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  • Lucy
    Highly recommend
    I used mine to get to the car in a dark parking lot and attached to my car key, the light is immediately available. They add no additional noticeable weight to my key ring and have already used it several times! It provides a small but sufficient amount of light. Also, it arrived on time! Overall, it's a great product! Just a little expensive.

    Sep 15,2020

  • Katrina
    Better than I thought
    I love these mini flashlights, they are great! Their light is not super bright but the light is bright enough. If you need more light you will probably need a bigger flashlight. They are very easy to use. These flashlights are lightweight, small enough to fit anywhere and the price is right. There are 5 brightness levels to choose.

    Nov 24,2020

  • JM
    We take our dogs for walks after dark in the summer. I purchased these so we could see what we were doing whilst picking up after the pups. They work fantastically! 5 Brightness Levels Available! The light is bright enough for daily use. You could even see the battery, brightness level, and remained runtime on the OLED display.

    Dec 02,2020

  • Kiscate
    Glad I bought this
    I was looking for a new keychain light and found this by accident.
    Wow! Glad I bought this.
    Its size is just right to let you know that it's on the key chain, but it's not too big or bulky. Super bright! This kind of light is very suitable for walking dogs, camping, or when you need it, it is just a beautiful light.

    Dec 16,2020

  • Todd
    last for many years
    This is a very small flashlight, very bright. This means (for me) it can last for many years. Put them in a medical bag, in a bag, in a fashionable Altoids survival bag! Considering that they are small, they have a fair amount of light, The battery can last a long time

    Nov 27,2020

  • Razer
    not disappoint you
    I bought this to use when taking my dog out at night. We live in rural areas with many wild animals. I like it, I can use it in high-altitude inspection areas, it is easy to operate. The lights are very useful. It will certainly not disappoint you.

    Dec 08,2020

  • Nana
    Worked great for me
    The light is bright, and many of my coworkers have commented on how bright it is compared to their badge flashlights.

    Sep 29,2020

  • Bryttany
    5 thumbs up
    They put out a good amount of light to find a key hole or to walk from your car to the house.

    Dec 11,2020

  • Ruby
    Recommend it to you
    I bought two keychain flashlights for my children to protect themselves.

    Dec 04,2020

  • Savanna
    Very good buy
    They are small and lightweight. The battery life is great, too.

    Oct 15,2020