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  • Vadim
    Необычное решение проблемы полировки пола. Для мужчин маловаты, для женщин и детей подойдут.
    Пыль собирают хорошо, Если использовать с водой и мылом, то их нужно одевать на калоши или бахилы, чтобы не промочить ноги. Для кошачьих лам большеваты. В квартире стало меньше пыли, но теперь везде валяются маленькие синенькие двухсантиметровые висюльки. Покупкой доволен.
    An unusual solution to the problem of polishing the floor. For men are too small, for women and children fit. Dust is collected well, If used with water and soap, they should be worn on galoshes or shoe covers, so as not to soak your feet. For cat llamas are more. The apartment had less dust, but now there are small, dirty two-centimeter pendants everywhere. I am satisfied with the purchase.

    Oct 15,2017

  • JohnP
    Perfect cleaning shoes
    - cheap but well made mopping shoes perfect for spending time together with your children by mopping everything..:)
    - extra quick delivery in nearly one week
    - recommended to buy
    - dry it carrefuly after the usage

    May 18,2016

  • Billar
    Cleaning Shoes
    Unusual, soft slippers for cleaning. Excellent wipe the dust and absorb moisture. Without foreign smell. On a small foot, At my 47 size will not settle. You can take.

    Apr 26,2018

  • John
    Perfect mop shoes
    - very very cheap but still well made
    - it is funny to see my kids mopping everything..:)
    - extra quick delivery
    - recommended to buy
    - it is getting stinky, you should dry it after the using...

    May 18,2016

  • Daniele
    This product is really fantastic, is very powerful, i feel a lot of satisfaction using it, there are some features to adjust it as everyone like, top! I like also material and look, very nice mod, i strongly recommended it.
    I recommend it to expert people and also to neophyte, it's very simple to use and fullfilling, great product indeed, and it comes home for few dollars, i really appreciate that, value for money.

    Nov 24,2017

  • michael
    these are great
    i bought these as a gag gift for my wife but they do work pretty well. and for the price you can not go wrong. i have ordered 4 more for the holidays for friends who saw me post them on facebook. great gift for someone or a great stocking stuffer.
    my wife did not find it funny i bought them for her

    Dec 01,2015

  • eXo
    Chenille Mopping Slippers Quick Home Pair Floor Polishing
    This product is really fantastic, is very powerful.
    it cleans. it fits in many shoes. It makes cleaning more fun.
    Very useful product, good quality for low price
    Very good product. I would recommend

    May 21,2018

  • Roter
    Very good!
    it cleans. it fits in many shoes. It makes cleaning more fun,... if it was any fun to begin with.

    Oct 02,2017

  • Mehdi
    i really like it, it's easy to use, and usefull, i've took it for my mom, and she really like it, but she tell, that it a nad quality

    Aug 04,2016

  • Vince
    Mopping Slippers Quick Home
    Strongly made
    It a usefull product
    i hope the wife will like it!
    and it will last long
    none! wish it could be a lil bit higher with a cord to tight it.
    But dreaming. LOL

    Aug 12,2016