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Zaino Borsa a tracolla
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Zaino Borsa a tracolla

- Cachi

4.87 228 Recensioni dei clienti | Vedi la descrizione in inglese
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Caratteristiche principali:

- È realizzato in tessuto militare Oxford 600D, ad alta intensità e resistente.

- Innovativo design a tracolla ambidestra singola ambidestra.

- Scomparto principale con due tasche e scomparto anteriore inferiore con passanti elastici per organizer e chiusura a chiave.

- Dispone di un ampio scomparto principale con chiusura a cerniera, tasche in rete e scomparti con zip frontale.

- Fissare alla schiena con una cintura pettorale regolabile e fibbia della cintura.

- Spallacci imbottiti e regolabili per alleviare la pressione sulle spalle durante il trasporto di carichi pesanti.

- Il supporto in rete traspirante fornisce una sensazione di comfort nei climi più caldi.

- Maniglia resistente per il trasporto e la resistenza.

- Doppia cerniera tira su ogni compartimento per un facile accesso.

- Tracolla regolabile e clandestina.

- Vari punti di attacco per espansione modulare.



Posizione dell'applicazione: Indietro
Sesso: Uomini,Donne

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,3600 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,3780 kg
Dimensioni del Prodotto (L x W x H): 28,00 x 20,00 x 12,00 cm / 11,02 x 7,8 x 4,72 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x W x H): 30,00 x 20,00 x 4,00 cm / 11,81 x 7,8 x 1,57 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Borsa a tracolla zaino tattico

Zaino Borsa a tracolla- Cachi

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Recensioni dei clienti

4.87 su 5
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Vedi tutte 228 recensioni Scrivere recensione
    Неплохой такой Crossbody Bag
    Между оплатой и получением в Украине 23 дня - супер! Трек не отслеживался (Почта Китая).

    Фото и описание на сайте полностью соответствует.
    Очень практичная сумка: конструкция, материал.
    - прежде всего вместимость сумки – я ожидал меньшего!
    - 2-а отделения и 2 кармана на молнии. Самое большое отделение с двумя замками, имеет молнию на полпериметра и в него спокойно помещаются 2-е 10-тилитровые бутылки!;
    - под спинкой дополнительный карман для планшета на кнопке;
    - наличие съемного ремня – очень широкого в меру жесткого, достаточно длинного, с удобной регулировкой и возможностью перестегивать на другое плечо;
    - наличие ручки под барсетку;
    - со всех сторон настрочены ленты для крепления навесного инвентаря;
    Отличная покупка.
    В общем – магазину gearbest респект и всем рекомендую!
    нет за эти деньги

    May 21,2016

  • ТД ТП
    I recommend. Я рекомендую.
    Доставка в Украину как обычно около двух недель Новой Почтой. Сумкой полностью доволен, удобная и практичная. В большой отсек легко помещается 1л бутылка, по ощущением их влезет 2, но не проверял. При желании можно к сумке что-то подвесить. Единственное летом если долго ходить в жару, то под сумкой тело потеет, собственно как и от рюкзака на спине. За эту цену более чем доволен.
    The bag is completely satisfied, comfortable and practical. A 1l bottle fits easily into a large compartment, and the feel of them will fit 2, but not checked. If you wish, you can hang something to the bag. The only thing in the summer if you walk for a long time in the heat, then your body sweats under your bag, in fact, just like from a backpack on your back. For this price more than satisfied.

    Dec 12,2018

  • Tamara Nikolaevna
    Backpack Crossbody Bag
    Very good construction. Smooth working double zippers. I would have liked more interior dividers and pockets, such as at least one for a pen. Especially liked the way the sling strap folds and stores inside the pocket on the back of the pack (if you snap off the short strap first); this allows the pack to be carried or stored without any dangling straps. I needed a larger "Go-Kit" for my handheld radio and accessories, and I like the "Molle" system which allows me to add extra pouches (like for a water bottle) if the need arises. I can even clip my HT to the sling itself, which positions the radio conveniently at chin level; this works whether I have the pack on my back or on my chest. Seems very flexible. Looking forward to some upcoming drills to learn the best way to pack it.

    Oct 02,2018

  • Trev
    Perfect for everyday use
    I bought this to use on holiday but have ended up using it day to day. It's well made, and decent quality. I can fit my ipad into it alomg with lotsmof other bits eg camera, phone, wallet etc. With the molle design I bought a matching sunglasses case which attached to the side with ease and makes it even better for very little extra. Thorougly recommended for anyone needing to lug kit around in the knowledge that it is secured to their body and unlikely to be easily pulled off in this day and age of moped and scooter gangs running riot.

    Nov 27,2018

  • Backpack
    Backpack Crossbody
    Very useful. In every-day’s life like in the woods.

    Very tough material. You can add two "Tactical Water Bottle Bag Nylon 2-pocket Pouch MOLLE System": one on each side: it's OK.

    For a day in the woods or several hours it's great. Front compartment can be used for example to store your fire kit. A poncho can be stored in the big pocket. Or you can store a Nalgene 32 os water bottle into this compartment, it's ok too.

    The handle is useful.

    Second time I buy this item. I'm very glad of it.

    Aug 13,2018

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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