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  • Dawn Sophia
    Awesome wing
    I am a beginner. When it comes to fixed wings, I want to learn ar wings instead of fixed wings. I am using the spf3 flight controller running INAV, there is no stability. Due to some of the problems I encountered in INAV, my first flight eventually led to the crash, which helped to demonstrate its durability. It does crack around the nose clip, but it's really durable. With a little bit of glue and a lot of changes in INAV, I was able to try again, and the first launch of the second flight went smoothly. The ar wing flies so smoothly, it has a lot of power. I recommend not using a flight controller, just set the endpoint, rate, and expo on the radio so that there is a better chance of successfully completing the first flight. The AR wing is very stable and I like it very much. The build quality is very good and very durable. If you keep it simple without using a flight controller, it's just a good product that is easy to fly and plug and play!

    May 26,2019

  • Linda Henley
    Top quality
    Top quality. Fit and finish very well. To be honest, the entire aircraft kit is very easy to assemble, with detachable wings and wing tips, and it's lightweight and easy to carry. Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, carbon fiber spar, it is durable, lightweight and flexible. It has a particularly stable flight performance and can reach speeds of up to 80km/h. This model is a very high-quality product! I am very happy about this.I highly recommend everyone to buy this product.Most importantly, the express delivery is also very fast.

    Apr 01,2019

  • Oscar Johnston(e)
    Great AR wing
    When I received the goods, I was really happy. Its packaging is very good, and it is not damaged, and the delivery speed is very fast. I trust Gearbest very much. To my surprise, the performance of this AR wing is particularly good. I am very happy to get it, which is definitely a very good choice for fans who like flying control. Its flight performance is particularly good and stable. Removable design for easy carrying. I will give it five stars, and I highly recommend to buy this flight control.

    Jul 06,2019

  • corrales2018
    AR 900 Wing
    Came quicker then expected (10 days) wing looks like it's good quality. mine came with a 30a esc but the listing says 20a which is great so you can run 4s with not trouble. everything came together nicely. The parts for together easily. Wish there was a insert to is a micro swift. I think it's awesome

    Jan 21,2019

  • Pablo
    Great for the price!
    Good quality, lots of space inside and fairly good electronics. One thing I would advice is to buy a bi blade 6inch prop for it. Stock one is triblade and only 5inch, not efficient at all.

    Mar 08,2019

  • Patrick Wells
    High-quality product
    Really a very good product. Work very well and the AR wing is perfect. I am amazed at the quality, fit and finish. I am very happy that I purchased this product.

    Jun 23,2019

  • yo
    SONICMODELL AR Wing 900mm EPP Fixed Delta Wing RC Aircraft
    Nice flying wing kit, plenty of room to fit everything in. Mine has a quad flight controller fitted for stabilization. All looks good so far.

    Dec 03,2019

  • Marian Irving
    When I first played it, it fell, I thought it would break, but I didn't expect it to be so fall-proof, just a little bit of friction.

    Jun 06,2019

  • Doris Masefield
    Arrived within the expected time
    Great product at a reasonable price. It arrived within the expected time and looked as expected.

    Apr 04,2019

  • Nicole Hugh
    Excellent product
    Excellent product. Packed very well. And it is easy to assemble, stable, and flying very well.

    Jul 01,2019