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  • FC
    Teclast p10 hd
    È un dispositivo con certificazione GMS di Google e ciò garantisce affidabilità e alta compatibilità con le app. Lingua italiana presente. Costruzione solida con corpo in metallo, peso 502 grammi, é tra i 10,1" più compatti. Schermo più che buono e touch screen ottimo (rimuovendo la seconda pellicola preapplicata sul vetro), audio stereo decente, ottima sensibilità e stabilità WiFi 2,4 Ghz, GPS ok, non provato con SIM. Reattivo e fluido, bene anche con giochi non pesanti, Antutu segna circa 96000. É preinstallato Android 9 con Google apps e personalizzazioni minime, no bloatware, no malware. Buonissima l'autonomia confermata da temperature solitamente molto basse. Circa 10 ore di schermo acceso ottenute con WiFi sempre attivo, no SIM, luminosità 40% (già buona) usandolo principalmente per navigazione alternata a video e qualche gioco. Difetti: tempo di ricarica lento (circa 5 ore), vetro non oleofobico, alcuni testi minori in inglese anziché tradotti in italiano. Pagato circa 85 euro con coupon e spedizione prioritaria inclusa (no dogana, ma circa un mese causa feste). Molto soddisfatto.

    Jan 19,2020

  • rasto
    teclast p10hd 4g
    dobry den,
    dodanie tovaru trvalo asi 30 dni, ale to bolo sposobene aj tym, ze boli vianoce a logisticke firmy nepracovali. Produkt bol velmi dobre zabaleny. Po zapnuti bol stav baterie okolo 80%. Po uvodnych nastaveniach, kde sa zvolil jazyk a pridalo sa gmail konto, doslo k synchronizacii cize sa stiahli automaticky aplikacie vyuzivane na predoslom tablete. Tablet reaguje rychlo, zatial ziadny problem. Co ma velmi pozitivne prekvapilo je svetlost displeja, kde mam nastavene najnizsie hodnoty, a aj tak je dost svetly. Tovarenske spracovanie tiez velmi dobre, ziadne vrzganie alebo nerovnosti. bateria velmi dlho drzi, zatial som este nenabijal. Stabilne wifi. 4G siet som este netestoval. Co sa tyka kamery, tak tu by som oznacil za podpriemernu, v tmavsom prostredi az nepouzitelnu. Celkovo ale spokojnost, za tu cenu urcite odporucam. dakujem GB-Teamu.

    Jan 11,2020

  • Ismael
    A very overwhelming tablet, much surprised, happy and pleased!
    This tablet was a complete surprise for me!
    I hadn't bought a tablet for me since the beginning of 2016, and now I really had to buy one mainly for working purposes, and the focus was a big screen, big resolution, overall up to date and cheap, because I would use it mainly for reading a few time a week.
    And so since at the time this tablet was like the one with the best price point, had surprisingly good specs and was on debut I took a shot on it and decided to buy it.

    When it arrive I was so overwhelmed but it's big screen with bright colors and sharp images. Very slim in girth. Loud sound, and fluidness of movement.

    - Screen size and resolution;
    - 4G SIM card slot;
    - Can make phone calls;
    - Price;
    - Storage space and RAM size;
    - Up to date specs and android version;
    - Battery life for a whole day;

    - Sound when using earphones/headphones;
    - Sometimes the WiFi antenna seems very weak in comparison to my smartphone;
    - Only 2 speakers and both are on the right side, when in horizontal mode, or bottom in vertical mode;
    - Both cameras are just barely usable;

    Feb 18,2020

  • 5gor
    Планшет приятно порадовал. Экран отличный. Шустрый.
    Планшет с отличным экраном, брал для видео и web? справляется на ура. Батарея держит, часов 5-6 видео без проблем. Картинка лучше, чем на моем ноуте. Собран хорошо, почти не скрипит, кнопки, правда, очень свободно установлены, но думаю не выпадут :). Производительность на уровне, немного притормаживает при повороте экрана. Видео с карты читает без проблем. Симку пока не ставил. Wi-Fi на 5 ГГц работает отлично. Камеры стоят, чтобы были. На фронтальную вообще только фильмы ужасов снимать. Но для меня это не критично. Динамики довольно приличные как для планшета. На экране глянцевая пленка, сильно ловит отпечатки. За счет металлического корпуса тяжеловат. В общем, покупкой доволен, рекомендую.

