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  • Sergey
    Зарядное устройство Nitecore F1 для Li-Ion
    Крутое устройство! Самая низкая цена. Очень компактное и лёгкое, стильно выглядит. Покупал именно как устройство на каждый день - не занимает места в рюкзаке. Чаще использую в качестве павербанка. Измеряет вольтаж батареи. Качество изделий Nitecore всегда отличное. Могу однозначно рекомендовать для покупки. Плюс быстрая доставка в Украину за 17 дней.

    The cool device! The lowest price. Very compact and light, stylish looks. I bought it as a device for every day - does not take place in a backpack. Increasingly used as powerbank. It measures the battery voltage. Quality products Nitecore always excellent. I can definitely recommend to buy. Plus fast delivery to Ukraine for 17 days.
    В минусы могу отнести разве что отсутствие USB кабеля в комплекте. Но это я уже придираюсь)))

    The disadvantages can be attributed except that no USB cable included. But I'm already finding fault)))

    Jan 09,2017

  • Mr.K
    Charges 18650 batteries with the help of solar panels, Best charger for camping it can charge you mobiles with the help of 18650 batteries gives 5V 1 amp output it has got a power led indicator that shows the charge status while charging your lithium-ion batteries through solar panels .suitable only for lithium-ion batteries,, great little product from nitecore.

    May 22,2018

  • Terence Kew
    Highly function, compact charger and powerbank!
    - Good build quality.
    - Charges both at 500mA and 1000mA depending on battery capacity.
    - Secondary function as powerbank at 1000mA output.
    - With sufficient power input, it can charge the battery and also function as a powerbank and charge another device simultaneously.
    - Nothing at this time.

    Mar 09,2017

  • Yeni
    a compact/portable charger and powerbank
    Small size, easy to carry and store.
    Made from durable and fire proof material.
    Gold plated metal contacts.
    Can be used as powerbank.
    Battery capacity/voltage indicator feature is very helpful.
    Rubber band helps keep the battery safe.
    No USB cable nor instruction manual is included.
    Battery polarity sign directions are barely visible.
    I wish it came with a little pouch.

    Jul 14,2016

  • Phan
    very small and light weight single charger
    The Nitecore f1 is a very light weight single cell charger with two charge currents and power bank function. it's excellent outdoor use! solo power charge. It charge my to 4.18v i'm happy with that, two thumbs up for me.

    Aug 10,2016

  • Ehab Sa.
    the best compact Li-ion charger!
    100% Original, mini, good quality, different batteries sizes, battery protection and you can use it as a power bank!
    Simply Nitecore F1 is the best!
    Thanks Gearbest

    Apr 04,2017

  • Олег
    18650 зарядка
    Зарядка от Nitecore через USB порт порадовала своими габаритами и весом, реально миниатюрная и лёгкая, качество так же на высоте.Может работать как повербанк. Заряжает только литий, но мне в принципе другого не нужно, для других аккумов у меня целая куча зарядок, да и вообще стараюсь уходить от никеля. Покупал для длительных походов в горах что бы использовать совместно с солнечной панелью.

    Jul 02,2017

  • Andrew
    Nitecore F1
    Маленькое удобное зарядное устройство с возможностью использования в качестве USB powerbank. Вход 5В 1А, выход 5В 1А. Заряжал 3000МАч LG 3 часа. КПД не идеален, но маленький размер позволяет брать с собой. Две бандажные резинки позволяют удержать аккумулятор на месте при транспортировке. Если одну поместить между плюсом АКБ и зарядного устройства, можно избавиться от токов утечки.
    выход 1А.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Balazs
    Nitecore F1 charger
    It is a great charger to put in your backpack or pocket. It takes up no space and has almost no weight. The quality is very good, matches the Nitecore standards. The voltage display is a plus for me. Dependable and cool product.
    no cons yet. Maybe a 2A output would be nice.

    Nov 08,2016

  • Zero
    great for charging and as a powerbank
    Powerbank feature
    Low Voltage protection (for cell) when used as a powerbank (2.8V cutoff)
    Voltage indicator
    Capacity indicator
    Operation is very smooth
    Did you see this thing? Clear smoke gray plastic is awesome
    Gold plated contacts
    Li-ion and IMR only
    Micro-USB cable was not included
    Manual is not included (but hey, here it is)

    Jul 07,2016