Ninebot Segway N3M320 miniPRO 2 - Pneumatici Scooter Equilibrio Autonomo da Xiaomi mijia
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Ninebot Segway N3M320 miniPRO 2 - Pneumatici Scooter Equilibrio Autonomo da Xiaomi mijia

- Bianco 226640501

10.5 pollici
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Ninebot scooter di auto-equilibratura, il vostro partner attento e affidabile del viaggio e casual.
Eccellito nei test ECM, UN38.3 e MSDS, potente motore e batteria di grande capacità assicurano il vostro viaggio perfetto. Corpo leggero, ma duro con carico utile di 100kg. Sistema di illuminazione, pneumatico antiscivolo e altre caratteristiche sorprendenti aspettano di esplorare!

Caratteristiche principali:
● Potenti motori 2 x 400W, velocità max18km / h, grado di grado fino a 15 gradi, terra irregolare non può fermare il tuo viaggio
● Batteria agli ioni di litio da 5,8 Ah, 310Wh (inclusa nel prodotto), chilometraggio massimo 30 km, non c'è bisogno di preoccuparsi di una situazione impotente sulla strada verso la destinazione
● pneumatico gonfiabile da 10,5 pollici con struttura antiscivolo, elevata capacità di mantenimento della strada anche sul terreno scivoloso
● Corpo leggero, ma resistente in lega di alluminio di magnesio, carico utile da 100kg
● IP54 impermeabile, sistema di illuminazione di sicurezza, protezione intelligente BMS
● Algoritmo intelligente per diversi piloti
● Telecomando per telefono cellulare con App installato (scansione codice QR nel manuale dell'utente)



Marca: Ninebot
Numero di modello: N3M320
Tipo di Sciarba: Self Balancing Scooter
Per: Adulti,Impiegati,adolescenti
tipo di caricabatterie: Spina cinese
Numero ruote: 2 ruota
tipo di sedile: senza sede
Tipo pieghevole: Non pieghevole


Max Payload: 100kg
Velocità massima (km / h): 18 chilometri all'ora
Chilometraggio (dipende dalla strada e peso del conducente): 25-30km
Chilometraggio massima: 30 km
Gradiente permesso (dipende dal vostro peso): 10-15 gradi
Capacità massima di angolazione: 15 gradi
Batteria: 18650 Pacco batteria agli ioni di litio
Capacità della batteria: 5.8Ah
Potenza nominale del motore: 2 x 400W
Tempo di Ricarica: 3-3.5 ore
Tire Diametro: 10.5 pollici
altezza applicabile: 63 - 95cm
Liquidazione Pedale Terra (Non c'è cuscinetto di peso): 9cm
Temperatura di lavoro: -10-40 Gradi C
Bluetooth: sì

Pararmetri Bluetooth

Versione: V4.0
Distanza di trasmissione: 10m senza ostacoli

Informazioni Base

Peso di Prodotto: 13.4000 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 17.4500 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 55,20 x 26,00 x 63,00 cm / 21,73 x 10,24 x 24,8 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 62,00 x 31,00 x 37,00 cm / 24,41 x 12,2 x 14,57 pollici


Materiale principale: 1 x Ninebot miniPRO Scooter Equilibrio Autonomo, 1 x Adattatore, 1 x Rubinetto d'aria Estensibile

Ninebot Segway N3M320 miniPRO 2 - Pneumatici Scooter Equilibrio Autonomo da Xiaomi mijia- Bianco

