ON THE ROAD M3 920Lm Cree L2 U2 1A 16340 LED Torcia Elettrica
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ON THE ROAD M3 920Lm Cree L2 U2 1A 16340 LED Torcia Elettrica


Pressofuso Unibody Istante Turbo / Circuito Protezione Stroboscopio
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Piccolo ma forte - adatto alla sua tasca
Questa ON THE ROAD M3 Torcia Elettrica misura solo 70mm in lunghezza e pesa 39g quindi e' una torcia elettrica perfetta per la vita quotidiana .Cosa distingue questo prodotto dagli altri ?utilizza CREE XM-L2 U2 LED (1A or 5C), questa mini LED flashlight offre 5 differente output livelli variando da un 10Lm Ultra Basso Modo a un impressivo 920Lm Turbo Modo. Tra l'altro, questa torcia elettrica caratterizza 3 tattici modi che sono usati nella situazione d'emergenza. Il design die-cast unibody  assicura eccellente dissipazione del calore dopo l'uso prolungato. La bellezza di M3 e' che  Prova il potere dell'essere portatile.

Carraterittiche principali:
Misura solo 70mm in lunghezza e pesa 39gadatto alla tua tasca
● Die-cast unibody design con efficiente caldo dissipazione
● Utilizza CREE XM-L2 U2 LED (1A or 5C) con max 920LM output
● Staccabile clip in acciaio inossidabile, attaccalo alla tasca o allo zaino
● Cappuccio magnetico, usato come mani-libere torcia  elettrica 

● 5 livelli di luminosità e 3 tattici modi da scegliere

● Modalita' turbo e stroboscopio, producendo estremamente intensa illuminazione per autodifesa
Premere a lungo per accendere ON / OFF, prevenzione attivazione accidentale
● IPX-8 waterproof standard, far fronde il caduto in pozzanghera o un corso d'acqua

● Protezione circuito integrata: corto circuito / inversione polarità/ sopratensione / soprascarico / sopracorrente / surriscalda protezione
● Memoria funzione / indicatore / avvertimento  basso voltaggio/ 304 acciaio inossidabile bezel / anti-scivolo lavorazione knurling

 1A 6500 - 7000K e 5C 3800 - 4000K, pacco pieno e singolo (senza batteria e caricabatteria) sono disponibili, scegli quello che vuoi.



Modello: M3
Tipo di torcia elettrica: Handheld,Tattico,Mini-torcia elettrica
torcia elettrica dimensione: Mini
Perline lampada: CREE XM-L2 U2
Numero Beads: 1
lumen Gamma: 500-1000Lumens
Flusso luminoso: 920Lm
Intensità luminosa: 4200cd
Temperatura di colore: 1A 6500-7000K; 5C 3800-4000K
Lineamento: Luminosità Regolabile,design robusto Anti-Roll stabilizzante,Pressofuso Unibody,leggera,Magnetico,protezione contro il surriscaldamento,Pocket clip,Portatile,Indicatore di energia,Lunetta in acciaio inossidabile,sott'acqua,Impermeabile
Funzione: Campeggio,EDC,Esplorando,Escursionismo,uso domestico,Spostamenti notturni,A passeggio
luce modalità del torcia: Alta,Luogo del faro,Bassa,Mezzo,sos,Turbo,Molto basso
Modalità: 8 (Turbo - Alto - Metà - Basso - Ultra Low - SOS - Strobo - Location Beacon)
Fonte di potere energia: Batteria
Tipo di Batteria: 16340,CR123A,RCR123
Batteria Quantità: 1 x 16340 / CR123A / RCR123 batteria (16340 inclusa)
Batteria inclusa o no: sì
memoria Modalità: sì
impermeabile standard: IPX-8 Standard impermeabile

Dettagli di prodotto

Tensione di funzionamento: 3.7V
Caricabatterie Tensione in ingresso: 110-240V
Caricabatterie Tensione di uscita: 4.2V 0.6A
Riflettore: Alluminio Riflettore Smooth
lente: Lente convessa in vetro
Distanza del fascio: 100-150m
Resistenza all'impatto: 2M
Materiale corpo: Lega di alluminio Aerospaziale
Colore chiaro disponibile: Bianco freddo,Bianco neutro,Bianco neutro
Colore chiaro: Bianco freddo,Bianco neutro,Bianco neutro


Max.: 70Ore

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0.039 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0.300 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 7.00 x 2.30 x 2.30 cm / 2.76 x 0.91 x 0.91 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 12.00 x 10.00 x 5.00 cm / 4.72 x 3.94 x 1.97 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x LED Torcia elettrica, 1 x Cordino, 1 x Fondina, 2 x O-anello, 1 x 16340 Batteria, 1 x Caricabatterie

