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Luci della fase della barra di KTV di controllo del suono della luce di colore pieno 18 Par
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Luci della fase della barra di KTV di controllo del suono della luce di colore pieno 18 Par

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Tipo di prodotto: luce par
Modello: P-L18RGBY
Livello di protezione: IP40
Tipo di sorgente luminosa: led
Alimentazione: 18 (W)
Tensione: 110-240 (V)
Portata principale dell'applicazione: Sala da ballo Sala privata Palcoscenico per matrimoni
Specifica:British regulations plus 2 yuan, standard: US regulations, European regulations, Australian regulations plus 2 yuan
Spina: regolamenti statunitensi, regolamenti britannici, regolamenti europei, regolamenti australiani
Dimensioni: 15.8x15.8x9.5cm


Dimensioni e Peso

Taglia del Prodotto: 15,80 x 15,80 x 9,50 cm / 6,22 x 6,22 x 3,74 pollici
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,1000 kg
Formato del Pacchetto: 17,00 x 17,00 x 11,00 cm / 6,69 x 6,6 x 4,33 pollici

Package Contents

Materiale principale: 1 x luce

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  • togo75
    We love to decorate and help others enjoy about every holiday the Warmoon lights make that possible they also make it very easy, the included remote battery included is the key to the whole set up with the remote you can set a color in the shade you want or there are other settings for fade, flash and more so you can decide what kid and color of light show you want to put on, brightness us definitely a major feature of the light and it provides the brightness of professional grade lighting and while really bright it's not the harsh light so many portable light give off, do it well and make it very easy on you we love the little one but this is definitely the one that will get the attention you want or secure the area's you need light on, I hope this information helps you decide if this great light is the right one for your needs

    Dec 02,2018

  • Joe D Martin
    I searched the box and even read the outside box as it had pictures and some writing but no directions, it is a neat light and does come with a remote control as stated, I was so confused being it had no directions but I figured the `` music button'' meant it was motion-activated and the lights bounced to the music, it does work good and bright and gives off different modes of lights, it is good for a small area but not used for a big dance floor, it really is neat and fun and I am happy with my purchase, but not for a large area, I am eager to have a party and use it as a little added fun to the room, there are a lot of different settings and modes and it is a fun gadget to play with, just not in a large area, I am happy with my purchase and I think it is a great little LED strobe / disco light, I would recommend this product for personal use

    Nov 09,2018

  • Caribulou
    The unit does need to be run in a well-darkened area think of places where you have seen a disco ball used, which was a cool effect, I also upgraded the light bulb in the pin light, but is a Halogen bulb - so it is a little brighter and a little whiter, for comparison sake - I would say the GE halogen bulb was comparable to a quality white LED flashlight which you could probably rig up to use as well with this unit if you didn't mind using battery power, overall - while I wouldn't use unit as a professional DJ I would want something a little larger with brighter and more pin lights it is definitely good enough for amateur home parties use, one quick other thing - it would be nice if the unit included the proper equipment to hook up the ball motor to A/C power

    Nov 30,2018

  • Robin S
    This little light really produces a lot of light for its small size, this is one of the easiest way to decorate outside for holidays, this light give you many different color options for each holiday, we are using it for Halloween decorating right now and lit looks great lighting up front part of our house making it look like a haunted house with out decorations, for Halloween we are using the purple light color and looks awesome, I found the remote does not work very well unless you are right by the light, it does not bother me but I just wanted to let others know who might be interested in that feature, a plus to this light being led is it doesn't get hot, I plan on buying a few more of these as they are worth the price

    Oct 30,2018

  • M. Kabage
    Good up lighting for the price, the back of the lights have a few dials that can adjust the different color LEDs independently including varying brightness as well as color mixing to light function blinking, there is a little fan inside to keep the lights cool, and is audible when the room is quiet but should is not too loud and definitely won't be heard in any party environment

    Nov 17,2018

  • JJ0007
    I have three other color changing lights that are similar to this one, the other thing this light comes with is a remote control which makes this model much more fun and flexible to control how it reacts to the music, and it puts out an impressive amount of light for its size, this is a super fun light and I expect this will be used quite a bit for years to come

    Nov 19,2018

  • Phillip J. Fry
    Or connect right to your lighting controller, iTs easy to control with the remote control unit, tWO remote control units, sound activated light effects It flashes different colors to the beat, if you want a single color on stage, you have six different color options, plus white light, merge into the various colors, the light isn't very heavy at all

    Oct 30,2018

  • AMitch
    I'm so happy with this LED light !!! It's just perfect !!! You have several color options to choose from, for the price and how good it is you can't go wrong also it's Waterproof !!!! This makes the product even more better, i'm super happy with the purchase and if your looking for some nice lights I'd highly recommend these !!!!

    Nov 02,2018

  • Smantie
    The product is decent, the sound mode is what you would expect from this price point, my only complaint with this product is I have noticed that after using these lights nightly they tend to lose their brightness, but for the occasional extra fun LED lighting

    Dec 03,2018

  • Arthur the Retired Educator
    Great product for a great price and it had UV lighting that's were it beats other lights, you can find other par lights for around same price, i've owned another par light not by them and this one is just as bright and has UV colors great buy

    Nov 15,2018

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