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  • Lindsay Jordan
    Exactly what I needed for indoor office use!
    I needed something for my desk at work because my office is never the right temperature and I needed some proof that it's 78F in here. I was hoping to find an analog thermometer but couldn't find one with good reviews for a decent price, so I bought this digital one instead.
    It is such a good value for money though! It seems to be spot on with regard to temperature readings, down to a tenth of a degree Fahrenheit. The moisture readings seem correct too. It's completely quiet. It's easy to read. I cannot recommend this product enough, it's perfect for indoor use!

    Jun 23,2019

  • Myron Gill
    Useful good size easy to read
    I'm using this to measure the humidity of an aircraft engine. In my opinion, it is easy to use, nicely made, and a great value. I compared it with another temp/humidity monitor, and it appears to be very accurate. The electronic ink screen features 180 degrees wide viewing angle, and it’s very clear and easy to read, allows me get the number at a glance. The sensor is from Swiss, which has ultra high precision.
    Through the Mijia APP, the thermometer can linkage with my humidifier from Xiaomi, that’s a big deal.
    It is certainly working perfectly for me.

    May 26,2019

  • Daphne Sherwood
    Great for Nursery!
    I purchased this for our daughters nursery and it’s been an awesome product I use way more than I thought I would.
    As a first time mom, I worried a lot about her room being the right temp/humidity (we live in CO so we get extremes) and it’s has helped me a ton in assessing what to dress her in at night to ensure she isn’t hot/cold.
    It’s small so it fits perfectly on my rocking chair side table, the hidden bracket makes it can be placed on the table stable. Highly recommend for this purpose or if you just have rooms that don’t circulate as well!

    Jul 01,2019

  • idefix
    Great Thermo-Hygrometer
    This Instrument has sharp and clear E-ink display to show temperature, humidity and batterie status. I compared the values with some other intruments (see picture) and it shows exact the same temperature. The humidity differs in the range of 10%, but I think that's ok. As this instrument is battery operated, the display changes slowly to extend battery life. Now after 6 month of usage, the battery indicator shows more than 50% battery life of the used CR2032 lithium cell. I do not use the xiaomi app, maybe this reduces battery life.
    For the money I can recommend the instrument.

    May 25,2020

  • Eugene Nell
    Works as advertised
    This hygrometer measures temperature and humidity, and it's meant for indoor use.
    Note that the hygrometer may take an hour or so to adjust itself to its surrounding conditions, and temperature and humidity readings may be slightly off initially. Also be aware that handling the device also will change the reading temporarily, due to body heat and moisture being in contact and/or proximity.

    Sep 26,2019

  • Arlen Thodore
    Great space conditions monitor
    This little gadget has been a huge helper in monitoring the humidity level and temperature in our master bedroom, letting me know when my dominant area of habitation fluctuates out of the ranges which I have found are optimally beneficial for my health - esp medical/health issues that can greatly affect my quality of life and limit my activity.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Andras Tim
    This product is beautiful! I love it!
    It has fast response for environmental changes, and the e-ink display is awesome.

    However, you should don't forget:
    * This isn't Zigbee compatible, only Bluetooth.
    * This product is Xiaomi ClearGrass, so premium stuff for Chinese region only (you should change the region in Xiaomi app to China)

    Jul 31,2019

  • Sarah Lucia
    Small but useful
    I should have paid attention to the description because when the unit arrived I was surprised (and disappointed) at how small it was in its package. The small size means that it can be placed in the most unobtrusive places. it is easy to read, it fits in unobtrusively and I certainly liked the price.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Queena Dewar
    So far so good.
    Nice looking weather display, setup is quite simple as there is not much to actually setup, instructions are straightforward
    Temperatures readings are exact, I checked mine using an IR gun, taking temp readings of both indoor and outdoor units, temps matched exactly with displayed degrees.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Faithe Raman
    Gorgeous, reliable, and accurate!
    It is absolutely the best indoor/outdoor weather unit I've used. The display is gorgeous and easy to view and understand, and wireless connectivity to the remote sensor is 100% reliable.
    I can't say enough good things about this item. For the price -- or possibly for any price. Highly recommended.

    Sep 25,2019