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  • TechGuru
    4 robot vacuums later....a champion emerges.
    I am a dedicated tech researcher. I often spend my spare relaxation time studying and analyzing tech on the cutting edge and following leaks. I often know what is going to be released months in advance. Several months ago, I was frustrated with past robot vacuum purchases made in my home without my consultation. This led me on a path to find Roborock and the latest S6 flagship.The intelligent mapping alone is worth the $599 price of admission. That's what more popular robots like iRobot lack unless you get into the absolute top-tier of their catalog. I believe in paying for quality and circumventing the trappings of bloated marketing campaigns.The integrated smart app and network connectivity to Google and Alex is well organized and easy to use. The real time vacuum tracking and mapping on the app, in addition to being able to start the cleaning process from anywhere you have service and or WiFi, are the type of features you'd expect at this price-point.Roborock has demonstrated to me that not only can they provide a superior product but also they can do so at a price that undercuts the competition..without sacrificing quality and ease of use.

    Aug 30,2019

  • JanvA
    Roborock S6
    Habe nach 3 Wochen Lieferzeit meinen ersten Saugroboter im Einsatz und bin mit dem Roborock S6 eigentlich zufrieden. Die Installation verlief problemlos und schnell. Auch die Einrichtung auf dem IPhone und der Zugriff über Alexa verlief schnell und einfach. Dennoch habe ich die eine oder andere Anmerkung zu machen. Vielleicht habe ich noch nicht alle Funktionen gefunden, oder es besteht hier und da noch Verbesserungspotential.Zur App Xiaomi Home:- Das Anpassen der Sperrzonen und die Aufteilung der Räume macht sich auf dem IPhone nicht wirklich schön. Man kann nicht weit genug hineinzoomen, womit eigentlich immer der Finger auf dem Touchdisplay im Weg ist. - Das Mapping der Räume, es wäre schön wenn die Kantenglättung konfigurierbar wäre. An diversen Stellen verursachen Blumen oder sonstiger Krams im Mapping unsaubere Kanten, welche Probleme bei der Raumteilung oder beim Einrichten von Sperrzonen verursachen können. - Die aufgeteilten Räumen können nicht benannt werden. Es wäre schön wenn ich jedem Raum einen Namen zuweisen könnte (z.B. Küche, oder Badezimmer) und dieser dann über die Alexa zur spezifischen Raumreinigung verwendet werden kann. (zB „Alexa, Roborock soll die Küche saugen“)Ansonsten wie bereits gesagt, alles in Ordnung. Ich würde das Gerät auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

    Jul 04,2019

  • (MustangVST)
    Amazing device.
    i loved the roborock s55 i had bought last year for myself. so this one I had to buy it for my siblings.Based on my 1 year usage of s55 I can say this that I am really hoping the s6 is even better. 1 week of usage by my bro and he loves this unit and uses it daily.I love the fact that the new brushes in s6 are easier to clean ( hair) and the wheel lever I read are more stable and strong.I have had only 4 minor inconvenience on my s55 ,out of which s6 addressed 3 ! IDK about the magnetic barrier, if it's still implemented. my s55 sometimes used to detect anomaly and would not go past it ( magnetic barrier kicked in). virtual barrier is nice.and more room assignments and saved map meant I can now even have roborock clean up my bed and other places and not have the house map deleted. kudus amazing only request that the pricing be stable and around 400 usd. s5 had crazy price fluctuations. and hopefully s6 stays stable 400 ish. ( bought for 589)

    Jun 03,2019

  • Sarah
    best one i know. easy peasy app using.
    i had a cheaper robot from another brand that drove me crazy. that one didn't had a map and drove like a blind through my flat and i was yelling: bi***, it can't be that hard to run straight forward. because of that he missed a lot of space. and also i have a dog who sheds a lot of fur, so i need to vaccum on a daily basis - and that is something i don't want. - so i decided to buy a new one and found the roborock s6 and well, THANK GOD, i bought him. he cleans my flat triple as fast as my old one and is way more precise. the app is super easy to use and you can follow your robot in real time on your phone. i was so excited that i looked on my phone during the first cleaning. and when i thought, damn robo you missed a spot,... after the whole room cleaning he runs back to the spot and cleaned it. the user manual and app is available in many different languages. and well yeah,... what more can i say. for the affordable you get a really awesome vaccum robot with a great map using and app.

    Nov 01,2019

  • Cenk Odabaşı
    The best robot in the market
    I did investigation for 2 weeks among Roborock, irobot and others and I chose roborock s6. I have been using for 2 weeks. All the features advertised are very useful for me, Choosing cleaning room by room, scheduling and mopping are great features. Currently the best cleaning vacuum robot.in your market. no drawbacks. completely happy with it. No random pattern during cleaning, it is systematic and cleans our 158 sqm.m flat in 82 minutes with report. Tou can monitor it online also. Gearbest took some time for shipping but overall they kept their promise. It needs some.improvement for shipping information after ordering to Gearbest

    Jun 09,2019

  • Hyadum
    The best robot vacuum on the market
    I have researched for months before purchasing this product. It has the best navigation and battery life, and for me suction is not a problem, since I have no carpets in my house. Everything worked flawlessly. I got the robot shipped in the estimated delivery time, directly by courier, not at the post office. Initial setup was quick and easy, and the S6 cleaned my entire house while mapping it for the first time without getting stuck even once, no errors, no missed spots. This is why you pay 600$ for the 3rd gen.

    Jul 06,2019

  • Angel
    This thing is a game changer. Going from weekly to a daily vacuuming (as it requires no additional effort) is such a huge improvement to my quality of life! The brush in front reaches hard to get places, that a conventional vacum can't (cracks under the door, etc.), and the mop adds even additional cleanliness. The AI does a fantastic job of reaching what the vacum physically can and the app makes everything easy to use. All in all this is a fantastic purchase!

    Jun 29,2019

  • Loureiro
    Excelent buy
    Astounding value for money!This robotic vacuum performs extremely well. It's quite intelligent and able to navigate my house without a hitch.It's huge battery enables it to clean my whole house (115m2) on a single charge with 55% charge to spare!It does wonders with cat hair. The supporting app is also quite good and the mapping and zoning functions are very useful.What's more: it keeps improving with each firmware update!The mopping option is a great plus!I recommend this vacuum wholeheartedly!

    Jun 26,2019

  • Ian Ciantar
    this robot saved my life
    living with a dog that shreds much is very difficult to keep clean. with this robot running twice a day on vacuum, fur is being collected automatically and was impressed with the amount of dust also collected.Mopping feature, thought it would be better but still collected a large amount of dirt

    Jul 07,2019

  • Steve
    Very good
    I have researched for months before purchasing this product. It has the best navigation and battery life, and for me suction is not a problem, since I have no carpets in my house. Everything worked flawlessly.Initial setup was quick and easy, and the S6 cleaned my entire house while mapping it for the first time without getting stuck even once, no errors, no missed spots.

    Aug 09,2019