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Blending innovative concepts, professional technology, and rigid quality control, IdeaFly offers some of the RC industry’s most reliable and affordable products. Incredibly popular with customers from over 30 countries and regions in Europe, America,Southeast Asia, the firm continues to offer dynamic, class-leading commercial and recreational UAVs for stunning aerial photography and videography.

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  • This drone has lots of performance. For sure this is not a product that beginners can use.
    Very powerful drone. It is very fast. Its build very well. Leds are not so visible, so you will not fly it at night. When you give full throttle the sound it makes seams like if a f1 is passing right beside you :)
    It behaves very well in strong wind. I
    I still did not try the alt and head lock mode but i will soon. Battery endurance depends on how you use the throttle. If you fly it smoothly, the battery will last more than 16 minutes. If you fly it with lots of throttle, the battery will die quickly. Believe me if I say that this thing is powerful!

    The transmitter is basic but has the possibility to set throttle,pich,yow and bank response. It has gps setting, heading settings and alt mode settings.
    The joysticks on the transmitter are so smooth and precise.
  • é um bom drone mas requer experiência de voo
  • Quality 2205 motors,
    30A ESC It really delivers very high power.
    The carbon fiber lower body is very solid.
  • I had a problem but gearbest solved everything.
    All ok no problem.
    Good communication, very friendly, and solved the whole problem amicably
    Thank so much..I buy in Gearbest and mi friends too
  • Resulta ser muy útil para estabilizar la cámara de acción en un drone, además, si deseas utilizarla de manera manual también puedes adaptarla y ponerle un sujetador para hacer buenas tomas.