    Dec 02,2019

  • Renato Joo
    Not bad
    Nem rossz, csak nincsen benne B20as hálózati támogatás, így a magyar simekkel nem működik. A fényereje jó, teszi a dolgát. Néha kicsit belassul, köszönhetően a 3GB ramnak. Zárni kell az alkalmazásokat. A bluetooth nem 5.0, hanem csak 4.0 ami azt jelenti, hogy szaggat használat közben, ha már csak 1 falon is kell átmennie. Aida64el megnéztem és az van benne, amit írnak. Sajnos a magyar posta vámmal sújtotta így 11000ftot kellett ráfizetnem és ennyiért már itthon is vehettem volna, itthoni garanciával. Összességében elégedett vagyok, de nagy értékű cuccot nem rendelek Kínából többet, csak 22$ alattiakat, mert azok vámmentesek...

    Dec 08,2019

  • Vikas Kumar
    Great battery life
    The battery life is very good. I have never really had to worry about it over the course of a week when I use it for the occasional video. I mostly charge it every now and again just to be safe. I was able to watch two full length movies on a single charge with no issue. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better device for media consumption or as a place for extra storage for videos and the like (as long as you get an extra SD card), or with modern cloud storage, most things link seamlessly so it is an excellent addition to other devices.

    Nov 25,2019

  • From JAPAN
    よその販売サイトの以前年 購入者レビューでは品質にばらつきがあったみたいですが(カードスロット、電源ポート)私が受け取った製品は問題なかったので、恐らく メーカーさんは反省・改善されているのでしょう。あと、
    私個人の使用環境での現象かも知れませんが 無線親機の側で使っていても Wi-fiが気まぐれで時々 結構途切れます。大体は1分待ってればつなぎ直すので 許しますが Android9.0が悪いのか、自分のタブレット設定が悪いのか、無線親機との相性が悪いのか、ネット回線の品質が悪いからなのか、このタブレットのWi-fiカードが悪いからなのかよく分かりません。(後に改善されるのを期待)
    しかしながら、現在 日本で買える 3GB RAMのAndroid TABLETの中でもTECLAST P10HDは QUA TAB 02/Huawei HWT31(2GB RAM) 以来のコスパ良好機だと思います。(メーカーさんと中国の工場に敬意を表します。)
    And, Thank you, GearBest customer support.

    Feb 03,2020

  • Jack Gladstone
    A bigger screen to look at
    Whenever we travel we are always connected to the internet - on the road or in the park, works with our local service. it is thinner and more battery life. As a whole, it serves the same function as most smartphones but with a bigger screen. This is great for watching movies on the go or streaming things whenever you need a bigger screen to look at. It is not a powerhouse so don't expect a whole lot out of it (at least not being able to run a lot of things all at once).

    Nov 25,2019

  • Nathan Perkins
    I loved it
    This tablet came in about 2 weeks and i loved it from the start its light slim look in a simple black color its easy start up. With too many things running it can take several seconds for the tablet to respond and let you change apps, so you need self cleans its cache every day. It also has a very long lasting battery. You will love this very easy to use tablet. I love the way it automaticlly set up my email account . Goodbye apple forever.

    Nov 28,2019

  • Pedro Pinto
    Teclast P10HD 10.1 Polegadas
    A Teclast tem mais um tablet "bom e barato" - o P10HD - para quem procura um tablet de 10" com 4G e com preço que se mantenha abaixo dos 100 euros.

    O Teclast P10HD vem equipado com um ecrã IPS de 10.1" (1920x1200) com margens reduzidas, CPU octa-core, 3GB de RAM, 32GB + microSD até 128GB, câmaras de 5MP e 2MP, conectividade 4G LTE, WiFi ac dual-band, BT 5.0, GPS, bateria de 6000mAh e Android 9.0.

    Jun 11,2020