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  • Lolulele
    Populele Review: Learn to Play the Ukulele in 15 Minutes
    Considered “the world’s first smart ukulele.” the Populele was not something i knew about “smart ukulele”.

    Once the box arrived, I was impressed with the presentation. It comes with a nice sturdy box which held the ukulele and all accessories : canvas case, extra strings, picks, capo, and a USB cable.

    Note that after a successful run on Indiegogo earlier, PopuBand Music's smart ukulele is now on general sale. Combining app-based smarts with follow-me LED lighting, the company is promising students of the uke that they'll be strumming their first song within 15 minutes.

    The ukulele felt solid and well put together. The Populele is a concert size ukulele and really feels great. Note that the fretboard is made of black plastic, as it is what makes this a smart ukulele since the fretboard lights up the LEDs.

    What makes the Populele a smart ukulele is the USB Bluetooth device located on the side of the instrument. The USB is used to charge the ukulele and the Bluetooth is used to connect with the Populele App, from an Android or iOS device.

    Populele easily pairs with any smartphone via its Android or iOS app, then it will go through a simple tuning process.

    The gamified experience really makes sure you can progress little by little and can play your first notes within 15 minutes.

    It works !

    Oct 08,2018

  • Gurke_aus_Duisburg
    Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele
    Die Lieferung nach Deutschland hat knapp 3Wochen gedauert. Tracking dabei war sehr genau.

    Die Ukulele selber macht einen wertigen Eindruck und die bedienelemente ebenso. Der klang hört sich auch gut an. Desweiteren ist eine Tasche(eher ein Sack) mit dabei. Kleinigkeiten wie, Kapodaster, Ersatzsaiten, und zwei Plektrums auch enthalten. Gurtinpins sind auch schon dran.

    Geladen wird mit Mikro USB. Dabei ist mir aufgefallen, bei fast leeren Akku bricht die Bluetooth Verbindung ab. Hat bei mir etwas gedauert, bis ich gemerkt habe das der Akku leer ist. (eine einzelne LED blinkt)

    Die Software dabei ist komplett auf Englisch und bietet genug zum lernen der Ukulele. Zu Beginn gibt es eine Einführung und anschließend eine kurze Erklärung zur Haltung und zum stimmen. Das ganze wird mit einem kleinne Quiz abgerundet.
    Danach kann man die Spiele beginnen, wir man ganz langsam ans spielen rangetastet wird. Zusätzlich gibt es noch eine Bibliothek mit Musik Titel.

    Also im ganzen bin ich sehr zufriden und hab viel Spaß mit der Gurtinpins Xiaomi Populele.

    Oct 19,2018

  • Giuseppe
    Niente male
    Lo strumento e' ben costruito, i materiali sono discreti e assemblati con cura. La spedizione e' normalmente lunga, una quindicina di giorni. Non e' amplificabile se non con l'aggiunta di un pickup esterno. Suona anche non collegato, il bluetooth serve solo a connetterlo con la app, che e' divertente sia per un neofita che per un esperto. Il cavo usb e' per caricarlo, nient'altro. Nella confezione ci sono l'ukulele, una sacca carina, le corde di ricambio, due plettri, il manuale in cinese (la app in inglese va scaricata dal play store se android), il cavo usb, ma manca (e questa cosa mi ha fatto inc...re non poco) il capotasto mobile, che non conosco la lingua ma ho capito che ne hanno cancellato col bianchetto la menzione nel contenuto della confezione riportato sulla scatola. Ad ogni modo ne vale la spesa. Suona bene e anche le meccaniche sono solide e l'accordatura regge. Diamogli una possibilita' dunque.

    Jan 07,2019

  • Vladimir
    My first musical instrument
    Populele U1 combines ukulele and tutorial for her. In Play Market there is an app Populele, for learning to play the instrument. Delivery took a little less than a month. For a person who has not played a musical instrument earlier fits perfectly. I liked the tutorial, after 3-5 days you will be able to play a simple melody yourself.

    Now the bad news. On the way someone tried to open the package, cut the box with a knife, scratched the guitar neck, almost cut one string. This slightly spoiled the impression of the purchase. In addition, there were no mediators included. I appealed to the support of the store, I was offered to return the guitar to send a new one. But I began to learn to play, and I didn't want to wait another month. Therefore I asked for a partial refund. Support agreed to my proposal.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Dan
    Very Good Ukulele
    Oui (0) Couleur: Cream Taille: normal type
    Looks good and amazing
    US/FR review :
    US : First, the package containt not just the Ukulele, but also the bag, 2 mediators, 1 set of spare strings and the USB charging cable, all in a nice box !
    The Populele is light, lokks like just as the photos and made sound like ... a ukulele.
    Downloading the app from the playstore, paring easily and start playing !

