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Toccare Schermo Rosso LED Watch con Rettangolo Dial e Silicio Banda
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Toccare Schermo Rosso LED Watch con Rettangolo Dial e Silicio Banda

- Arancione WS0049211

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Persone: Tavolo Femminile
Stile di Orologio: GUIDATO


Forma del Quadrante: Rettangolo
Tipo di Movimento: Vigilanza Digitale
Tipo di Display: Digitale


Banda Materiale: Gomma
Tipo di Chiusura: Curvatura


Caratteristiche Speciali: Leggero

Peso e Dimensioni

Lo Spessore della Manopola: 0,4 cm
Il diametro del quadrante: 4 cm
Peso di Prodotto: 0,0300 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,0800 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 25.60 x 4.00 x 0.40 cm / 10.08 x 1.57 x 0.16 inches
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 23,00 x 4,00 x 1,00 cm / 9,06 x 1,57 x 0,39 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Watch

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  • roger D.
    Great Party Favor (retro-look)
    Fun party favor! Reminds one of, "Back In The Day," the last half of the 1970's and the start of the 1980's, when, "Pulsar", Time Computer Inc. introduced the first LED digital watch for sale to U.S. Consumers. The basic model came in Stainless Steel, oval case, with a oval Red Sapphire Crystal face, stainless steel band, and a magnet installed in the clasp that had to be used to set the time, date, AM/PM. Price $ 395.00 US$, to over $ 10,000.00 if you wanted one in solid 14K Gold! For that money back then you got the same features for time keeping as this watch, Hours, Minutes, Month, Day, Seconds depending on how you manipulated the two buttons at the top and bottom of the red, "Time Screen." This watch is a look back in time, at what was to be the future of time, worn on the wrist while driving around town in your new Bricklin SV1, or Corvette.
    When the battery dies, please recycle the whole timepiece, as to replace the battery will be more hassle and expense than what you paid for the watch to start with.

    Jul 16,2015

  • Gouach
    [SiteTitle]: A message from [SenderFirstName] [SenderLastName] ([SenderID])!
    Rectangle dial design makes the watch unique the red LED displays hours
    Silicon band for comfortable wearing Plastic back cover
    LED display to keep precise time Battery included in the watch
    It an innovatively designed watch with touch-screen LED face. Truelly LED watch is more prastical than the traditional watch for you can easily get the time with its light. Beseides, its construction is quite simple, easy to read the time. The rubber material is soft and the blue color prevent it from getting stained that easily. Yet for me, the strap is a little short. It would be much better if it's longer.
    Pretty cheap, a good fake. It's fairly easy to use, and both the time and date are visible without having to push buttons, which is what I wanted. It came well packaged with a bubble wrap wrapped.

    There is no instruction manual comeing with it to show how to set it up, so I have to explore its function all by my self.

    Other Thoughts or Suggestions:
    It's a cheap watch, and it's the real deal. Get it! It's very cheap.

    Dec 16,2015

  • Karim Moudine
    My review
    I received a beautiful commodity from the famous Gear Beast website
    The most important advantages
    Lightness size, portability and installation, design simplicity, and affordability for all users
    Good commodity and comes well protected
    And fast shipping
    There is no cons

    Oct 09,2016

  • Igor
    Дешево и сердито
    Довольно милые часы за свои деньги. Если бы горели постоянно, а не приходилось нажимать на кнопку - было бы совсем супер. Брал по акции - не жалею.
    Как пользоваться:
    нажимаем на кнопку и держим пока не замигает
    нажимаем на кнопку пока не появиться значение и потом держим для следующей настройки. Сначала выставляется часы -минуты -год-дата-месяц.
    Немного неровно показывает цифры
    Пластик конечно не оч.
    Настраивать сложно и нет переключения на 24 часовой формат

    Jul 21,2014

  • Andrejus
    Так себе часики
    Дешевенькие часики, заказывал сынуле, ну очень уж ему захотелось.
    Забавная игрушка, не более.
    Основные функции часов выполняют, что ещё хотеть за такие деньги.
    Дёшево и работают, и выбросить не жаль будет, когда сломаются. :)
    Сын доволен - это главное... )))
    Дешёвенький жёсткий пластик.
    Для показа времени, нужно приложить усилие да ешё и в определённом месте.
    Ввод, корректировка времени, даты достаточно проблематичны.

    Jan 09,2016

  • Arsen
    LED watch
    When I bought this item I didn't think it would hold up because of the cost. I have been wearing this watch for several months since I got it and have gotten so many comments on it, they say it looks expensive, I told then I only paid pennies for it but you know they didn't believe it. It has a nice modern look and fits nice on any size wrist. I love it...
    Looks great.

    Aug 11,2014

  • khalaf shakhatreh
    nice and good watch
    - nice concept
    - well protected
    - you can read the time at night
    - good price
    جميل الشكل و الملمس جيده السعر انصح بشرائها حيث انها سريعه شحن و سهله الاستعمل
    تم شحنها للاردن في حال استفسار اخوتنا العرب و استغرق شحنها ثلاثه اسابيع
    no any thing
    لا يوجد شيء

    Mar 20,2015

  • Oleksii
    Touch Screen Red LED Watch with Rectangle Dial and Silicon Band
    Силиконовый, спортивный браслет с сенсорным экраном и красным, светодиодным отображателем...Очень удобны для утренней пробежки... Порой даже забываешь что они на руке... Рекомендую!!!
    Минусов не нашёл....

    Oct 12,2015

  • Daniel
    Recibí el producto exactamente como lo ví en internet
    Pude recibir correctamente y muy bien empaquetado el producto que pedí en Gearbest.com el producto era un reloj, touch y funciona correctamente, ademas me encanto, poder comprar a un precio tan bajo y que incluso el despacho sea gratis a todo el mundo , es increíble, de verdad, seguiré comprando en esta página.
    no encuentro ninguna hoja de indicaciones sobre como utilizar el producto.

    May 27,2015

  • Andy
    Only 4 stars on build quality mainly because the screen feels a bit 'clicky' (what do you really expect from a watch that costs £1.39?) and the strap is too short.
    Except for a minor niggle, everything works as it should and, despite coming with no instructions, was very easy to set the time/ date.

    Feb 14,2015

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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