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  • Paul
    Obins Anne Pro
    Это уже вторая клавиатура Anne Pro которую я заказал. И взял бы еще одну. Качество over9000. Удобная, компактная, красивая. Брал на синих и теперь на красных свичах. Настраивается абсолютно все, как угодно переназначайте клавиши, любой цвет подсветки на любую кнопку. Абсолютно нет дискомфорта от отсутствия стрелок, делита и пр функциональных клавишь. Так как они просто назначаются например на кнопку "/". А стрелки можно поставить на нижние правые 4 клавиши. Вообщем как угодно и удобнее под себя настроить. Хорошее андроид приложение, сохраняет настройки вне зависимости от самой клавиатуры. На синих переключателях очень удобно набирать текст. Ощущение клаца, срабатывания, не сравнить ни с чем. Но на красных на много лучше играть. Синие все таки тяжелаваты, да и щелканье отвлекает.
    Громкие стабилизаторы. Надо смазывать силиконовой смазкой. Отсутствую оринги. докупил отдельно. Но это все так, придирки.

    Nov 21,2017

  • Angus
    A great keyboard for people with small desks
    Has a great weight to it, ordered brown switches and they feel identical to real cherries, if not a little bit smoother. Lighting looks excellent. The app is very easy to use and worked without a hitch. Uses standard poker/GH60 layout so if you need the legends, keycaps designed for those will work perfectly. PBT doubleshot keycaps feel nice. This is definitely a great option if you have limited desk space. Shipping was very fast with DHL, had it not been for the weekend it would have only taken a couple of days.
    If yours arrived and the wasd and ijkl keys are behaving like arrow keys (like mine did) don't panic, just press both alt keys at once or the reset button on the back. The whites are kind of blue ish but that's to be expected of RGB leds. Would have liked an included manual, however it was easy enough to find online.

    Sep 25,2017

  • Rodrigo
    Anne Pro Blue Switch
    Teclado extremamente compacto 60%, configuração simples e conexão com bluetooth em até 4 dispositivos. Acompanha adaptador bluetooth 3.0 e cabo removível USB to Micro USB com tamanho considerável. Tempo de resposta do teclado em modo wireless quase imperceptível, diferença mínima de quanto está conectado via cabo. Acompanha pinça de remoção das teclas. Teclado bem acabado, teclas bem iluminadas e configuração RGB customizável através do aplicativo de celular.
    Teclado apresenta alguns delays quando conectado via bluetooth. A configuração inicial do bluetooth em alguns dispositivos é um pouco lenta e o adaptador que acompanha pode não funcionar corretamente no Windows 10. Nada que uma pesquisada rápida no google não resolva. Pra quem está acostumado com padrão ABNT, o padrão ANSI pode ser um pouco complicado. Nada que algumas horas digitando para se habituar. Tempo de carga da bateria com LEDs sempre acesos não dura 1 dia (modo wireless).

    Jan 08,2018

  • Gabriel Andrade - Negócios da China!
    Very decent keyboard!
    - The option between bluetooth(wireless) mode and the wired mode.- LED mode vast options, I can choose between various types of led display or no leds at all- 60% size is great for people with lack of space- Plug and use- Gateron Switches Brown are pretty silent and high quality
    - The bluetooth mode is not an option if you're playing games, the delay is very considerable so you have to use it wired for games.- There isn't an on/off switch, so the keyboard is always on, what you can do is only turn off the LED- If the keyboard is always on, it means that the battery is always charging and discharging, what means that the battery life will be consumed way faster than it should be if there was an on/off switch.- Sometimes you miss the F1-F12 and the up/down/left/right buttoms, specially in some games.

    Jun 28,2018

  • Octavio Diaz
    Great Value little keyboard
    - Nice size - Good double shot PBT keycaps - RGB lighting - Bluetooth connectivity - Gateron switches. - Sufficient programmability via an android app, and via unofficial windows app.
    1. You need to be patient in several configurations and need to be kind of "looking for solutions guy" 2. It appears that the cable is not that easy to replace.

    Feb 23,2018

  • Arekkusu
    Anne Pro Mechanical Keyboard
    This is an excellent keyboard, the typing experience is really good. The brown switches aren't too noisy and the bluetooth works well enough. Overall is a great keyboard, great looking, portable and comfortable to type on.
    This keyboard is not on the cheaper side, so expect to pay a premium for the Gateron switches. And it's also a 60% layout, meaning you will have to get used to it rather than the other way around.

    Jan 31,2018

  • GustavoSG
    Really worth the money
    This keyboard has really good switches and is well build. There are some problems with the Bluetooth connectivity and the Obins app, but overall the product worth more than it is being charged. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good mechanical keyboard on a budget.

    Nov 13,2018

  • Nathan
    Anne Pro - Blue Switch
    Amazingly lit RGB lighting Very responsive key's Brilliant build quality Plug and play, no drivers required Best 60% mechanical keyboard for under 100 euro!
    None as of yet

    Jan 16,2018

  • Daniele D\'Angelo
    very good
    It's a must for who want to begin with a mechanical keyboardGreat community on redditVery low price when is on sale

    Sep 07,2017

  • Diogo Lopes
    Awesome Keyboard
    Arrived fast, and the quality of the keyboard is really good, I have it for one year and still works like the first day. Really recommend for anyone that is thinking on buying one.

    Dec 29,2018