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Beelink Gemini X45 Premium Mini PC
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Beelink Gemini X45 Premium Mini PC

- Nero Spina EU (6 GB + 128 GB)

Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4105 / Intel UHD Grafica 600 / 6GB DDR4 + 128 GB SSD mSATA / HDD Espandibile + SSD / 2.4G + 5G WiFi / 1000 Mbps / BT4.0 / Piccolo e Portatile
4.92 25 Recensioni dei clienti | Vedi la descrizione in inglese
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Caratteristiche principali
● CPU Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4105, 4 core 4 thread, 64 bit, 14 nm 1.5 GHz - 2.3 GHz, 4 M cache
● GPU Intel HD Graphics 600, 4K 60Hz
● LPDDR4 4 GB RAM + 64 GB 3D eMMC / LPDDR4 6 GB RAM + 128 GB SSD SSD
● Supporto del sistema operativo Windows e Linux
● Wi-Fi dual band a 2,4 GHz + 5 GHz e Ethernet a 1000 Mbps, accesso alla rete rapido e stabile



Marca: Beelink
Tipo di Sciarba: Mini PC
CPU: Intel Gemini Lake J4105
Nucleo: Quad core
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 600
Capacità Estesa Massima: TF carta fino a 64GB (non incluso)

Media Supportati

Decodifica formato: H.263,H.264,HD MPEG4
Formato Foto: GIF,JPEG,JPG,PNG
Supporto 5,1 Surround Suono Porta Uscita: sì

Dettagli di prodotto

WiFi Supporto 5G: sì
WI-FI: 802.11 b / g / n / ac
Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
Alimentazione: Adattatore di Carica
Interfaccia: 3.5mm,DC 12V,HDMI,LAN,Carta di TF,USB3.0
Antenna: sì
Macchina Fotografica: Senza
Lingua: Inglese,Germania,Italiano,Cinese Semplificato,Spagnolo
Supporto DVD: No
Versione HDMI: 2
Altre Funzioni: Altri
comsumption di potere: Standby: inferiore a 0,5 W; Nomal: inferiore a 12W
RJ45 porta Velocità: 1000Mbps

Informazioni Firmware

Bit di Sistema: 64Bit
WiFi Chip: 3165

Requisiti di potenza

Tipo Potenza: Modalità alimentatore esterno

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0.3080 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0.7280 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 11.50 x 10.20 x 4.30 cm / 4.53 x 4.02 x 1.69 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 19.45 x 12.25 x 5.50 cm / 7.66 x 4.82 x 2.17 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Mini PC, 1 x Alimentatore, 2 x Cavo HDMI (20 cm / 80 cm), 1 x Staffa a Muro, 2 x Borsa di Viti, 1 x Manuale Utente Inglese

Beelink Gemini X45 Premium Mini PC- Nero Spina EU (6 GB + 128 GB)

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Recensioni dei clienti

4.92 su 5
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  • Raurfa
    Very useful Mini-PC
    Last October we ordered a Beelink with 6GB RAM to have our home-automation running in a stable surrounding.
    The Mini-PC arrived in time in good condition. The wrapping was absolute okay.
    For our usage it was necessary to run a windows professional version and it was a little difficult to get it on. But finally, it worked, and the system is still running perfectly. The access over the LAN and the remote-control work without any problems. This means no drops on other effects on the gateway.
    Thus, we decided to expand the possibilities the device offers to the user. We insert an additional SSD drive. What a difference. All operations of the smart home implementation are running faster and sometimes you got the feeling they must by flying.
    What’s next? We add more services on the Beelink for our family integration. This mean we also use it as a storage for data everyone in our family want to use. Build our own cloud solution.
    All on a 100% level? Yes, and there is one thing to mention. At the point we try to add the SSD drive we have to overcome the practical aspect of the mini-PC cover. It fits so well into its form that we must fiddle the ground plate out of its position. We spent some time to get it right.
    But in general a really good mini-PC for a smart home solution. Did we pointed out that is a quiet solution? Perfect for a living room implementation
    Up to now we are very satisfied with this mini-PC and think about buying a second one to be able to enlarge the possibilities to have a smooth-running home-automation.

    Feb 05,2019

  • The Eagle
    Beelink Gemini X45 the Cute PC
    After personalizing, it is enjoyable and energy saving.
    The premium choice has good space.
    Adding an extended hard drive, in my case, was in conflict with the wireless internet device. I extended the space through the USB, and the micro SD.

    Thanks to GearBest and the producer of Beelink for this wonderful creativity.

    Aug 19,2018

  • BC
    I just ordered 2 of these Beelink boxes. I installed a 1TB 2.5" western digital hard disk in each. I also hooked each up to 2 HDMI monitors. These easily replace my old huge desktop PC's and draw so much less power, and are super quiet. Really Happy with them!

    Oct 01,2018

  • giannis
    beelink x45
    Very fast mini pc i use it as media server on my tv. Good quality, official windows 10 home, very low sound. The ram runs at 2133 mhz. Windows version is 1803 and does not update to 1809 November. If you add an hdd (not ssd) it becomes very slow and noisy.

    Feb 16,2019

  • James
    Good for the price.
    Works great.

    Windows 10 64 Bit already installed.

    works fine with google chrome and VLC player (which is what I used the mini pc for)


    Nov 04,2018

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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