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  • Whiskers
    This router is fantastic, the range is outstanding and network speeds are faster than my older Netgear routers, extending outside my house, with the latest firmware, i don't like the fact I can not name the devices in the MAC filter list like I could with Netgear because it makes identifying devices easier, the wireless network performance is really exceptional and comes in handy in congested areas like condos or apartments

    Sep 28,2018

  • Dennis DiBonaventura
    Great features, i love the ability to press an external button & turn off only the wireless side which I almost never use, take some time to learn how to better secure your router no matter which brand/model you have, somewhere in the router configuration menu options of the latest firmware for this ASUS router, there is an option to test and automatically correct your router for some basic security vulnerabilities -- USE IT

    Aug 29,2018

  • Mike McClellan
    I've had a few routers over the years and the technology has came a long way, signal strength in the house is the best I've ever had in a router, make sure to download the latest firmware, it is slightly bulkier than most routers I've had in the past but this thing has processing power and is pretty speedy so I can see the need for some beefier heat sinks in there, quite pleased with this router

    Sep 19,2018

  • Dalgarnif
    I had a pretty old router before this and I was a little skeptical that purchasing a new one would really solve the problem I was having with my internet at home, it was so easy to set up and even easier to connect all my devices to, everyone that comes over is able to log in and get fast speeds as well I have to say that this made me not hate my devices and internet provider

    Jun 09,2018

  • Mark A Niven
    An excellent router, the amount of options that are available for an advanced user on this router taken together with the network control that can be achieved is superb, the wired connection would drop every few minutes before reconnecting, i upgraded and tried different firmware on the router, this router has so far been amazing, home and good network control

    Jun 02,2018

  • Artur
    Good enough
    This device works very well with my provider in Brazil (Claro).
    The battery is good enough but do not last a whole work day.
    The interface offers many options to customize the hotspot.
    I’d only want a better battery and a way to configure the data tracker to reset automatically, other than that the device is perfect.

    Jun 11,2019

  • Paolo
    Router M6 4G - WiFi
    Merce arrivata nei tempi previsti. Ottimo router portatile 4G-WiFi identico come elettronica a quelli venduti in Italia (alcatel, huawei ecc.) con possibilita di gestire le impostazioni in italiano. Veramente un buon acquisto per il prezzo pagato; quasi la metà della concorrenza. Funzionamento ottimo!

    Oct 15,2018

  • Allan
    Very usefull
    The device is very compact. I am using at work or even walking with it inside my bag.
    The configation inteface is very easy to use. The battery grant at least 4/5 hours of connection.

    Pros: Portable,

    Cons: Battery could be better.
    SIM Card slot could be nano or micro and not slidable.

    Aug 26,2018

  • Jose
    praticamente perfetto, l'ho provato con varie dimensioni e vi dico che va alla grande sempre in 4g e la batteria dura 5-6 ore con uso intensivo.

    Nov 14,2018

  • Szilard Vizi
    Good, except the battery life
    Arrived ín 30 days without any damage. The product is working as per the description. Via a browser it can be configured. After 2 days usage the only disappointment is the battery life: it is only 2.5-3 hrs. You can charge it during use.

    Feb 05,2019