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  • Maik Germany
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Geiles Teil
    Super Teil
    Macht Riesen Spaß
    Alles in Ordnung nur Luft kontrollieren und Akku nachladen vor erster Fahrt
    Super verpackt
    Anleitung per App 1A
    Lieferung nach Deutschland dauert bis 45 Tage per Schiff Rest mit UPS also keine Panik es kommt an und sogar zollfrei
    Empfehle zusätzlich einen kleinen klapp Ständer mit dazu zu kaufen
    Bin zufrieden mit dem Teil und gegenüber Deutschland 250 Euro gespart . Man muss halt nur Geduld mitbringen bei der Lieferung
    Nach erfolgreicher Testfahrt laut App fährt es jetzt 18 km/h. App ist in deutsch und super Einstellungen möglich. Balanciert akkurat und kann auch per App alleine fahren . ( Bluetooth)Geschwindigkeit per App einstellbar . Licht geht automatisch im Dunkeln an . reifen sind schlauchlos 2.1 bar empfehle ich bei 90 Kilo
    Als extra Zubehör empfehle ich einen kleinen klappständer und stossbügel einfach in Suche eingeben

    Aug 28,2018

  • John Taylor
    sì (0) Colore: White
    This scooter would be amazing but the quality and consistency is extremely lacking, Every week or so the bolts that hold the handlebar and wheel in alignment get loose which causes the handlebar to be turned a different direction while the wheel remains straight, This can be extremely dangerous sometimes when you are trying to turn and only the handlebars turn but the wheel stays straight

    Jul 07,2018

  • Chris Peers
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Excellent Product
    Ive used my new Ninebot a few times now and it's great and simple to use and great fun at the best price around.

    The only improvement I can think of is from the delivery. The delivery was free I think, but it did take way longer than expected to arrive and was seemingly stuck in Germany for 23 days before progressing.

    ok think I'd pay for delivery if I knew it would arrive sooner.

    Oct 05,2018

  • B. Ryan
    sì (0) Colore: White
    The handle height is adjustable so we can set it lower for our five year old, or higher for an adult - and switching height is so easy with a pressure clamp, My family has commented on this scooter on how it has bigger wheels and a wider bottom than their razors and they really liked that, This is a great product to get some exercise and to develop balancing skills

    Jan 24,2018

  • Dan G
    sì (0) Colore: White
    this scooter feels very sloppy with initial use -- not usable, The setup instructions DO tell you about adjusting slack out of the folding mechanism, At least one other reviewer took his Razor to a bike shop to have the steering head tightened -- the necessary tool -LRB- a very thin wrench of correct size -RRB- is not one that most people would have

    Mar 14,2018

  • kathleen Donaldson
    sì (0) Colore: White
    This scooter is perfect for him and his back is no longer hunched over, He always brags about how smooth the ride is and that he can now move faster than the other kids, His younger brother now wants to upgrade to this scooter but I told him to wait until he is a little bigger, I love the Bright blue color and that the handle is adjustable

    Jun 21,2018

  • Patience !!
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Fun @ 60+
    I was very anxious for my item, after nearlt 8 weeks, I was concerned for delivery, after much e-mailing & tracking, I managed to pick up my item from local UPS Depot, Got home, charged & read instructions...I used very similar item on 2 holidays & great fun....this time I went out & for 4 days now I am having great time !! Thank you for good item!
    ******Well Done *****

    Oct 22,2018

  • andrea feinberg
    sì (3) Colore: White
    It came loose so now the handlebars aren't straight and the best I can do is hand-tighten it, It's already embarrassing enough to be riding around on a scooter as an adult, The bright colors don't help, so I painted the wheels black and put some black handlebar grips on it, but it doesn't provide enough cover as a splash guard

    Oct 25,2017

  • bulldog485
    sì (0) Colore: White
    I was able to fix my scooter by buying a Razor Ultra Pro Series Quad Clamp, With some elbow grease I managed to bend the expanded part of the handle bars back to their original size to fit inside the clamp, I really love my scooter and am so happy I bought it, this scooter is optimal

    Sep 01,2018

  • JA008
    sì (1) Colore: White
    I bought this because I was using the smaller common scooters to go around in New York City and Queens, With the smaller scooters, The larger wheels mean you don't feel the road as much, and it can handle more weight for adults, So long as you are smart about how you use this scooter

    Aug 07,2018

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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