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  • chris wardzella
    beautiful and gorgeous
    Products received in advance. This watch is very beautiful and gorgeous. I don't think there is anything more elegant and practical than this smartwatch. its biggest bright spot is that it can make phone calls and charge wirelessly, which is very convenient and has good battery life. For me, enabling WiFi and Bluetooth lasts for more than 24 hours, but I only use it to check the time and read notifications. If you continue to use it to navigate, play, etc., it will last for an hour and a half, very satisfied!

    Feb 26,2020

  • Doron. Herz
    Looks amazing and works well
    For me, this is a very satisfying product with many features, not only to make phone calls, but also to support a variety of action modes and Google Voice Assistant. More importantly, it is equipped with a wireless charger.
    This watch is very fashionable. I like this leather + PU belt very much, and the watch strap is interchangeable. I like the way it is worn on my wrist. It is neither too big nor too thick.

    All in all, this is a product that makes me very satisfied.

    Feb 28,2020

  • Archil. Turma
    Best looking Wear
    This watch supports a custom dial and comes with a black strap for a variety of occasions. In addition, it is equipped with a portable wireless charger so that I can use it for a longer time. Of course, this is a beautiful and fashionable watch. The strap is very soft and comfortable, a little light and no heavier than an ordinary watch.

    Feb 27,2020

  • Kendrick
    good watch, no complaints
    one of the best Android smart watch phone I have bought so far, OS runs smooth. I particularly like the location of the front facing camera, it does not stand out. I'm not a fan of rubber & leather bands so I changed it out with a metal one with no problem. audio on phone calls and playing music it's very clear. I would definitely recommended to friends and family.

    Apr 10,2020

  • Johnny Dehnfeld
    great value for money
    Great watch, great value for money, meets all my expectations, high-definition full round screen, support for Google Voice Assistant and 9 motion modes, can control Bluetooth music, DIY watch surface and adjust brightness, my favorite is attached portable wireless charger.

    Feb 26,2020

  • Deuri Florian
    Very good quality at a good price, it offers you many applications, it moves smoothly, it is fast and it has a large storage, very good smart watch

    May 11,2020

  • Yvette
    stylish WATCH
    Using it for weeks. My husband really likes it. It looks very athletic. He likes it to track the calories he burns at the gym and the number of steps he works throughout the day, and he likes it to connect to his phone so he can read text messages and emails on his watch.

    Feb 24,2020

  • Werner
    Eine wirklich tolle Uhr!!
    Der Kontakt mit dem Händler war sehr freundlich und kompetent. Die Uhr ist einfach fantastisch. Alles genau so wie beschrieben!!! Aber ACHTUNG bei DHL Luftfracht Lieferung nach Österreich. Hier fallen im Gegensatz zum Schiffstransport Zoll.- Steuer.- und Bearbeitungsgebühren an. Deshalb lieber etwas länger warten und Geld sparen. In meinem Fall waren es stolze € 48,60!!!!

    Jun 11,2020

  • Kathleen
    Perfect watch
    Perfect watch, it’s looks elegant, watch seems heavy one, perfect gift for my boyfriend in his birthday, it has got extra stripes also, I absolutely loved it,I highly recommend it

    Feb 25,2020

  • Underwood
    nicer than I thought
    It's better and more durable than I thought. This product comes with everything you need to use, and even more.

    Feb 23,2020