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  • Serg
    Original HUAWEI Honor Selfie Stick
    1. Evaluation of the fine quality, functionality.
    2. I liked: the quality of materials, the length of the tripod, the tactility of the plastic.
         I did not like it: the phone holder is unreliable.
    3. Advantage can be called the presence of a remote control (button) control.
         The disadvantage is an unreliable phone holder.
    4. I recommend to purchase to all who love functional things.

    1. Оценка отлично за качество, функциональность.
    2. Понравилось: качество материалов, длина штатива, тактильность пластика.
    Не понравилось: держатель телефона ненадежный.
    3. Преумуществом можно назвать наличие дистанционного пульта (кнопки) управления.
    Недостатком ненадежный держатель телефона.
    4. Рекомендую к покупке всем кто любит функциональные вещи.

    Oct 23,2018

  • Francisco Ferreira
    Good quality and versatile
    I decided to make this purchase at Gearbest, where I usually buy all kinds of gadgets and the most varied utensils and accessories. Easy enough fast and reliable. In this case the main reason was for being a selfie stick tripod. Useful for selfies but mainly for having the particularity of the tripod, which allows you to fix the phone and shoot without the usual shake using the Bluetooth command that can be separated from the body. Robust enough for a normal smartphone. The selfie Stick can be extensible enough. This is not the case with some other competitors. I've used it a few times but I'm satisfied with the result. For the price I consider it a good choice.

    Dec 10,2018

  • J Tanaka
    Excelent selfie stick
    -Excelent build quality;
    -No looseness between the parts, which provides toughness to the product;
    -Phone bracket with 360º rotation, back and forth inclination and portrait/landscape modes;
    -Easy bluetooth pairing with the phone, although one has to guess how to make the control visible to the phone (instructions are in Chinese only);
    -No delays on the shutter button of the control;
    -About 65 cm long;
    -Tripod mode make this selfie stick very useful for many situations;
    -Detacheble shutter control with a special magnetic housing to place it.
    -User guide and box only in Chinese; one will have to guess how to pair the bluetooth control with the phone.

    Apr 25,2018

  • PeZKeR
    Comfortable, solid selfie stick
    1.I choose this rating, because i'm very satisfied of this product quality, design, and sizes.
    2.I like in this stick, that it is solidly made, it holds well in my hand, it can be rotated. Pilot is also very useful, which we get in the set. The tripod function is great, everyone who buys it will be convinced about it when using it for the first time.
    3.Other sticks are less well made, they are not solid. They also do not have such a great pilot and tripod function. Quality first class
    4. Yes, I recommend this stick to friends, amateur photographers and family
    This selfie-stick is a great tool for amateur photographers. It's useful for taking all kinds of photos, from taking selfie to landscapes. It's solidly made and you can put it wherever you like.

    May 07,2018

  • Dima
    Первая моя покупка бренда Huawei,в целом доволен. Инструкция на китайском,в комплекте есть батарейка panasonic.Вытащил пленку ,подключилось сразу.Тренога держит,материалы селфи палки понравились,софтач на черном цвете видны отпечатки,но он только возле кнопки,которая держится на магнитах .360 градусов есть.Не понравилось нет шнурка,батарейку тяжело доставать.Крепление хоть и прорезиненное под скос,чтоб смартфон не скользил,но нет такой явной ступеньки на конце.

    Dec 04,2018

  • Jael
    Loved ❤️
    I was afraid that they never received my order it was my first time but I liked what I ordered it takes more than 30 days “covid19 “but I like it and I use it for everything xd take photos, videos, watch videos excellent product

    tenia miedo que nunca recibiera mi orden era mi primera vez pero me gusta lo que ordene por lo del covid tardo más de 30 días
    Pero el producto es muy bueno me encanta lo uso mucho .

    Jun 19,2020

  • jvgm
    Huawei Honor Tripod Selfie Stick
    É um produto excelente!
    O tripé ajuda em muitas situações.
    O pareamento com o bluetooth é muito fácil.
    O controle removível é uma mão na roda para selfies e fotos à distância com a ajuda do tripé.
    A bateria (que é daquelas e relógio) dura uma eternidade por conta do sistema de gerenciamento.
    Um ponto negativo é que, dependendo do peso do celular, há um deslizamento que não permite o produto ficar em sua extensão máxima.

    Nov 22,2018

  • Фанат Китая
    Original HUAWEI Honor Selfie Stick
    The product is of very good quality and feels original. Positive points 1. It rotates 360 degree, the legs are magnetic with rubber grip so it can stand very well. 2. Bluetooth remote is very responsive. 3. Has a proper grip to hold the stick in hand. Negative point 1. The manual for the selfie stick is in chines so would recommend the seller to have multiple language Overall very good product received in 2 weeks time and would recommend others for this product and you wont be disappointed with it.

    Mar 19,2019

  • Andrey
    great product.
    all suits.
    suitable for diagonal of 5.5'
    primarily used as a tripod.
    pleasant to the touch materials.
    in rotary mechanisms used stops through an angle of 90o.
    compact and lightweight when assembled.
    remote control on the battery, usb charging is not provided, but the problems with this has not yet felt. ((No daily use.)
    delivery is fast. packing with protection
    critical cons not found.
    the lack of availability of batteries instead of usb charging

    Jun 11,2018

  • First Clas Selfie
    Best Ever Selfie Stick
    I have previous two other sticks. This is far the best i have tested. Build qualirt, excellent finish, Bluetooth functionality, can hold cellphone in landscape also.Also remote with a button battery that seems to holds for 1-2 years , but can easily find and buy a new one.Much satisfied ,Recommended !

    Feb 22,2018