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  • JM
    Easy to use
    I bought these to replace battery-powered headlamps that are consistently requiring replacement. I love them. Going for a headlamp that can easily be recharged is a must for me. I use a headlamp frequently at work. These lights are quite powerful. You have to be careful with these things, or you'll easily temporarily blind somebody.

    Dec 16,2020

  • Sun
    Highly recommend
    Honestly, I was super skeptical about these when I opened them up. BUT this thing is fantastically bright! I live in a rural area and walk the dogs at night. The settings allow me to see up ahead on and around me. The direct beam goes way up ahead. And the battery lasts a long time. I give these 5 stars. I would highly recommend them.

    Dec 01,2020

  • Mike P.
    My son likes to go for a run in the dark and was carrying a flashlight until I bought this for him. He said it was perfect. He didn't have to tip his head down to see where he was going. He said he didn't even need it on the brightest setting and could view the entire road without fear of stumbling over anything.

    Nov 25,2020

  • Ashley
    Great product
    I use them around my property to take care of animals at night, check water, etc.

    Nov 29,2020

  • Leo
    Better than I thought
    Tough. Bright. Convenient. Affordable. These lights rocked!

    Dec 11,2020

  • Sheldon
    5 thumbs up
    For the price, it’s worth it. I’ll buy another set.

    Dec 03,2020

  • Lily
    Recommend it to you
    I love the fact I can recharge them, no batteries!

    Oct 15,2020

  • Judy
    Amazing Product
    Trust me. It is definitely bright enough!

    Nov 19,2020