UltraFire Torcia Elettrica 1600Lm Cree XML T6  Zoomable 18650
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UltraFire Torcia Elettrica 1600Lm Cree XML T6 Zoomable 18650

- NERO 121168401

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Ha specchio in metallo color rame



Marca: Ultrafire
Tipo di torcia elettrica: Handheld
torcia elettrica dimensione: Mini
Perline lampada: XM-L T6
Numero Beads: T6 1 x Cree XML
lumen Gamma: >1000Lumens
Flusso luminoso: 1600LM
Temperatura di colore: 5500 - 6000K
Lineamento: Messa a fuoco regolabile,leggera,Pocket clip,Portatile
Funzione: Campeggio,EDC,Escursionismo,uso domestico,Spostamenti notturni,A passeggio
Posizione interruttore: Tail cap
luce modalità del torcia: Alta,Bassa,Mezzo,sos,Strobe
Fonte di potere energia: Batteria
Tipo di Batteria: 18650
Batteria Quantità: 1
Batteria inclusa o no: No
Zoom: sì

Dettagli di prodotto

lente: Lente convessa in resina
Distanza del fascio: 100-200m
Materiale corpo: Lega di alluminio
Colore chiaro: luce bianco

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,0880 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,1200 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 11.40 x 3.20 x 3.20 cm / 4.49 x 1.26 x 1.26 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 12,00 x 3,50 x 3,50 cm / 4,72 x 1,38 x 1,38 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x UltraFire Torcia elettrica LED

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  • dmitry
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Практичность за небольшие деньги
    Этот фонарик мне очень понравился. Сборка качественная.
    Задний прижимной механизм для аккумулятора оформлен очень хорошо.
    Присутствуют уплотнительных колечки в обеих местах резьбы (от влаги). Есть фирменная наклейка на корпусе. К плюсовому контакту этого фонаря припаена пружина. Поэтому нет нужды искать неодимовый магнит на плюсовой контакт аккумулятора. Зум отодвигается с усилием, что и хорошо, не будет хлюпать со временем. Имеется удобная клипса для ношения на ремне. В руке лежит хорошо.
    Я не знаю правда ли это фирменный светодиод CREE, но своих денег этот фонарик стоит. И в хозяйстве очень пригодится. Его небольшие габариты позволяют использовать его даже в качестве налобного фонаря (нужен специальный наголовный крепёж сшитый из стропы или толстой резинки - можно сделать самому). Удобно, обе руки свободны для работы. Ну и поскольку он светит от аккумулятора 18650, это значит что с ним можно работать несколько часов от одной батареи.
    То есть это достаточно мобильный и удобный фонарик.
    Имеет 5 режимов работы - яркий, средний, слабый, стробоскоп и SOS.
    Рекомендую к покупке, так как качество сборки здесь достойное.

    Sep 09,2018

  • Mattia
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    The brightest led torch i've ever seen
    This is the brightest led torch i've ever seen! immediately afterwards the unboxing i wasn't very satisfy because the torch was "smaller" than i tought, but after put the battery i got rich. The XML T6 led is very powerfull, seeing is believing, the torch is very compact and the zoom is comfortable because you have just to slide forward or backward the head of the torch. I recomend this torch because for about 5 dollars is the best.

    Questa è la torcia più luminosa che abbia mai visto! Subito dopo l'unboxing non ero molto soddisfatto della torcia perché sinceramente me la aspettavo più grande, ma dopo aver messo la batteria mi sono ricreduto. Il led XML T6 è davvero potente, vedere per credere, la torcia è abbastanza compatta e quindi comoda da tenere in mano o da mettere sulla bici e la funzione zoom è davvero comoda perché basta spostare avanti o indietro la testa della torcia. Consiglio assolutamente questa torcia perché per circa 5 dollari è la migliore!


