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  • Gurpreet Singh
    Best Wirless Keyboard and mouse
    Best foldable & portable wireless keyboard and trackpad combo all in one..- Portable & slim to carry everywhere - Quickly auto connects via bluetooth only first time pairs manually - can be used for all devices which support bluetooth for laptop, desktop, Tablets & all Android Phones, Smart TV & Amazon Fire TV Stick - Gud battery life

    Mar 01,2019

  • A. H. Ramadan
    I thought if you had issues with this keyboard you were out of luck if the keys suddenly type wrong characters, wrong It is visually stunning and lights up well, is type wrong keys and you have to log off and restart to fix it

    Dec 01,2018

  • Dee Smith
    You like the feel of large and classic keyboards with a lot of response and a great mechanical feel, this keyboard is beautiful, this is my favorite keyboard for typing

    Sep 20,2018

  • T. King
    Stylish keyboard for a reasonable price, it would be helpful it the keyboard were delivered with this information

    Oct 08,2018

  • Garden bug
    She says the keyboard is comfortable and keys are easy to press with a light touch

    Oct 17,2018

  • Abdulaziz Alotaibi
    For the price this is an awesome keyboard and enjoyed every moment I had with it

    Oct 15,2018

  • JoeyR
    Great keyboard with nice vibrant colors under the caps

    Dec 09,2018

  • RSY Photography
    The main problem with this keyboard is the key quality

    Oct 10,2018

  • Yawn Family
    It's an OK keyboard with good key travel

    Nov 01,2018

  • Logan's Productions
    This is a great keyboard with a few tiny

    Oct 14,2018