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  • Fir
    Best headlamp at Affordable Price
    This is by far the best headlamp i had. I was finding a headlamp with built-in batt, red-light. There are many options by great brands out there but at this price point not many can have similar features. Nitecore not only shines on its performance and price but also their customer service and guarantee. I\'ve contacted Nitecore via email and they will accept after our Gearbest warranty is up.

    Main body built is sturdy. Definitely doesnt feel cheap. I bet it can handle some drops but i would take care of my lamp for sure.
    It is not heavy. If you think this is heavy, do some neck exercises please. thanks lol

    It has many modes which i love.
    Red light used during night near camp site when i wanna pee, or within my tent.
    Main LED has 4 modes which worked awesome.
    High CRI LED is what i used often for night trek/hike. It gives better flood and colour/depth to my immediate path.

    Special functions can be useful when needed. SOS and beacon function(very bright!)

    I would definitely recommend anyone to buy this. I would buy this again.

    Shipping is fast too. Shipping info did not fully update but my item have arrived. Suprise lol
    No cons actually. But for suggestion, i love to have a bigger battery capacity and zoomable lens.

    May 16,2017

  • Riccardo
    Very good headlamp
    I was looking for a not too expensive headlamp, powerful and with rechargeable built-in battery.

    I choose the NU30 because is quite light and provides different type of illumination (and, sure, it's rechargeable):

    spot (4 different intensities, the last one is the turbo mode, 400 lm)
    red (normal and flashing)
    CRI proximity led for a high colour rendering.

    In addition it provides a flashing SOS and beacon mode.

    The lamp appears quite solid and well built.
    No cons at the moment.

    Sep 28,2017

  • Peter B****
    Quality, quality and even quality
    You can not get involved. You get nitecore of excellent quality if you choose her. The main beam is strong enough and far out. Use high CRI LEDs near. You get a lot of scattered light, no hotspot. If you wake up you blink red in your head, you notice it remotely. If you go nature at night eg. To be see wild animals, their red continuous light is excellent and enough brightness. Good choice, excellent quality!

    Apr 26,2017

  • RKR
    The red lights that it has for night vision only have a blinking mode, I really wanted a steady red light, now I will be purchasing a different headlamp in which the red lights stay on without blinking, or some other way to fasten it down, i've seen other headlamps come with clips for attaching it to a helmet, the next one I buy will have clips AND a steady red light, then this headlamp is great in all other aspects

    Mar 22,2018

  • Heddaville
    I liked to have three different settings for brightness, and they weren't that much different but it was nice ... The flashing red light I don't really get the point of, but it was also good to have in the night when you didn't want to really wake anyone up !! although the flashing of the red light might do that anyway, very convenient !! headband was comfortable

    Jun 15,2018

  • Kurstein
    NITECORE NU30 LED Headlamp
    świetna jakość i wykononanie. 3 poziomy świecenia oraz krótki tryb turbo. Dodatkowo diody czerwone. Jest tryb pokazywania ile zostało baterii. Wbudowany akumulator ładowany przez micro usb. Możliwość zmiany kąta świecenia. Naprawdę solidny produkt.

    Oct 03,2018

  • Mikey R
    I found it to be of great use when walking my dogs before the sunrise or now in the evening as the sun is setting earlier, the lamp settings are incredibly bright in my opinion, but I have to actually put it on one of the lower setting in order to not blind any Neighbors I come across while out walking

    Jul 14,2017

  • dmiami123
    It features three different light modes, a lessened white light, a fully bright white light, and a blinking red mode, it's hard to get a light into the smaller crevices of my computer towers, but when the light moves along with my head it is super easy to direct it towards where I want to see

    Oct 22,2018

  • Monica S.
    The LED lights are plenty bright enough for using outside at night or for projects around the house, it's priced cheap enough I'm not worried about taking it camping or hiking and leaving it behind or having it break, so far it's handled a good bit of use being thrown in and out of bags

    Jun 27,2017

  • Guinness
    Do what it is supposed to
    NU32 - Best head lamp ever had, battery is fast charged with a normal phone charger.
    Connector is well protected from the ambient condition like moisture.

    Perfect also customer GB service when the NU30 was discontinued and they offered the new one NU32

    Jan 09,2019