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  • Russell Ali
    I love the new screen protector for my Iphone, but just make sure to clean the screen really well before applying, The fit is great and works extremely well with my case and I super love that it stays fairly clean from items like oily fingerprints, Overall I am super pleased with this screen protector and would totally recommend it

    Dec 07,2017

  • owlmove
    getting what seem like very good quality screen protectors was really nice, I have used more expensive Screen protectors from ZAGG and Spigen earlier but this product is right up there in quality, But the screen protector so closely matches the screen size that it is pretty hard to align it perfectly

    Aug 03,2018

  • Ivan C
    It was relatively easy to put on and the instructions were straight forward, I am very picky about my screen so I know it wasn't there before today, I'm very happy to have the screen protector there to prevent scratches and chips to my phone screen however it doesn't seem very strong

    Jun 24,2018

  • Sacha Yosef-Yisrael
    They leave that slight milky haze over your screen that's a little like the old plastic `` non-glare'' screen protectors, they'll last long enough until I can get my hands on a better screen protector and the included application plate makes them line up perfectly every time

    Jul 14,2018

  • YRC
    I was skeptical of this screen protector since the X has only been out for less than a month -LRB- or a week, There is no screen protector that will truly make it impossible to know that there is a protector on there -LRB- eg there will always be a lip -RRB-

    Jul 05,2018

  • Terrell Salerno
    Not only is it good tempered glass, it comes with three so when you shatter the first two protectors you can just use the third one that's included, I'm very proud of this protector and will be ordering a new set if I ever need one

    Oct 16,2017

  • Barbara M. Hart
    the price seemed right and I went ahead and made the purchase, I was able to install the protector on my first try and surprisingly no bubbles, The screen has a a fairly thick feel to it and all in all seems to be a good product

    Mar 29,2018

  • Bruce Carta
    I have the dark screen cover of this same brand and it was awesome, This is a very good screen protector, Drop the phone a few times and the screen was good so far, The instructions are good and it's very easy to put on

    Oct 09,2018

  • Kindle Custome
    I appreciate these screen protectors as they are always so durable, The price is great, It's actual tempered glass that chips around edges -LRB- which tells me it's time to put on a new one

    Mar 19,2018

  • t w
    Definitely the best screen protector I have ever purchased, It was so easy to install since it comes with a frame with makes aligning the protector so much easier

    Oct 10,2018