Pressofuso Unibody Istante Turbo / Circuito Protezione Stroboscopio - Titanium Grey 5C 3800-4000K Full Pack

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  • Fabio
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 1A 6500-7000K Full Pack
    Powerful little torch
    - Short and not as ticker as could seem (watch the measure)
    - Can stand vertically
    - Doesn't roll in horizontal
    - The lower level is 10lm which is a good deal between a reasonable good light to walk in a dark room and the discharging time (70h is an awesome good value for me)
    - It comes with a battery, a charger, a strap, a pouch and two extra o-rings
    - The charger cable is not soldered to the charger, so you can buy one compatible with your country and put it in the two holes AC plug
    - The charger accepts also a microUSB cable as input (that's really a great option!!!)
    - The charger is compatible also with the batteries: 18650, 17670, 18490, 16340 (the model used by this flashlight), 10440.
    - Strong tail magnet
    - Lot of light modes but still easy to use
    - It alerts you when the battery is discharging (not yet tried but i believe it works)
    - The button is in a good position for this size and appreciated the long click to open it
    - The clip is sturdy and well made
    - Great finish, great quality for the flashlight materials and good quality pouch and lanyard
    - Definetively worths the price!
    - Can't choice the plug of the cable
    - Chinese only instructions
    - A bit tricky put the lanyard in the small tail cap hole

    Jun 28,2016

  • GME
    sì (4) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 5C 3800-4000K Full Pack
    A great littel EDC light.
    This is an awesome little EDC light. The battery checks out at the rated 700mah on my Lii-500 charger and the included charger seems to do a good job. The 5C tint is a beautiful tint and this light has a better UI than the O-Light version to me. Double Click to Turbo and Triple click to strobe modes. The other modes are well spaced and while the ultra low is not a true moonlight, it is low enough that you do not blind yourself at night. The anodizing and machining is top notch. The clip is strong and can actually be reversed for lens down carry. The magnet in the tail is strong enough to be handy, but not so strong to be a pain in the butt to carry the light around. Do yourself a favor and get a great little EDC light for a bargain price... This is the complete kit, so even if you do not have any 16340 batteries, this has one, so no excuses from the " I dont want another battery " crowd!. The Low Voltage indicator starts working about 3.1V so you have time before the light cuts off. A well built light with great UI and a bargain price. Front Bezel unscrews and the reflector as well if you want to put your own LED/tint into this.
    If you are an O-light fan, this is not an O-light, so the UI is different.

    Jun 17,2016

  • Siberian
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 5C 3800-4000K Full Pack
    ON THE ROAD M3 Cree XM - L2 U2 5C 920Lm Mini LED Flashlight Unibody
    Очень хороший, маленький, лёгкий, яркий фонарик. Его легко носить с собой, он прикрепляется клипсой к козырьку кепки и таким образом может быть использован в качестве налобного фонаря. Использую его нечасто, аккум 1 раз зарядил полностью и пока работает (прошло месяца 3 уже). Для запаса купил ещё 2 аккума, если куда-то выезжать, например. Брал тёплый свет. Светит рассеяным светом, освещает помещение хорошо. Вдаль конечно не далеко светит, т.к. не бьёт лучом. Узкоспециальный.

    Very good, small, lightweight, bright flashlight. It is easy to carry, he attached a clip to the visor of the cap and thus can be used as a headlamp. I use it infrequently, accum 1 time fully loaded and is working (it has been 3 months already). For the stock I bought 2 more battery, if somewhere to go, for example.
    No. Для себя не нашёл минусов. Этой мой первый фонарик такой мощности. До этого были простые дешёвые фонарики.

    Nov 26,2016

  • JuanF
    sì (1) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 1A 6500-7000K Full Pack
    Wow!! Great EDC Flashlight & Powerful
    I saw this light on We All Juggle Knives channel & did more research on it. Then saw David Sunshine's review & that blew me away. Had to order this light & at that time it was under $25 us dollars. I have the Olight S1 & S2 batons lights and wanted to compare the features and see the hype. I was not disappointed with this little powerhouse. The 920 lumes (turbo max output), the 7 or 8 different modes, very pocket-able, comes with all items to get started (battery, charger, extra o-rings, pouch, & lanyard). What more can you get for the money? I hope that this company comes up with a new version, maybe the charger built on the light or easy charging clip & increase the lumen count. I would buy it again
    None, if you are okay with taking the battery out to charge it.

