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  • Roger
    Looks beautiful
    I was worried it wouldn't be very secure on the tip since it just slips on and off. While very easy to install/remove it was plenty firm. It wont handle much rugged use but it wont slip or fall off on accident either. Perfect for area illumination, I've used it as a traffic wand, shop lamp working on projects, lantern, any time you need area illumination, etc.

    Nov 08,2020

  • Frake
    Great for my flashlight
    I use the diffuser on the flashlight. as a photo light in the indoor and outdoor area. The surface makes the light surprisingly soft. This is really a good item that I would like to recommend to you, it will make your flashlight easy to use. The price is inexpensive, so that I can afford it.

    Nov 26,2020

  • Angeline
    Does good job with this product
    This does a great job of diffusing the light. It is much better than the 'cap' type diffuser for standing the flashlight on the end cap and lighting up a room. I really like this light diffuser and its price is also very suitable for me. I would buy another one for back up.

    Oct 13,2020

  • Johnny
    Easy to use
    Better than the lampshade. The lampshade tend to reflect light sideways into the darkness while leaving the area close to and direct beneath it quite dark. OTOH, this diffuser directs the light exactly where I need light.

    Dec 12,2020

  • May 
    All OK
    Very useful when go camping and using it inside the tent. works just fine for me and i really like it. Thanks

    Nov 12,2020

  • Solomon
    Thanks for fast delivery
    I have not tried this out in the real world of camping but at home, I used it a bit. I am happy I bought it.

    Feb 11,2021

  • Kevin
    Happy with this product
    I like this product, and happy to buy it at this price

    Nov 20,2020

  • Paul
    So cool
    The material is strong and diffuses light evenly.

    Dec 11,2020

  • Wesley
    Fast delivery
    The build quality is nice and I received it fast

    Jan 06,2021

  • D C
    The diffuser is exactly what I need
    This diffuser is exactly what I want to buy

    Dec 31,2020