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  • JB
    Quality item, easy install, fast shipping
    Gone are the days where I would have to guess what the temperature of the shower water is, now its easy to see and it was really easy to install as well. Does not require batteries, it gets power when the water gets turned on. Would recomend this purchase to others.

    Mar 28,2019

  • Ron
    temperature sensor for bathroom
    Great gadget. No batteries needed, just mount it between the tap and the shower hose. Quite accurate, checked the water temperature with an IR temperature meter. approx 0.5 C difference (gadget 0.5 C too high)

    Jun 04,2019

  • Атанас Аврамов
    Термометър за показване на температурата на водата на душа
    Термометърът за показване температурата на водата на душа е много добре измислен! Поднасям моите овации!Банята придобива нова визия! Много се радвам на подобни хитри изделия!

    Jan 25,2019

  • Iacob
    Water Temperature Display Thermometer
    Very good !!! I have not tested yet, but I hope everything is fine! The transport is quick, I really like Gearbest very good as usual! Thank you very much !!

    Jan 29,2019

  • Luca
    Very Good
    Fantastic product with a simple design, but very functional!
    the use is very intuitive and the materials are of high quality! I recommend the purchase also because the delivery was really fast and the relationship quality is exceptional!

    Mar 04,2019

  • Semion Lipovetski
    very good and useful item
    Very useful item especially in children's shower! Works great, gives a reliable view.

    May 01,2019

  • Oliveira
    Artigo bem concebido.
    Faz exactamente o anunciado, a temperatura exibida é a real. já comprei duas e fiquei muito satisfeito.Recomendo

    Jan 10,2019

  • Pansy
    Way cool
    I need to buy a few more of these. It is very nice to be able to set you temperature before stepping into the shower.

    Sep 26,2018

  • Magda
    really EXCELLENT!
    I was first impressed that it requires NO batteries! It claims that it generates it's own power from the water?

    Oct 06,2018

  • Zoro
    not so bright as previous model
    my previous model start show 50C instead 30C
    This is ok hexagon desing but half intensity no big deal

    Dec 31,2018