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  • adr_kosice
    64 Gb card SAMSUNG
    Objednané 04/02/2019 Doručené 25/03/2019Aj to, až po mojej urgencii....Main Features:●Ultra-fast read and write speed, for example, transfer a 3GB video in just 38 seconds●Shoot 4K UHD videos and high-quality photos, share them all instantly●No worry about space for any digital devices, including smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.●4-proof protection, 10-year limited warranty to prevent any hazard due to water, extreme temperature, magnet, X-raySpecification:Working voltage: 2.7 - 3.6VStorage temperature: -40 to 85 Deg.COperating temperature: -25 to 85 Deg.CDurability: 10,000 insertionsGuaranteed: 10-year limited warranty ( by Samsung )

    Mar 25,2019

  • Sandor
    Samsung 128 Gb
    Nice and quick card for very reasonable price. I'm using it formatted as internal memory in my smartphone. The promotion I got was excellent, so the price was awesome for the quality. The shipping time was good and the product arrived without any damages. It works great, I recommend it.

    Dec 15,2018

  • Telmo Silva
    Amazing quality
    This is surely a 5star product because of its great quality reading and writing speed.The quick delivery of this product and the great packaging wrapped around itself allowed it to get here in perfect conditions.It is a very fast and safe microSD card!the only minor disadvantage is that it's all written in a foreign language (Mandarin).

    May 23,2019

  • Олег
    Unpacking. Samsung microSD card 64GB TF Memory Card
    Данный товар был куплен в магазине gearbest.com. Отличная microSD card Samsung, полностью соответствует заявленным характеристикам. По проведённом мною тесту USB Flash Benchmark показала R=90 MB/s, W= 67 MB/s. Рекомендую к покупке!

    Dec 15,2018

  • Koňo
    SK - Produkt dorazil v poriadku a bez problemov. Originálna Samsung micro SD pameťová karta. (teda aspoň tak vyzerá :))Dakujem Gearbest.ENG - The product has arrived fine and has no problems. Original Samsung micro SD memory card. (at least it looks :))Thank you Gearbest.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Sergio
    Samsung 128G
    хорошая сд карта , скорость - чтение 100 мб, запись 90 мб. Но на самом деле пишет 60-70 мб. На вид вроде оригинал есть проверочный код. долгая доставка

    Feb 20,2019

  • ordered from Belgium
    Do not buy this !!!! it's not as advertised
    The writing speed is 600% slower card is almost unusable in high write speed required devices.Don't throw away the package or you can't resent and get your money back :sIn attached there is also preformance test of a legit Samsung card see the difference?

    Apr 18,2019

  • Andrey
    yup, it's original
    packaging is beyond doubt,the barcode is correct,Verification code of the hologram confirms the originality of the card on the official website of Samsung.With points cost is quite cheap.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Lucien
    Great SD card, great price
    Genuine Samsung EVO Plus UHS-1 class U3 card.Read/write speed ~60MB tested on H2Testw fine. Received by mail in expected time, in padded envelope. Good.

    Dec 25,2019

  • Walter
    Good MicroSD
    excellent memory card. the price is really low for the quality of the product. recommended purchase for everyone!

    Aug 14,2019