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  • R. L. Stolz
    I did quite a bit of research on presenters/pointers and decided I wanted one with a green laser, the button clicks to change slides were so loud and cheap-sounding that I knew I couldn't use it in a quiet presentation, smaller case ; the USB dongle fits right into the back of the unit ; the laser is bright and crisp ; the buttons are highly intuitive and allow me to go backward, put up a black screen, the screen shows how much battery power it has left

    Aug 30,2018

  • DWPC
    I really like this laser pointer in general but for the purpose that I bought it - use on an LCD display screen - it is useless, it states that like the green laser would be more effective than the red on all displays including LCD but both failed so there was no difference, in reading other reviews, some people mentioned that it might has to do with institutions' anti-glare feature

    Aug 20,2018

  • Chanimal
    Great presenter as described by logitech and other reviewers, i use two new batteries for my presentation to avoid any possible embarrassment, another thing to mention is clicking the full screen button always brings your first slide on the screen, i hope it can work the same way as the full screen function on the computer

    Sep 27,2018

  • Brent Duncan
    This is a great device, it feels good in my hand during presentations, i like the green laser pointer it seems friendlier than the red laser, i also appreciate the black screen feature so I can pause to discuss something and blank out the screen during the discussion

    May 25,2018

  • jfh
    It feels great in my hand with easily identifiable buttons without having to look down to press them, the timer `` buzz'' feature is almost impossible to hear but significant enough to feel in your hand

    Aug 20,2018

  • Eduardo
    Good screen
    Not a lot to say, it is just perfect for your projector if you dont have an empty white wall. Good quality, just what I expected

    Dec 26,2017

  • Muchxoxos
    My team does a lot of presentations and this has become our standard presenter unit, it has a nice long range, buttons are easy to use

    Dec 17,2017

  • Old Texan
    The device is ready to go, i don't accidentally push the wrong buttons, the laser pointer is bright, the price was very reasonable

    Jun 23,2018

  • Jill W
    I was torn as to whether I should go for a high quality device like this or try to find the cheapest device out there

    Mar 01,2018

  • khayesaz
    The laser light is a nice feature, we also like being able to black out the screen at any point

    Apr 01,2018