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  • Миша
    Один из клонов сипика
    Фонарь алюминиевый, зумный, с пластиковой линзой. Идет в комплекте с пупырчатым пакетом и коробочкой. Питается от одной батарейки АА, или Ni-Mh аккумулятора того же типа. Имеет один режим, вкл/выкл. Водонепроницаемость не заявлена. Качество корпуса хорошее, но не идеальное. Минимальное напряжение при котором фонарь включается составляет 0.8В, минимальное напряжение при котором фонарь продолжает работать - 0.117В (117мВ). Любую батарейку высосет до нуля! С аккумуляторами нужно быть осторожней, можно угробить элемент. Потребляет следующие токи в зависимости от напряжения:
    При 3.1В-0.76А. Питать выше 3.1В категорически не рекомендую
    В принципе все эти нюансы компенсирует его цена.
    Если вы большой человек и у вас БОЛЬШОЙ большой палец, то включать фонарь будет неудобно. Нельзя питать от лития, убъете диод (об этом подробный рассказ в моем видео выше)

    Nov 21,2015

  • Benny
    Incredible value for what you get.
    Love the awesome ebony black color along with the quality finish generally. Both are much better that I would have dared to expect at this price range. This Cree XPE is incredibly compact and has a short form factor. For your money, you get exceptional and consistent throw. Range is pretty good but obviously going to be less than top of the line uber flashlights costing considerably more. Quality of the machining is solid, esp. the detailed work on the rails. Everything works as it should from the moment it comes out of the box. Thanks.
    All good so far.

    May 07,2015

  • Vasiliy
    SK68 Cree XPE Q5 Zoomable LED Flashlight Torch
    Got it on discount only for 2$, didn't expect a lot from this flashlight, but then quickly changed my mind. It's not heavy, the luminous intensity is sufficient for almost any task, has a nice grip. Also would like to mention the special belt hook which makes it easier to attack in to your pocket, belt or any part of clothing. Perfect for every day use, and also can be very useful for drivers to keep in car in case. Worthy purchase
    So far no cons were discovered

    Feb 25,2016

  • Matt
    Satisfied customer
    Design is solid, machining and crafting are spot on. The LED in the bulb are centered well. Locked and loaded up the Cree XPE with a single 14500 batt and it ran without a hitch first time. Works first time, every time. Upon close inspection, the build quality for this is very, very good throughout. Overall, this is a stunning flashlight. For the price (just over $3), this is an absolute steal and deserves a place in any self-respecting flashlight collector's collection. Thanks, Gearbest.
    Not sure how much of a knock it can take. Just treat it with respect and it's all good.

    Apr 11,2015

  • Gilberto Pavan
    Luce led in solido contenitore di alluminio
    Oggetto semplice, nel senso di essenziale, che racchiude tutti i vantaggi senza che vi abbia trovati difetti. Il materiale di costruzione è resistente, questo lo porta ad essere leggermente più pesante di oggetti similari. Credetemi, non è uno svantaggio, perché eviterete così di dimenticarvelo in una tasca. Il fascio di luce è potente e riesce ad illuminare a 50 mt. di distanza. La clip di cui è fornito permette di agganciarlo al giubbetto o ai pantaloni da lavoro, volendo anche alla cintura.

    Jan 28,2016

  • Константин
    Отличный карманный фонарик
    -Покупал по акции, поэтому был большой плюс в цене
    -неубиваемость, уже 2 года использую, где только не побывал и все равно работает
    -изменение пучка света, можно использовать как в близи, так и для средних дистанций
    -советую использовать на 14500, куда ярче работает и больше продолжительность свечения
    цена без акции

    Nov 07,2017

  • L. Anderson Jr
    Pocket sized perfection
    Extremely bright for its size. Balanced beam tightness, also reasonably warm light. Good battery life throughout, definitely no complaints there. Very good looking design although that's probably subjective and YMMV. I've seen many flashlights and that's just my own opinion. Definitely one to get, esp at low price. I think sub 4 dollars makes this flashlight incredibly competitive as a value proposition. Top notch.
    Not sure how much of a knock it can take. Just treat it with respect and it's all good.

    May 03,2015

  • Andranik Kamalyan
    powerful flashlight
    high quality flashlight, compact, in good aerospace aluminum housing, works good and long, just add good battery, it has zooming, which helps to focus on something in far or just light a way to home or just read book, also has non slip design, good pocket clip makes easy to carry, good rubber button,
    no cons, perfect quality for low price, real treasure

    Jul 03,2016

  • Charlie D.
    Good performance and stellar pricing
    Ths is a super cool flashlight. Pocket sized power! Way nicer and better than most of the retail store LED lights out there, this one pumps out the lumens but is still tiny. Good components and construction when you consider its overall size. Really compact and can be carried anywhere. Really great for outdoor use and the price is stupidly low. Love it!
    All good so far.

    Apr 21,2015

  • Dmitry
    отличный маленький фонарик
    изначально воткнул пальчик на 1,5v работало но ны вызывало никакого удовольствия, но после установки лития 14500 на 3,7v
    всё прямо заиграло новыми красками
    за 2 евро отличная игрушка для бардачка в машине
    как уже много раз писал - за такие деньги он мог бы вообще не работать, но делает это с успехом

    Nov 25,2015