for all my needs completely sufficient, had no problems there.
    Only small drawback of it is, that you can only change the direction (left turning and right turning) but you cannot change the torsional moment so you cheap screws might suffer from using a wrong bit for screwing them in too fast.
    I've been using it also not only for screwing but for many different purposes (as can be seen on the photos) - for cleaning with the specific adapter and for sanding wood.
    So all in all a very positive experience and I can definitely give two thumbs up for the Xiaomi Mijia Screwdriver - I would definitely buy it a second time and it s so useful having an electric, portable screwdriver, especially when you need not only to fix one screw but for example are assembling or disassembling a cupboard in the kitchen, a wardrobe cupboard in your sleeping room.

    Nov 09,2019

  • Алексей
    Шуруповерт xiaomi
    Очень приятный и удобный инструмент. Собственно, как и вся продукция xiaomi. Разумеется, для масштабных или промышленных задач не подойдет - слабоват. Но вот для дома - самое то. Собрать-разобрать какую-то мебель или технику - вполне. Закручивать им дюбеля в бетонные стены я бы не стал. Есть удобный компактный чехол - проблем с хранением нет. В чехле под сам шуруповерт и коробку с битами есть свои места. Покупкой доволен. Однако, есть и ложка дегтя. Посылка шла 33 дня до Москвы. Очень долго продавец не отправлял заказ. 33 дня это очень-очень долго в сравнении с другими заказами, но всё в рамках обещанных сроков доставки. Трек отслеживался. Шуруповерт настоятельно рекомендую.

    Sep 03,2019

  • Angelo Chianese
    Ottimo prodotto
    Prodotto arrivato nei tempi previsti, ottimo prodotto, design molto semplice ma affascinante. Ho molti avvitatori elettrici ma questo si differenzia in maniera incisiva, data la sua dimensione piccola che lo rende molto versatile e pratico anche negli spazi più piccoli. La pratica ricarica tramite cavetto USB, e il pratico astuccio per le varie punte rendono questo avvitatore un elemento pratico ed utile per qualsiasi ambito.

    Aug 29,2019

  • Howard.George
    I recommend this screwdriver
    This is a nice little powerhouse for its size. Just used on a screw that came loose on a draw rail. Really tight quarters to do the repair in but, the little womder got the job done. Good size, seemed perfect for small hands and the light is a great feature. For my use this product is acceptable. Compact; light; effective torque and very good quality construction... I recommend this screwdriver

    Jul 18,2019

  • Cheryl Julius
    Compact, working like a dream
    So cute! I like this size / and it makes it easy for me to use. Lightweight and suitable for use in a large pocket, enough to drive a screw or drill a small hole. Ideal for small crafts - non-industrial grade. This is a good product. Charging quickly, this unit looks very solid and can do almost anything around the house. This is much easier than a full-scale exercise for a small project.

    Jul 11,2019

  • Cinzia
    Molto ben fatto, leggero, compatto, comodo per i piccoli lavoretti.
    spedizione molto veloce
    lo consiglio

    Apr 10,2020

  • caraf
    Solido e pratico
    Per lavori hobbystici o per un utilizzo domestico è ottimo. Va sola presa un poco la mano per 'dosare' la velocità. Batteria dalla lunga durata. Consiglio vivamente

    Aug 27,2020

  • Strase
    It works really well and I like the design. It arrived on time and it was very well packedI am satisfied with the product , I don't have anything bad to say.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Calixte
    Good and quiet product
    Use it 24 hours later today. Very quiet, good lighting, and screwing in some screws through the wood hole and doing it very well.

    Jul 08,2019

  • GPZ
    Ottimo prodotto
    Ricevuto nei tempi stimati, imballaggio perfetto, già utilizzato con successo per montare un mobiletto.

    Oct 11,2019