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Regole del gioco

1. During the activity, you can use points to purchase certain number of shares of a specific product. The maximum number of shares you may purchase is subject to the actual limit of the product.
2. A corresponding number will be issued to each user as per the chronological order of users’ purchases of shares, and it will be used for the lucky draw.
3. A draw will be initiated if a product is sold out within a specified time limit. If the product is not sold out, it will be deemed failed.
4. The winning number will be displayed within a minute after the draw, and the winner will be contacted via email or social media messages. If the attempted draw fails, the points you used for the product(s) during the current activity will be returned directly to your personal account. Users can subscribe to our email list or check out the winner announcement on the activity page.
5. Points that have been used in exchange for any physical product will be issued in the form of coupons for the particular product. Your items will be dispatched after you have spent $0.01 to complete the order.
6. Returns and exchanges are not applicable to physical items redeemed from lucky draw.

Regole delle Lotterie

1. Export the latest 50 records of participation before the lucky draw of a product. If the number of purchase records is less than 50, all of them will be exported.
2. Take the date and time of the recorded purchases, including the year, month, date, hour, minute, and second (UTC+8) as integers and add all of them up.
3. Divide the sum above by the required number of shares of the product.
4. The remainder plus one equal to the winning number.
5. The holder of the winning number is deemed the winner.

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