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  • Przemek
    Good toothbrush
    This is my first sonic toothbrush. Until now I've used manual or mechanical toothbrushes (a pro series of a well-known brand). After a few days of use, I can say that the Oclean sonic toothbrush gives a much greater feeling of well cleaned, almost polished teeth. Especially in hard-to-reach places. I have an impression that the whitening mode really works. The performance is great, in my opinion better than in the more expensive sonic toothbrush of a well-known brand used by my fiancée. The Oclean app is good and motivates to improve the quality of tooth brushing. It is useful for checking brushing time, pressure and coverage (although sometimes gyroscopes give slightly incorrect readings; hopefully will be improved with firmware updates). The daily battery consumption is about 3%, which should be sufficient for a month of use. So far, I am satisfied with the purchase. I can recommend this toothbrush.Delivery with the "Priority Line" option took about 14-15 days to Poland.

    Nov 24,2019

  • Jack S Beck
    great first electric toothbrush
    This is my first electric toothbrush so I can't compare it to other electric toothbrushes however i do feel satisfied with my purchase. I love this toothbrush. My teeth feel much cleaner compared to using a regular toothbrush. It gets the job done and the app customizes to your cleaning needs. I especially like that you can set different plans for the care of your teeth. I haven't had it that long so I can't speak on the battery life. As of right now though I believe it was good value for the money.

    Oct 24,2019

  • Piotr De
    Great deal for money
    The Oclean toothbrush took all of my heart with the easy way of cleaning and long time no chargimg feature. Well, the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush hosts an impressive pack of advanced features. But at the same time, it also follows an affordable price range to be available even for people with a lower budget. Oclean Z1 gets my true recommendation. Thank's GearBest for the best price.

    Jan 09,2020

  • Kallianas
    This Electric Toothbrush is awesome and beautiful :)Along with the mobile app can be configured to clean and keep healthy you teeth and mouth really easy!Has a lot of cleaning modes and keeps track of what areas you cleaned and comes up with suggestions!! Is very quiet and is changing really fast!Thanks for the free and really beautiful case.. kinda hard to get it open but when you figure out how to open it is OK.

    Jan 20,2020

  • Dominik Zadlo
    great toothbrush
    I ordered this brush after reading many favorable reviews. in favor of fast shipping from the Czech Republic to Poland. the brush was with me 2 days after ordering. works great. that they are definitely better washed than traditional ones. feel the difference. I have ordered more for friends now.A lot of cleaning modes are a big plus

    Feb 12,2020

  • Christa L.
    Great toothbrush
    This is a great brush esy to use and very effective. My doctor suggested me switch to this kind of brush. This Oclean z1 indeed solved my problems. It is intuitive and easy to use, just charging it overnight for the use of 30 days. It does a great job of cleaning. The pastic cover and box aer very elegant and stylish. The APP has useful statistics for me to know how well I brush my teeth. It would be a good gift for my family and friends.

    Oct 23,2019

  • Tom Kouchoukos
    Very strong cleaning
    This electric toothbrush can adjust the intensity, the bristles are very comfortable and soft, more effective than traditional toothbrushes. Super strong cleanness.The packaging is also very good, beautiful color and simple design, I can operate it very quickly, the noise is quite low.I'd like to buy a new one.

    Nov 11,2019

  • Kestis
    Very good product
    It is original Oclean Z1 toothbrush. Really recomend. the price is very good compared with others electric toothbrushes. Z1 I like more then mine Oclean Air because Z1 has power control button. This is a very good purchase.

    Jan 22,2020

  • Viktor Perhac
    As good as possible
    We have Oclean X at home and my wife did not want same colour as mine so only choice was Z1 which is basicaly same product without display. It comes in nice Pink colour and works as good as Oclean X. For 31 eur its crazy how good it is, hight quality and good looking. My advice is to buy magnetic holder same as X has. Its very useful and handy.

    Feb 05,2020

  • Labowitz
    Powerful APP
    One of my favorite features of this toothbrush is its powerful APP feature. I didn't pay special attention to brushing my teeth before, but now I can make my own brushing method according to the tips of the APP, with adjustable intensity, 3 cleaning modes and blind spot reminder. In a word, this toothbrush is very suitable for me. 5 star for recommand

    Nov 07,2019