JamesDonkey 619 NKRO Tastiera Meccanica con 104 Tasti da Gioco
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JamesDonkey 619 NKRO Tastiera Meccanica con 104 Tasti da Gioco


Full N-tasto Rollover LED Retroilluminazione LOL
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La JamesDonkey 612 è un passo avanti alle altre tastiere grazie al rollover N-key completo, alla retroilluminazione a LED

Caratteristiche principali: 
- Tutti gli interruttori meccanici, attrezzature professionali per i giocatori. 
- La combinazione di tasti funzione multimediali ha un equilibrio tra lavoro e gioco. 
- Il LED retroilluminato vi darà un'intrattenimento completamente diverso. 
- 104 chiavi senza conflitto e design ergonomico sono adatti per giocare. 
- Nessun driver necessario. Forte senso del ritmo e potente clic.



Marca: James Donkey
Modello: 619
Tipo di Sciarba: Tastiera
Lineamenti: Gaming
Meteriale: addominali,Lega di alluminio
Funzione: Illuminato

Dettagli di prodotto

Tipo di tastiera: tastiera meccanica
Tastiera Interruttore marca: GATERON
Interfaccia: Cablata
Connessione: USB2.0
Tastiera Durata della vita (volte): 50 milioni
Velocità di risposta: 3ms
Anti-ghosting Numero: 104
Lunghezza del cavo (m): 1.8 m
Adatto per: PC
codifica supportato: sì
Mouse Macro Express supportate: sì

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,9900 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 1,4300 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 47,00 x 15,00 x 4,10 cm / 18,5 x 5,91 x 1,61 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 51,00 x 19,00 x 5,10 cm / 20,08 x 7,48 x 2,01 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x JamesDonkey 619 Tastiera meccanica, 1 x Cavo USB, 1 x Clip

JamesDonkey 619 NKRO Tastiera Meccanica con 104 Tasti da Gioco- Black Brown Switch

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Recensioni dei clienti

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  • feenux
    Good quality mechanical keyboard
    I have been using this keyboard for 8 months, and I can say that it is of excellent quality and a joy to type on. The keyboard is heavy and really solid, so there is no bending and the keys make a pleasant sound while typing. I would recommend this keyboard (with brown switches) for gamers, but if you want to type, maybe blue switches would be better, because of the clicking feedback they provide on press.

    It only has amber/orange-colored back-light, but it is easy on the eyes and there are dozens of options to configure the lights to one's own preferences. Some lighting options are just plain fun, while others are very pleasant and amazing to look at.

    After 8 months everything still works perfectly fine and I still use it for text writing, on everyday basis.

    - Really good quality, solid keyboard
    - Satisfying to type on
    - Everything working as expected
    - Only one back-light color (amber/orange)

    May 18,2018

  • Tavo Diaz
    Great Keyboard
    Gateron switches, in this case, browns. They are really nice to type on, not clicky buy a bump is present. Build quality is nice too, solid. You don´t really need software but is there on the website so you can play with light effects and other stuff. Double shot keycaps, no wear on this ones.
    Good looking keyboard; removable and nice cord, is braided.
    I change some keycaps from the white blue switches model (for typing help) and use the white cable to change between keyboards.
    Ok, the looks, its nice but don´t go whit my setup. I take off the yellow feet (it has screws) and put some rubber feets, looks cleaner but if my set up were yellow, then no problem. James donkey has a winner KB here but they should; if not change the model, at least make other colors to chose from.

    Nov 14,2017

  • Salomao T.
    James Donkey 619 Brown
    - Mechanical sound
    - Back-light
    - Size of keyboard (much smaller than my previous KB)
    - Gateron switches
    - Gold coating on USB
    - Soft cablle, safe connection
    - Soft backlight (can be customized)

    BEST KB with BEST Gateron switches. Gateron are even better than Cherry MX. Trust me, I've compared them already.
    If you looking ANY cons of those keyboards, here they are:

    1. No RGB backlight
    (yeah, I know, but IF there would be RGB backlight, those keyboards would be PERFECT)
    2. Those keyboards doesn't have rubber at feet (but only at feet, at backside it HAS 2 rubber bricks)
    (yeah, I know, but IF there would be rubber at feet, those keyboards would be PERFECT)

    For me:
    1. I really don't need RGB. I'm fine with yellow backlight.
    2. Keyboard doesn't slide on my table at all. Maybe those keyboards doesn't need rubber at feet at all.

    Oct 26,2017

  • Octavio Diaz
    Full size black Gateron switches keyboard
    - Good build quality
    - Yellow leds
    - Double shot keycaps
    - Gateron black switches
    - Detachable braided cable

    I took off the yellow feet and add rubber ones. Looks better to me.
    Not for the price.

    Mar 02,2018

  • johhnystorm1
    It looks sexy and very high quality, this is my very first mechanical keyboard but the difference between this and my laptop keyboard is surreal, the keys feel super nice and the noise they make is like music to my ears, the software is fairly easy to use and the customization is crazy in depth

    Sep 11,2018

  • Mike Payne
    This is an amazing key board, the build quality is great, the keys and wrist rest feel great, the colors look amazing and the software is very versatile but easy to use, its also pretty convenient top have a usb port on the key board for your mouse, this is my first mechanical keyboard and I love it

    Sep 02,2018

  • Erick Rodrigues
    Nice cost benefit
    Great construction, nice aluminium plate, good keycaps, leds are ideal to our vision, not exaggerate, very nice price for the quality, recommend to all who pretends to buy it, my order arrived in 12 days to BR.
    The "lock" leds are too strong.

    May 22,2018

  • Anna-Mariya Isakulyan
    I bought this with the red switches and it feels and sounds great, wish I bought the brown switches but budget was tight i'm still getting use to typing on the keyboard since its my first mechanical keyboard

    Sep 22,2018

  • JamesDonkey 619
    First mechanic keyboard and loving it!
    Not too loud;
    Good light;
    Good button positioning;
    Seems to be very robust;
    The travel box was very secured.
    I've tried to download the keyboard software but I can't find an official link from the manufacturer.
    As i don't care so much for changing light behaviour, it doesn't matter in the usual use.

    Apr 01,2018

  • Ron Farnum
    This is by far the coolest keyboard I've ever seen, the different configurations you can make the lights perform is amazing, you can also keep it on a solid color if you don't want the `` show'' effect

    Aug 28,2018

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