Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K
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Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K


Dual Band WiFi Multimedia per Home Theater
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132.99 $175.81 Sconto: 24% OFF
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Un proiettore meraviglioso con grandi dimensioni di proiezione.
La lampada a LED a risparmio energetico viene adottata per un'elevata luminosità fino a 3200 lumen. Integrato con risoluzione nativa HD 1280x800 pixel (supporto 4K), il proiettore può offrire un'esperienza di visione ad alta definizione. Scelta perfetta per il tuo home theater!

Caratteristiche principali:
Dimensioni di proiezione ultra-grandi (200 pollici) per il massimo divertimento visivo
● 3200 lumen, la maggiore potenza della sorgente luminosa a LED ha un'efficienza ottica sufficiente
4K VP9 può aiutarti a risparmiare il 50% della larghezza di banda e fornire dettagli nitidissimi e immagini vivaci
● CPU: quad-core 1.5GHz Amlogic S905X, RAM: 1GB DDR3, ROM: 8GB NAND Flash (ma la versione base non ha il sistema operativo)
● Le prestazioni prive di radiazioni non danneggiano la salute
● Adatto per home theater, giochi, canto, ecc.
● Il telecomando è alimentato da 2 batterie AAA (non incluse)



Marca: Alfawise
Tipo di Display: LCD
Risoluzione nativa: 1280 x 800
Supporto Risoluzione: 4K
Luminosità: 3200LM
Razione tiro: 1,67: 1
Distanza di proiezione: 1,5 - 6m
Dimensione dell'immagine: 32-200 pollici
Scala immagine: 0.67291666667
Interfaccia: AV,HDMI,USB,VGA
Lineamenti: Home theater

Dettagli del prodotto

Lampada: GUIDATO
Potenza della lampada: 50 W e meno
Vita della lampada: 20000 ore
Bluetooth: UNSUPPORT
Formati immagine: JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / TIFF
Formati video: MKV / WMV / MPG / MPEG / DAT / AVI / MOV / ISO / MP4 / RM / JPG
Formati audio: MP3 / AAC / WMA / RM / FLAC / OGG
Alimentazione: 110 - 240V
Altoparlante integrato: sì
Rumorosità (dB): 28dB e meno
DVB-T supportati: No
esterno Sottotitolo supportato: No
3D: No
Applicazione: Divertimento,Casa

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 2,5500 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 3,5060 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 33,00 x 12,00 x 25,00 cm / 12,99 x 4,72 x 9,84 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 40.70 x 29.00 x 16.50 cm / 16.02 x 11.42 x 6.5 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Proiettore, 1 x Alimentatore, 1 x Manuale Utente Inglese, 1 x Telecomando

Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K- Bianco versione normale ( EU spina )

Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K- Bianco versione normale ( EU spina )

Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K- Bianco versione normale ( EU spina )

Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K- Bianco versione normale ( EU spina )

Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Supporto per Proiettore Intelligente 4K- Bianco versione normale ( EU spina )

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  • Lubomir
    Alfawise X 3200 projector - gearbest
    kúpil som ho zo španielskeho skladu - z dopravou (11€) za 128€ - čakal som 6 dníje to v danej cene to najlepšie - svietivosť je celkom dobrá - cez deň nepoužiteľné, pri zakrytom okne cez deň použiteľné ale je to slabé. večer v tme veľmi dobré. Reproduktor je Ok. Nepotrebujem zapájať externý - ale skúšal som a má to slabý výstup. Ventilátor chladenia nie je hlučný - mne nevadí. Ja ho mám zapojený z Tv boxom a som spokojný - prehráva filmy, youtube a dokáže prehrávať obsah smartfónu. Samotný projektor vie čítať USB ale neprehrá všetky formáty len niektoré. Z kvalitou a funkciami tohto projektoru som spokojný - za takú cenu nekúpim nič lepšie.I bought it from a Spanish warehouse - shipping (€ 11) for 128 € - I was waiting for 6 daysit's the best at a given price - the luminosity is pretty good - it's useless over the day, it can be used with a window over the day but it's weak. evening in the dark very good. The speaker is OK. I do not need to outsource - but I have tried and it has a weak output. The cooling fan is not noisy - I do not mind. I've got it plugged in from your TV box and I'm happy - playing movies, youtube and playing the smartphone content. The projector itself can read USB, but not all formats only some. I'm happy with the quality and features of this projector - I do not buy anything better for that.

    Dec 04,2018 09:01:03

  • Killian
    6 month review
    I've had this projector now for about 6 months, and honestly can say for the price, IT IS BRILLIANT. During the day the projector isn't really useable unless you are using blinds to darken the room, this doesn't really effect the overall quality of this projector. The speakers are also a great feature and work perfectly. I purchased the Android version and this is probably the worst thing about the projector, it's not very useable in my opinion it does work but can be very slow and sometimes not function at all but again if you are using this in conjunction with a gaming console, or Android box you won't be affected. Images are clear and Sharp, It can take so fiddling around with in order to determine placement, their wasn't much information in the instructions but it's easy enough, I'm using a projector screen but I did have it on a wall and it worked fine. Altogether for the price it's a great little projector and if you're like me and enjoy watching movies on a big screen but don't have a huge budget to go out a spend on a big brand name then don't worry this projector is perfect, some of my friends that have seen it have already looked and getting the same model.

