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    Olá a todos a Tela Naxtop de vidro temperado. Nokia 6.1 Plus / X6 – transparente é fantástico, realmente cumprir o que promete no sentido de segurança e proteção da tela do celular, oferece um bom acabamento e sofisticação com qualidade de proteção surpreendente para o dispositivo. Eu recomendo a todos.

    Hello everyone, the Naxtop Tempered Glass Screen. Nokia 6.1 Plus / X6 - Transparent is fantastic, really deliver what promises in the direction of security and screen protection of the mobile phone, offers a good workmanship and sophistication with amazing quality of protection for the device. I recommend it to everyone.

    Jun 07,2019

  • cool guy
    There are so many tempered glass screen protectors out there now, We've come a long way from trying to perfectly align the annoying sticky screen protectors -- the plastic guide that comes with this one makes getting it on straight stupid-proof, The only thing to remember is to make sure you clean the iPhone surface well and make perfectly sure there aren't annoying little dust particles that will make a bubble

    Sep 27,2018

  • Natalia O.
    Upon receiving this full screen protector product I was a bit skeptical, I haven't a single complain other then the usual air bubbles that always form when placing a new screen protector but I don't thing any screen protector gets away from that problem, just having the patience to remove every bubble at a time and you are left with a perfect looking screen almost as if nothing ever happened

    Oct 17,2018

  • Lauren Benttinen
    I like to have peace of mind having the best protector for my iPhone X. So, this Tethys Screen Protector Glass is the best accessory to keep safe the screen of my phone, I like the complete edge to edge coverage and how easy it was to apply, I took my time to read the guide to be able to adhere the glass perfectly because I really hate the little bubbles that you might notice

    Oct 07,2018

  • GottohaveTech
    Great screen protector at a cheap price point, The included installation tool makes it one of the easiest screen protectors to put on, Ive had it for a few weeks now and there are small micro scratches developing at the edges but really hard to appreciate, The idea of the entire front screen protector instead of leaving the cut out for the notch

    Oct 10,2018

  • Preben Bjerregaard
    This is a great screen protector ... I've taken my old one off and put this one on ... what a difference, but the my screen is definitely much more sensitive compared to when I had my old one on, Since I put it on from day one ... I never know that iPhone X touch screen is that sensitive to touch, I am using the Apple leather case ... great fit

    Oct 15,2018

  • Dan Adler
    This screen protector is easier to install than any other ones I've used in the past, like most screen protector, The screen protector seems pretty thick and looks like it would protect the phone pretty well, although the size of the screen protector is good

    Oct 09,2018

  • Celeste Olivares
    Great protection and the touch functionality is so smooth as if there is no layer between the iPhone screen and your finger, My initial application produced a small bubble in the center portion of the screen so I had to undo it, After second application

    Oct 15,2018

  • Maja84
    Excellent product,
    Great product. Shipping was really fast, arrived earlier than expected.
    Glass looks realy strong. It was very easy to install. It looks very high quality, I'm sure it will provide maximum protection for my phone. All recommendations for this product.

    Feb 01,2020

  • Vernon M.
    Amazing packaging - I have experience in buying these screen protectors over the years but your product's packaging stand out in one aspect - each screen protector had a hard sticker film which protect it during the shipping as well

    Oct 13,2018