    Jan 04,2017

  • citanionarrei
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 5C 3800-4000K Single Pack
    On The Road M3 - the best low budget mini edc
    -Piccola e potente 900 led lumen (saranno max un 700 OTF)
    -Ottima fattura e buona qualità dei materiali, danno una sensazione di robustezza quasi paragonabili alla olight
    -Davvero bella la tinta neutral ( quella da me scelta)
    -Potente magnete al tailcap
    -possibilità di utilizzo in tail-stand
    -lock-out fisico (filetti anodizzati)
    -Bella anche la godronatura
    -UI semplice ed intuitiva
    -Presenza di un led sotto il tasto di accensione che segnala la batteria scarica
    -Buona la parabola e il fascio: ottimo compromesso tra spill e spot
    -Confezione ben accessoriata
    la OTR m3 ha tutte le caratteristiche per essere considerata la migliore low budget edc in commercio
    Non è predisposta per la ricarica usb (sarebbe stato interessante )
    Runtimes non molto lunghi ( dovuto all'utilizzo di batterie 16340 che purtroppo possono fornire al momento massimo 800mAh reali)

    Feb 03,2017

  • Joe
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 5C 3800-4000K Single Pack
    very small yet powerful torch, perfect for every day carry and the pocket clip is way more durable on some torch lights that i own.
    this thing has 7 mode interface moonlight, low, medium,high, strobe, sos and beacon. the button has a nice clicky feel and has no delay when pressing. the low voltage indicator is really useful plus the fact that you can stick this torch on metal to free up your hands when working on something. i recommend using a protected rechargeable batteries if you are using it on high mode as it will eat up your power source and heats ups quickly.
    heres a couple pics on a size comparison with my jetbeam 2 pro.
    easy to misplace because of the size.

    Mar 08,2018

  • Michael
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 1A 6500-7000K Full Pack
    Other than the instruction, which is in (written pretty good) Chinese only, everything else about this light is perfect! Its pretty obvious this is an Olight clone. But its a very good clone none the less. Its very small but very bright and of very high quality. Packaged well shipped over fast. I bought the full package which came with charger and battery. The nice 'surprise' is that the rated 700mah battery that came with it can accept over 725mah charge. Generally battery from China is over rated. But not this one. Run time (tested on mid output) with this battery was on the spot. All in all very happy with this buy, highly recommended.
    As this light has quite a few operating modes, a well written English instruction would make this perfect.

    Nov 16,2016

  • Аскаров
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 5C 3800-4000K Single Pack
    On The Road M3
    Очень достойный фонарик. Является копией олайта, за исключением деталей: нет светящегося в темноте кольца, немного другая кнопка включения, нет зарядки в торце фонарика. Накатка не такая глубокая, в остальном - всё то же самое. Светит так же ярко, свет тёплый - приятный, когда заканчивается заряд аккумулятора, кнопка начинает мерцать красным. На максимальных режимах яркости сильно нагревается. В торце есть магнит. В минимальной комплектации (только фонарик без аккумулятора и зарядки) в комплекте в коробочке лежала инструкция (на китайском), темлячок на руку , чехол (зачем - не могу придумать) и 2 запасных резиновых кольца.
    Странный цвет, указан как серый, но на деле - коричневый

    Jul 21,2017

  • Mario
    sì (0) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 1A 6500-7000K Full Pack
    On the road M3
    Very good Price. Very bright. Ca 500-600 Lumen in the High Mode + Turbo ca 900 Lumen.
    Instant Strobe (3 fast Klicks) , instant Turbo 2 fast ´klicks.
    In the Kit is all you need.Good quality storage Battery in the Kit, good Charger, it accepts 110-220V and USB.Strong Magnet in the tailcap(and it is removable).Steel Bezle.
    For such a small light it can last long in turbo and high without overheating.I have testet it with Luxmeter.Maybe thats from the unibody Design. Very expenisive Trademarks such as (O.....t ) canot stay so long in high mode.
    I have found no cons.

    Mar 03,2017

  • Force Majeure
    sì (1) Colore: Titanium Grey Dimenzione del prodotto: 5C 3800-4000K Full Pack
    The little light that could
    It's one of the best little flashlights I have tried, it's light, bright and has a lot going for it. It's magnetic and the clip enables it to be mounted on any hat or cap with a brim long enough. For the value you can hardly do better, at least one of the best. I'd recommend the actual torch to anyone for EDC or anything. I got the warm 5C 3800-4000K variant as I have another bigger flashlight with cool white colour.

    I love this little fella. :)
    A bit difficult to get into the Strobe and Flashing modes, also a bit long to turn it on. Part from that, nothing else comes to mind.

    Oct 12,2017

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