    Sep 09,2018 19:43:01

  • Leonardo
    Boa Compra
    realmente o produto é de qualidade, muito silencioso, em ambientes escuros as imagens são excelentes. Recomendo bastantes.Apresentar androide facilita muito, pois não e necessario o uso de notebook, sendo possivel baixar app diretamente no aparelho, como powerpoint, pdf e outros e conectar o pen drive diretamente no aparelho. Outra vantagem e a conectar um mause diretamente em uma das portas USB, apesar de apresentar controle remoto. O tempo para ligar o aparelho è rapido.really the product is quality, very silent, in dark environments the pictures are excellent. Highly recommend.Introducing android makes it much easier, because it is not necessary to use a notebook, it is possible to download app directly on the device, such as powerpoint, pdf and others and connect the pen drive directly to the device. Another advantage is to connect a mause directly to one of the USB ports, despite presenting remote control. The time to switch on the appliance is fast.
    A negative point for Brazil, the European plug is a bit thicker than the country standards, I can not say if 5 or 10 amps, but an adapter solves without major problems.

    May 14,2018 22:45:59

  • Walts
    Unbeatable budget projector!
    I bought this projector as a second projector for occasional outside movie nights. I wasn't expecting too much for what I paid, but was extremely surprised by it's quality! Feeding it a full 1080 HD signal from Bluray it does an amazing job of re scale'ing it to fit it's native 1280 x 800 resolution. Viewed at a suitable distance a 120" image is of exceptionally high quality for such a cheap projector. Although I only need to use one of the two HDMI inputs, it provides a very comprehensive array of connections to suit just about any need. It also handles some light very well, but is definitely best suited to complete darkness if possible. My video was shot at 9.30pm British summer time and it was just about getting dark enough by then to produce a clear watchable picture, although the colour and vibrancy got much better the darker the evening got. I've rated it with 4 1/2 stars to reflect just how good this projector is for the price. Obviously there are machines far more capable, but at around six times the cost too!
    The obvious one is the fan noise. It really is quite loud if you are sitting anywhere near the projector, but in my instance using it outside on a 120" screen meant the projector was positioned approximately 12ft from the screen, and I was sitting at some 24ft from the screen, so was completely unaware of any fan noise.The manual does not state the exact and correct positioning of the projector in relation to the screen. This is a very important factor when trying to obtain the absolute ultimate picture quality from any projector. Many people completely over look this factor assuming they can obtain just as good a job using the jacking foot and keystone correction. But If you can set the projector up perfectly to the screen and avoid jacking and keystone correction you will obtain the very best the machine can produce. Focusing becomes very difficult when the image is not hitting the screen perfectly square in both axis, and you will find when you have one part of the picture in focus another part will be out. I am still trying to find the perfect height for my projector in relation to my screen. In this vide quite a lot of jacking and keystone was in use. Most projectors are designed to have their lens positioned the same height as the bottom of the screen for desk mounting, or the top of the screen for inverted mounting. This projector seems to require the lens to be somewhere around one third up from the bottom edge of the screen (although I can't confirm that as yet)Skin tones and fine detail are not as accurately produced as on my Optoma HD 131X, but then that was a £700 projector, which brings me back to the point above about this being an exceptionally good projector for it's price bracket. I have no qualms at all in fully recommending this as a first projector to a new comer, or for gaming or as a second projector for outside use viewed from a suitable distance, both from the screen and the projector because of that fan noise. I love it for my own inten

    Jul 20,2018 16:41:07

  • Luis Archundia
    Proyector alfawise 3200
    Le doy cinco estrellas por su excelente relación-precio. Estuve investigando y leyendo reviews acerca de este producto y de otros de similar calidad y precio y éste me llenó el ojo. Tengo un proyector SONY muy bueno pero con resolución 800 por 600 y 2000 lúmenes. Este lo sobrepasa en calidad ya que es de 1200 por 800 que es una calidad HD escalable a FHD 1080 y además con 3200 lúmenes que al instalarlo se notó la diferencia, aunque debo decir que se exprime lo mejor del aparato en un entorno oscuro. En el SONY, ya viejito, el zoom era mecánico, esto es con una perilla se ajustaba la pantalla más pequeña o más grande y en el alfawise leí el manual de usuario pero está en inglés y yo no soy muy ducho pero lo que sí alcancé a comprender que el zoom es digital y se encuentra en el menú; genial ya que al instalarlo en el sitio que tenía el anterior proyector la imagen sobresalía de la pantalla y con el zoom digital pude configurarla a mi gusto. Al tener entradas HDMI le instalé un tv box comprado también en gearbest y le va genial ya que puedo ver hasta televisión de paga, youtube, netflix, kodi, etc.