    Jul 31,2017

  • Chris
    sì (1) Colore: Black
    A well-built sturdy flashlight
    Since this light is at affordable low cost, I didn't expect too much before I received it. But this light seems to have good review on GearBest. Since I'm looking for a zoomy, I decide to give it a try. It really does not disappoint me. The built quality is pretty good and it feels sturdy. It's way better than the other light I own, which is SK98.
    This light is very bright and the tint is not blueish. The tail switch is firm. The UI is perfect. It always starts from high, which is what I prefer. It does not have the terrible next-mode memory.
    Due to its compact size and zooming capability, it quickly become my most useful EDC flashlight.

    Feb 12,2017

  • Rustem
    sì (4) Colore: Black
    Хороший фонарик
    Хороший фонарик за свои деньги.
    Яркость отличная.
    Соответственно нагревается немало при долгом использовании.
    Светодиод конечно же не фирменный CREE. На фото видно как кривовато сделана линза на светодиоде, причем она из мягкого силикона. Но если бы был оригинальный светодиод CREE , то это были бы другие деньги.
    Фокусируется отлично. Резинки для герметизации имеются. Корпус надежный алюминиевый. Крючек пружинка отличный. Аккумулятор подпружинен с обеих сторон, что очень хорошо.
    Как и хотел в фонарике всего два режима ВКЛ и ВЫКЛ, без всяких лишних.
    В целом рекомендую.
    за эти деньги нет минусов

    Oct 12,2017

  • Malcolm Cartledge
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Fabulous torch for the money
    Although not as well crafted as its (several times) more expensive cousins, this torch is still solid and reliable, has a decent quality tail switch, and a very welcome focusing slider. Of course the lumen rating is questionable, apparently exceeding the capability of the XML led used, but it is visually a near match to its far more expensive cousins that use the latest XPL leds.

    All in all an excellent product at a brilliant price from a company with plenty of experience that knows what it is doing.

    mc Nov-2017

    Nov 25,2017

  • David
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Excellent light for the price.
    This 18650 light is quite bright compared to other cheap 18650 zoomies on Ebay. I went ahead and grabbed three and they all work perfect. It is plenty good for walking around at night, checking out the backyard, looking through dark areas that are nearby. Probably actual 600 lumens which is plenty good for the price. Doesn't require the highest end 18650 battery to work as intended.
    The user interface is certainly not the greatest but I knew that going in.

    Jul 18,2016

    sì (3) Colore: Black
    Super flashlight
    Interesting lamp for a low price
    Light halo wide and without contrast, ideal for walking in order to see right in front of you
    Possibility of zooming on a point in order to see in the distance
    The aluminum radiator on the head of the lamp makes it possible to leave it at the maximum power 1600 lm without it heats
    The belt clip is very handy
    The seals are too weak
    They must be changed

    Apr 26,2017

  • kenshikun
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    good lamp for the price
    - High power Cree led gives more than enough luminosity.
    - Zoom works as intended
    - Works with 18650 flat-top lithium battery, so the LED can work in high load
    - Full metallic case, looks sturdy enough and can keep the LED cool when working for an extended time

    What you pay is what you get. This is overall a pretty good lamp for the price, I personally can only recommend it for home use.
    - No IP protection
    - Only on/off operation (although this can be pro also)

    This is anything I can think of, but as I stated, you get what you pay for.

    May 23,2018

  • TomAce
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    UltraFire 1600Lm Cree XML T6 18650 Zoomable LED Flashlight review
    Small and sturdy flashlight, good quality materials, feels nice and solid. Did not know that it needed a li-ion battery to power it. So I have not tested it out yet but it must be alright. Considering the low price I don´t expect any spectacular luminosity but probably good enough for looking around indoors when the power goes out.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Dustin Tapp
    sì (2) Colore: Black
    Best price for power
    This flashlight is constructed very nicely and fits perfectly for 18650. You can toggle through the 5 modes by gently pressing the button down and releasing (without a full click to turn it on or off) after its already on. In order [Strobe > SOS > Highest > Mid > Lowest brightness]
    Can't criticize a flashlight like this for $5 - none

    Mar 25,2016

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