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  • Jim
    great for outdoor use
    Its flashlight is very bright and can be put in a backpack, glove box or pocket. Suitable for hiking, running, bedside, automatic emergency, etc. I think teenage girls and women should put them in their wallets or on their bodies when getting on and off in the store parking lot. It is just a good discovery and deterrent, revealing and gaining attention. These lights are bright and travel enough distances to use in parking lots.

    Oct 20,2020

  • cody98
    bright and great
    This flashlight is very bright and great, that's enough. They are very good aluminum structure and have a good feel and do not feel slippery when you hold them. In terms of price, this is a good deal, and I found it to be a surprise, much better than the ordinary flashlight I expected. So if you are looking for a cost-effective flashlight, I strongly recommend you to buy this, you will not regret it

    Oct 27,2020

  • Amy
    When I need to fix things at home, there is always not enough light. I bought this and the problem was solved.

    Oct 31,2020

  • NY
    I am impressed with the quality and definitely recommend this.

    Oct 23,2020

  • Turner
    very sturdy
    very sturdy, You can drop it and not much damage will happen unless you're very unlucky.

    Oct 08,2020

  • Peter
    good for the price
    I’ve had the flashlight for a few days and I like it for the price.

    Nov 02,2020

  • Ringham
    good value
    This flashlight was excellent and a very good value.

    Oct 12,2020

  • 12FOA
    real deal on this flashlights, nice

    Oct 07,2020

  • Cetals
    fast delivery
    fast delivery and well packaged

    Oct 19,2020