    Nov 08,2018 03:30:49

  • Anderson M. Araújo
    Bom projetor, dificuldade no uso da NETFLIX
    Quanto ao projetor ele cumpre com o que promete, estou gostando muito, a imagem e som são muito bons, só estou tendo problemas no momento na escolha de filmes na NETFLIX, com o controle que vem não da pra selecionar os filmes, comprei um miniteclado, mas mesmo assim da bug e não da pra correr os filmes lateralmente na fila de escolha, também fiquei surpreso em ver que a imagem é bem melhor vendo a TV digital do que nos filmes na NETFLIX E YOUTUBE. Mas no geral o produto é muito bom. (As for the projector it complies with what it promises, I'm really enjoying it, the image and sound are very good, I'm just having problems at the moment when choosing movies in NETFLIX, with the control that comes from not selecting movies, I bought a mini-set , but still the problem and not to run the movies laterally in the queue of choice, I was also surprised to see that the image is much better seeing the digital TV than in the movies on NETFLIX AND YOUTUBE. But overall the product is very good.)
    Dificuldade no manejo do APP da Netflix. Imagem do android não é tão boa como quando usado na TV digital. (Difficulty in handling the Netflix APP. Image of android is not as good as when used on digital TV.)

    Feb 16,2018 17:33:17

  • vitor pereira
    ola...este é o segundo (versão ANDROID) projector que compro, no primeiro o (Basic) fui enganado pela vossa publicidade em relação a descriminação do aparelho-----Brand: AlfawiseDisplay type: LCDNative Resolution: 1280 x 800Resolution Support: 4K------vou fazer teste-----Brightness: 3200LMThrow Ration: 1.67 : 1Projection Distance: 1.5 - 6mImage Size: 32 - 200 inchImage Scale: 16:9Interface: AV,HDMI,USB,VGAFeatures: Home TheaterFunction: Bluetooth,WiFi ---NÃO TEM---de resto é um bom aparelho de cinema em casa desde que seja bem regulado em relação á versão preta (ANDROID), fiz testes intensivos a tudo e de toda a maneira inclusive numa sala de cinema REAL como podem ver nas fotos, impecável...só não faz suporte nem a 2K e muito menos a 4K é só FHD...a versão branca tem uma opção de HDMI que eu ainda não percebi para que serve!?!?!já experimentei as duas maneiras possíveis e é igualno cinema o ecram é de 5,90 metros de altura por 9,30 metros de comprido...cerca de 350 polegadas

    Sep 29,2018 20:37:15

  • Andrej
    Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector Support 4K
    Precej velika škatla z mnogimi vhodi:lahko priključiš zunanjo antenoandroid 6.0wifi sploh ni slab2x USB 2x HDMIsamo delovanje projektorja je ok, mogoče je komu malce glasen ampak vse je odvisno na okoliščine kjer se naprava uporablja. Priporočena je tema, drugače slika ne bo zadovoljiva. Smo sprobali tako v temi kot v svetlobi. V svetlobi žal z predvajanjem ne bo nič no bolj slabo. Plastika je cenejša vendar za ta denar ne gre pričakovati neke hude kvalitete. Bistvo je v delovanju. To pa izpoljuje vse pričakovane pogoje. Zaenkrat zadovoljen.
    Poceni plastika.kar sem pogrešal je navaden izhod za slušalke in mogoče še mrežni vhod ampak to je samo moje mnenje

    Jul 02,2018 07:55:51

  • Pedro
    Produto perfeito em relação ao custo
    E um produto de excelente qualidade, tem uma ótima taxa de contraste, cores vibrantes,o ajuste de foco é bem fácil de ajustar, é de fácil utilização com menu e interface bem legais de utilizar, imagens muito boa projetando diretamente na parede, eu fiz projeção de 84 polegadas em Full HD diretamente na parede sem travamento e distorções na imagem,cor e nitidez, o som do alto falante é bem legal, o espelhamento de tela na versão Android funciona perfeitamente, satisfeito com o produto e recomendo, a entrega foi muito rápida, a gearbest está de parabéns, obs: fotos com pouca resolução por causa da minha câmera.

    Sep 13,2018 21:42:14

  • Dmxo
    Alfawise X
    The projektor is superb for what it is. A cheap well performing native 720p projektor. It downscales 4k videos and 1080p really good and has some type of HDR mode for handeling HDR videos but don't expect true HDR. The picture is crisp and bright but color calibration is needed and is a easy fix in the settings area. Brightnes is good even in daylight but awesome in darkness. Also yes! You can mount it on the ceiling just remove the rubbet feets on the back. Be sure too use Hdmi 4k 2.0 or premium Hdmi 1.4 cables. Made a huge impact with the HDR mode and color quality and also for the downscales of 4k videos. Trust me on this One!

    Sep 07,2018 21:55:20

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is it possible to mount it to the ceiling?

By Marco Jun-18/2018 10:33:36


Can be hung upside down on the ceiling projection, the bottom of the 4 gaskets is to open the screw hole


is it possible to mount it to the ceiling?

By Marco Jun-18/2018 10:33:36


Can be hung upside down on the ceiling projection, the bottom of the 4 gaskets is to open the screw hole

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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