    Well, I have to practice a lot but it's a fun hobby.

    no con !

    FR : Attention, la boite contient bien le ukulele, son sac, 2 médiateurs, 1 jeu de cordes de rechange et le cable usb de charge ! A vous d'utiliser votre chargeur de smartphone ou de tablette en USB :)
    Tout semble nickel, reste à charger l'appli, faire l'appairage bluetooth et ... jouer !

    Feb 12,2019

  • Populele U1
    A really cheerful learning process)
    This is a very cool thing. I have long dreamed of learning to play the instrument and I think this is a very good start.
    Ukulele has a built-in tuner and Bluetooth module. This helps you tune the guitar and also train through the application. The neck has a series of LED light bulbs that help you learn chords.
    The set was additionally put a set of spare strings, a clamp for strings, 2 mediators, instructions with reference to the application, a cover.
    I and my girl are delighted. We are happy to learn the game on ukulele together)
    The app does not support my tablet Asus ZenPad 8, but it works well with the Lenovo Vibe Shot phone

    Dec 17,2017

  • Mr. Freeze
    Become an ukelele star
    The package arrived well, some dents on the box but no impacts to the ukulele. First, I thought that it has a bluetooth problem. I wasn't able to connect it with my phone. In the app, clicking on settings was the same like clicking on tools. Although my phone is from Xiaomi, why isn't it connecting? After I checking their website, I noticed that it was under maintenance. A day after, the app was functional again and I could use the "smart" features. The included instructions are in Chinese, but the app is in English. Actually, is everything as expected. But with the experience I made, it's relying on the app. Without, you wouldn't have the smart features, then it's a simple ukulele.

    Sep 30,2018

  • Ismael Gispert
    Muy bonito ukelele
    La caja llegó un poco tocada, pero muy poco, supongo que del transporte, el ukelele estaba en buen estado y llegó a tiempo.

    Suena muy bien y notas que aprendes rápidamente con la app. Leí que había gente que le fallaba la app, pero yo lo cargué al máximo y después abrí la app con el Bluetooth, el Wi-Fi y el gps activado, acepté todos los permisos, me registre y luego pulse el botón del ukelele hasta que me lo detectó el móvil, le pulse en la silueta que apareció en la app y le di a iniciar.

    Un problema que le veo es que se desafina, pero leí que es normal que ocurra en los instrumentos de cuerda al principio, cuando las cuerdas son nuevas, así que se solucionará con el tiempo.

    Visualmente es muy bonito.

    May 21,2019

  • dj_aris
    Xiaomi Populele APP LED
    Super gitarėlė. Pirkau vaikui kaip kalėdinę dovaną, bet groti pradejau mokintis pats. Vos per tris dienas išmokau pirmus akordus. Viskas labai paprasta - parsisiunčiate programėlę ir ja sekdami, žingsnis po žingsnio mokotės. Gitarėlė su programa bendrauja bluetooth ryšiu. Programėlėje yra visko ko reikia: gitarėlės suderinimas, akordai, tempas, dainelės ir rimti kūriniai. LED parodo kur ir ką ir kada spausti. Komplekte buvo atsarginės stygos, "nageliai" grojimui, gražus ir kokybiškas krepšys laikyti ir nešiotis gitarėlę. LIUX!

    Jan 14,2019

  • Giorgio
    Xiaomi Populele, ottimo per chi inozia
    Lo strumento è ben fatto, molto gradevole all'aspetto e con materiali buoni: il legno per la cassa, la tavola armonica e il manico; la tastiera è in plastica in quanto sotto sono collegate delle lucine a led che entrano in funzione quando lo strumento è collegato alla sua app. Lo strumento risulta intonato e gradevole da suonare. La app aiuta a studiare e ad accordare attraverso vari percorsi. La batteria si ricarica tramite una porta micro USB e permette il collegamento del Bluetooth e il funzionamento dei LED. Purtroppo, secondo me, il punto debole dello strumento è proprio la durata della batteria, ma bisogna sempre considerare che anche con la batteria scarica lo strumento funziona

    Nov 21,2019