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  • Milo Felix
    My new friend!
    I have went through quite a few travel pillows as I travel a lot and I must say that this one tops them all by far. It goes with me everywhere! Not only do I sleep well when I sit for long hours during travel, my chin is in place, I'm not hurting my neck, it's a perfect replacement for my own pillow while I'm away from home, I just put it on the regular pillow and rest my head on it! And last but not least - a few days ago, I had a knot in my shoulder blade that was shooting pain to my neck, I used this Tecney pillow as I would if I were traveling only I was laying down when I went to sleep with the pillow around my neck and the next day, to my huge surprise, my pain was almost completely gone. I am very happy with my new purchase, this is such a great gift! Thank you Tecney!

    May 10,2019

  • Lewis Raleign
    No more bobble heads!!!!
    These are really great. One of my girls had to get used to something around her neck. I think it's a really good product and well worth the money.

    May 16,2019

  • Alma London
    Best Support
    My wife has Parkinson's and has trouble holding her head up. We tried other products, but this is the one that gave her the support she needed.

    May 20,2019

  • Barry
    The pillow is comfortable.
    Thanks to the seller. The order came track tracked before delivery. The pillow is comfortable. I recommend the seller and the product.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Mortimer Charles
    Finally a travel pillow that works!
    I wasn't expecting it to work but it was pretty awesome, it gives you neck support and that much needed chin support.

    May 13,2019

  • Ramus us
    High quality
    High quality

    Sep 29,2019